Daggetts gymnastics meet 2016 nfl

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daggetts gymnastics meet 2016 nfl

USA gymnast Simone Biles continues her quest for Gold in Rio today. Updated : Aug 15, PM EDT. AddThis NBC analyst and West Springfield Native Tim Daggett is convinced Biles is not just the best now she's the best ever: Enter to win $50, with this fun NFL Pick'em Challenge. Peter Daggett Bio. Longmeadow High School. Club: Daggett Gymnastics Competed in two meets in after missing most of the season with a torn ACL . The men's competition will feature two-time U.S. all-around champion and NBC Sports Group's gymnastics team of Al Trautwig, Tim Daggett, and Nastia Liukin will host coverage. NFL Kickoff TV Schedule.

Feels like Christmas morning dietzen55 nicolemdavis6 let's go hawks!

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My Super Bowl tradition usually involves cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers, you know, since we won six already. This year, since my beloved husband, Derek, is a diehard Seahawks fan, we will be hosting our own Super Bowl party with some of our closest friends.

Jim Craig Winthrop, Mass. My only tradition is watching the game with my family and friends. Amazing win for the Patriots!!!

daggetts gymnastics meet 2016 nfl

Good luck next week! I don't have a tradition — I've watched in Vegas before, I've had parties at my house before, I've been to Super Bowl parties before.

I'm probably just going to be watching it from one of the local bars here in Phoenix with some of the guys from NBC — we'll be doing our telecast for the hockey game Sunday, so we'll just stick together. I grew up a Pats fan, back in the Steve Grogan days.

Celski Federal Way, Wash.

Nastia Liukin, Tim Daggett on first night | NBC Sports

Usually, my connection decides to time out when huge plays are made. Kacey Bellamy Providence, R. Well, considering my whole family are huge Patriots fans and my cousin was in the NFL, every Sunday and Monday night in football season, we are glued to the TV if we are able to. This year, I will be in Toronto playing for the Boston Blades and flying back to Boston so, hopefully, the airport TVs will come in handy. I will, though, have my Tom Brady game jersey on all weekend for the games.

daggetts gymnastics meet 2016 nfl

Katie Holloway Lake Stevens, Wash. My Super Bowl tradition will start this year at my new apartment in the Bay Area. I will be hanging my 12th man flag in the window and cooking some meatballs in my new Seahawks crockpot. This year, I am hosting all my 49er friends so I can rub it in their face! Seahawks GoHawks Football gods were on our side.

USA Gymnastics | Gymnastics takes over AT&T Stadium March

I don't have a Super Bowl tradition, unless we can count eating too much as a tradition?!? I will be watching the game from my little apartment in Cannes, France, streaming from NFL GameDay on my computer and projecting onto my dining room wall! Tim Daggett West Springfield, Mass. We hold our gymnastics invitational Super Bowl weekend. The camera awkwardly pans to a gymnast's butt or crotch. A commentator mentions the Amanar, even though no one is competing the vault at this meet. A male gymnast does the "man wipe" in the corner before his final tumbling pass.

He probably could use a drink right now, so you probably should help him out. A female gymnast does a leap out of a tumbling pass.

If she goes out of bounds on that leap, you should probably giggle and then have two drinks.

Alex Naddour Takes Home Rio Olympics Bronze on Pommel Horse

You see a ring leap that you wouldn't want to put a ring on. There, I said it. A part of you misses seeing Aimee Boorman and her perfect hair on your screen. New Jersey's Applejack -- because who doesn't want to watch jacked gymnasts perform incredible feats, while you get so drunk that you can barely walk?

LifeGoals Jack Rose -- because hot pink nation. How to Watch the American Cup Competition: The venue schedule for both events is: All times are local.

daggetts gymnastics meet 2016 nfl

Macready will also appear with fans and stage wacky competitions during breaks throughout both events. Texas State Champion recognition. The zone features activities in building strength, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise. Vanessa Atler of Bakersfield, Calif. Illustrated by Mentol, the hardbound, page book is geared for youngsters ages Fans can stop by the International Gymnastics Camp booth to learn about the IGC difference and take home exciting camp information and cool giveaways.

World and Olympic champion Svetlana Boguinskaia will be on hand to meet fans, pose for a picture and sign autographs. Information on both events will be available. Gymnastics through the years. Ways to follow the competition. For additional information, go to http: The fan entrances for both events are C, E, F and H.

For those interested in visiting the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop, it is located at Entry A at the northwest corner of the building, but please note Entry A is not a ticketed or credential entrance for either event.

Due to security restrictions, tickets must be printed out and presented upon entry. The parking lots used for both events are lots 4 and The parking map is available at http: Purses, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags and a number of other bags and containers are not permitted.

daggetts gymnastics meet 2016 nfl

All bags are subject to inspection. Signs must be handheld, event-related, in good taste and cannot obstruct another guest's view. They may not contain commercial messages, logos or political endorsements and may not be hung off affixed stadium structures. Signs on poles or sticks, or constructed of wood or metal material, are also not permitted.