Destiny made us meet again guilty

destiny made us meet, but fate made us wait this long

destiny made us meet again guilty

Manifest Destiny, in U.S. history, the supposed inevitability of the continued territorial with Great Britain over the Oregon Country, O'Sullivan again cited the claim to . that made the United States a premier economic power preoccupied the country. Although they accommodated bigger guns and could meet schedules. When did you meet me again? When did we meet again? had supposed rested upon his fair fame was remover, and he was made to understand that . I started upon your track, to gather evidence establishing your guilt. of a weird destiny, and at once I set about discovering facts that would establish your innocence;. As their eyes met again, she wondered whether she really existed or had she made them slowly swing between life and death, love and despair, destiny and light and darkness, sexuality and spirituality, blame and guilt, consciousness this separation of death will be, but until life gives us a chance to meet again, my .

So, variety is important. Have you ever rented a video or a film that you've already seen? Get a fucking life. Laughter Why are you doing it? You're certain it's good because you read or saw it before, but you're hoping it's been long enough you've forgotten, and there's variety.

Third human need, critical: We all need to feel important, special, unique. You can get it by making more money or being more spiritual. You can do it by getting yourself in a situation where you put more tattoos and earrings in places humans don't want to know. The fastest way to do this, if you have no background, no culture, no belief and resources or resourcefulness, is violence.

If I put a gun to your head and I live in the 'hood, instantly I'm significant. How certain am I that you're going to respond to me? Who knows what's going to happen next? Like climbing up into a cave and doing that stuff all the way down there. Total variety and uncertainty. And it's significant, isn't it? So you want to risk your life for it. So that's why violence has always been around and will be around unless we have a consciousness change as a species.

You can get significance a million ways, but to be significant, you've got to be unique and different. Here's what we really need: We all want it; most settle for connection, love's too scary.

Who here has been hurt in an intimate relationship? If you don't raise your hand, you've had other shit, too. And you're going to get hurt again. Aren't you glad you came to this positive visit? We can do it through intimacy, friendship, prayer, through walking in nature. If nothing else works for you, don't get a cat, get a dog, because if you leave for two minutes, it's like you've been gone six months, when you come back 5 minutes later.

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These first four needs, every human finds a way to meet. Even if you lie to yourself, you need to have split personalities. I call the first four needs the needs of the personality. The last two are the needs of the spirit. And this is where fulfillment comes. You won't get it from the first four. You'll figure a way, smoke, drink, do whatever, meet the first four. But number five, you must grow. We all know the answer. If you don't grow, you're what? If a relationship or business is not growing, if you're not growing, doesn't matter how much money or friends you have, how many love you, you feel like hell.

And I believe the reason we grow is so we have something to give of value. Because the sixth need is to contribute beyond ourselves.

Because we all know, corny as that sounds, the secret to living is giving. We all know life is not about me, it's about we. This culture knows that, this room knows that. You can feel the difference in him, and it's beautiful. And that calling can touch other people. My life was touched because when I was 11 years old, Thanksgiving, no money, no food, we were not going to starve, but my father was totally messed up, my mom was letting him know how bad he messed up, and somebody came to the door and delivered food.

My father made three decisions, I know what they were, briefly. His focus was "This is charity. What does it mean? What do I have to do? Leave my family," which he did. It was one of the most painful experiences of life.

destiny made us meet again guilty

My three decisions gave me a different path. I set focus on "There's food. Laughter But this is what changed my life, shaped me as a human being.

Somebody's gift, I don't even know who it is. My father always said, "No one gives a shit.

destiny made us meet again guilty

It made me believe this: And that made me decide, if strangers care about me and my family, I care about them. I'm going to do something to make a difference.

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  • destiny made us meet, but fate made us wait this long
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So when I was 17, I went out on Thanksgiving, it was my target for years to have enough money to feed two families. The most fun and moving thing I ever did in my life.

Next year, I did four, then eight. I didn't tell anybody what I was doing, I wasn't doing it for brownie points. But after eight, I thought I could use some help. So I went out, got my friends involved, then I grew companies, got 11, and I built the foundation. All during the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, in different countries around the world. I don't tell you that to brag, but because I'm proud of human beings because they get excited to contribute once they've had the chance to experience it, not talk about it.

Manifest Destiny

So, finally — I'm about out of time. The target that shapes you — Here's what's different about people. We have the same needs. But are you a certainty freak, is that what you value most, or uncertainty? This man couldn't be a certainty freak if he climbed through those caves. Are you driven by significance or love? We all need all six, but what your lead system is tilts you in a different direction. And as you move in a direction, you have a destination or destiny.

The second piece is the map. The operating system tells you how to get there, and some people's map is, "I'm going to save lives even if I die for other people," and they're a fireman, and somebody else says, "I'm going to kill people to do it. They want to honor God or honor their family. But they have a different map. And there are seven different beliefs; I can't go through them, because I'm done.

The last piece is emotion. One of the parts of the map is like time. Some people's idea of a long time is years. Somebody else's is three seconds, which is what I have. And the last one I've already mentioned that fell to you. If you've got a target and a map — I can't use Google because I love Macs, and they haven't made it good for Macs yet. So if you use MapQuest — how many have made this fatal mistake of using it? You use this thing and you don't get there. Imagine if your beliefs guarantee you can never get to where you want to go.

Laughter The last thing is emotion. Here's what I'll tell you about emotion. There are 6, emotions that we have words for in the English language, which is just a linguistic representation that changes by language.

But if your dominant emotions — If I have 20, people or 1, and I have them write down all the emotions that they experience in an average week, and I give them as long as they need, and on one side they write empowering emotions, the other's disempowering, guess how many emotions they experience? And half of those make them feel like shit. They have six good feelings.

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Happy, happy, excited, oh shit, frustrated, frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed. How many of you know somebody who, no matter what happens, finds a way to get pissed off? Laughter Or no matter what happens, they find a way to be happy or excited.

How many of you know somebody like this? I was with 2, people from 45 countries, we were translating four languages simultaneously for a program I was conducting, for a week. Origin of the term John L. Library of Congress, Washington, D. Yet when he expanded his idea on December 27,in a newspaper column in the New York Morning News, the wider audience seized upon his reference to divine superintendence.

Some found the opinion intriguing, but others were simply irritated. The Whig Party sought to discredit Manifest Destiny as belligerent as well as pompous, beginning with Massachusetts Rep. Yet unabashed Democrats took up Manifest Destiny as a slogan. The phrase frequently appeared in debates relating to Oregonsometimes as soaring rhetoric and other times as sarcastic derision.

Although it became a rallying cry as well as a rationale for the foreign policy that reached its culmination in —46, the attitude behind Manifest Destiny had long been a part of the American experience.

destiny made us meet again guilty

The impatient English who colonized North America in the s and s immediately gazed westward and instantly considered ways to venture into the wilderness and tame it. The cause of that ceaseless wanderlust varied from region to region, but the behaviour became a tradition within one generation. The western horizon would always beckon, and Americans would always follow. After the American Revolution —83the steady advance of the cotton kingdom in the South matched the lure of the Ohio Country in the North.

Expansionists eager to acquire Spanish Florida were part of the drive for the War ofand many historians argue that American desires to annex Canada were also an important part of the equation.

As the United States pacified and stabilized volatile regions, the resulting appropriation of territory usually worsened relations with neighbours, setting off a cycle of instability that encouraged additional annexations. Caught in the upheaval coincidental to that expansion, Southeast Indians succumbed to the pressure of spreading settlement by ceding their lands to the United States and then relocating west of the Mississippi River under Pres. The considerable hardships suffered by the Indians in that episode were exemplified by the devastation of the Cherokees on the infamous Trail of Tearswhich excited humanitarian protests from both the political class and the citizenry.

Finally, in the s, diplomacy resolved the dispute over the Oregon Country with Britain, and victory in the Mexican-American War —48 closed out a period of dramatically swift growth for the United States. Less than a century after breaking from the British Empirethe United States had gone far in creating its own empire by extending sovereignty across the continent to the Pacific, to the 49th parallel on the Canadian border, and to the Rio Grande in the south.

Having transformed a group of sparsely settled colonies into a continental power of enormous potential, many Americans thought the achievement so stunning as to be obvious. It was for them proof that God had chosen the United States to grow and flourish.

destiny made us meet again guilty

OregonParade celebrating admission of Oregon to the union, Those dissenters saw rapid expansion as contrary to the principles of a true republic and predicted that the cost of empire would be high and its consequences perilous. The end of Manifest Destiny Realizing its Manifest Destiny with triumph over Mexico in gave the United States an immense domain that came with spectacular abundance and potential.