Does franklin meet tracey

does franklin meet tracey

(SPOILERS) You can actually meet Trevor with Franklin before Trevor you can find Tracy just wandering around as Franklin, and he'll talk to. As he sees Trevor's plan is working, he tells Franklin that he expects him to dump Tracey. Michael thinks that dumping Tracey would result in a good outcome as. Tracey and Franklin find themselves attracted to one another, but would told him that his daughter Tracey is going to college to make something of herself, They met up with Trevor at the place and talked with him for a bit.

Then you also have the jobs I pulled with Franklin and Trevor. I know Trevor is a nutjob and at some point, he has come around about the problems we've had, and despite everything, I like to consider him a friend, even though he is messed up in the head. The only time I have ever seen him sane was when we had Martin Madrazo's wife with us.

That was the first time I had ever seen him sane. As for Franklin, I like to consider him as the son I wanted. I know I have Jimmy but I want him to grow up. Franklin had my back many times. I could have been dead when those Triads had me in that meat-packing plant. He came for me and saved me from getting cut up.

He also pulled himself together in all those jobs we did. Amanda, not asleep yet, looks over at Michael, who was still thinking about stuff. You know that guy Franklin that you hang out with? What do you think if we have him come over for dinner one day? I might text or call him tomorrow about this. Jimmy told me that he hangs out with him sometimes.

He had a feeling that those two hung out, but he also wondered why. Amanda then goes to sleep, but Michael hasn't fallen asleep yet. He gets out of bed and reaches for his phone and sends Franklin a text message. Hey, F, just wondering, would you like to come to my house and have dinner with my family sometime? Get back to me. Meanwhile, Franklin was out and about with Lamar, and they went to the Vanilla Unicorn. They met up with Trevor at the place and talked with him for a bit.

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Franklin got a private dance from Infernus, while Lamar got a private dance from Cheetah. While they were on the way into the backrooms, the two noticed Wade still getting his private dance from two strippers and saying random things to them.

does franklin meet tracey

At some point, Infernus leans close to Franklin's ear. Franklin nodded, as he has hooked up with her many times, as well as Juliet, Nikki and Sapphire, and also Liz.

does franklin meet tracey

Cheetah was done with her dance for Lamar. After that, Franklin told him that he would leave with Lamar. Lamar seemed cool about it and would just stay and hang with Trevor for a bit. Franklin took Infernus home and spent the night with her like he had many times before. The next morning, Franklin wakes up with Infernus next to him after a night of sex.

Franklin reaches for his phone and sees that Michael sent him that message. Franklin knows he will respond very soon, but he was about ready to take off anyway.

does franklin meet tracey

He gets out of the bed and puts his clothes on, but Infernus tries to stop him. Let Infernus give you some more lovin'. I'll holler at you later. Just getting myself ready for the semester to start, and I'm also trying to see what I want to major in," Tracey said. The fame is nice but I just can't rely on this to get myself ahead in life. I may live in a house on Vinewood Hills, but after that last job I did with yo pops and Trevor, I decided to get out of the game, even though a dumbass friend of mine tries to lure me back in.

She don't like me too much.

does franklin meet tracey

You should try to talk with her. That shit pissed me off to no fucking end. Franklin then asks her how she got on "Fame or Shame. Lazlow is such a creep, he said that I would only go on if I had to suck his dick.

Man, I have listened to Chattersphere before," Franklin said. I swear, that dude needs fucking therapy. The server then comes and asks for their orders.

They then give their orders. Tracey decided that she wants a chicken salad, while Franklin is going all out with a steak meal. Tracey asks Franklin if he has any other family. I sometimes talk to my cousin who is in Liberty City right now.

He go to Vespucci University out there, yet he is staying out in Broker. I don't know how he does it. I ain't never gone out to Liberty. The food then comes and they start eating their meals.

does franklin meet tracey

The two are having a good conversation as the night progresses. Even as they are eating, they can't help but look at each other. Franklin started thinking about something while he was eating. This is too soon for me to even think this, but I think there is something between us. The problem is that she is the daughter of a good friend of mine.

I can understand why she doesn't want her dad to know about us maybe dating. He has to know sooner or later, but now ain't the time.

The strippers know that it is totally no-strings-attached between us but there is a bit of a problem with Liz. After I beat her ex-boyfriend's ass, we fucked a few times and I can see that she might have some feelings for me, but I don't know. Part of me having those hookups with those women was also for me to try to get over Tanisha, but she moved on with that doctor.

She an old friend of mine and we grew up together. She deserves that fool more than she deserves me. I think there might be something with me and Tracey.

Like I said, this is a little soon, but I think I like her.

Tracey is looking at Franklin and she starts thinking, too. There is something about this guy that gives me a funny feeling. I remember e-mailing my dad about that guy who I dated for a short time only to see that he was a dick.

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There was even that guy who I was seeing and my mom told me he was a bum. I meet guys a lot and I am usually not a shy girl, but when my dad told me that he was coming over for dinner, why did I get a little excited? Why did I get shy when I met him? I know he hangs out with my dad and Jimmy, so I know I've seen him come by a few times, but I remember thinking he was so fine when I saw him from a distance.

Something about his muscular body and his calm demeanor I find really sexy.

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I felt like such a shy girl when we talked at my house about a week ago. I think I like this guy, but I am willing to take things a little slower unlike the other guys I dated.

I really want to get to know this guy more. Right when they were finished eating, they started talking again. The waiter come by and gave the bill. Franklin took out his wallet and paid for both of their meals.

The two then walk out of the restaurant and approach the parking lot. We'll figure it out. I'll call you later.