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come meet our family bobs burgers menu

“Guess Who's Coming to Linner” (Meet the Parents Episode) The family could have saved and saved, eventually hoarding enough dollars READ MORE: How Much is Bob's House + Restaurant Worth in 'Bob's Burgers'?. A pun on the phrase "New Beginnings", and reference to the restaurant's grand re-re-re opening; This is the only Burger of the Day to have Made of meat from Moo-Lissa. Also alludes to the situation in the Belcher household during this episode. Take Me Out To The Burger - Comes with Peanuts and Crackerjacks. The songs of the animated show Bob's Burgers are little jewels of But unlike cruder, crueler animated sitcoms like The Simpsons and Family Guy, Bob's Burgers the restaurant's specials board every episode) or the ever-changing .. Things come full circle by the time the credits roll and "I Wanna Hear.

The bathroom humor tracks alone "The Fart Song" or "The Diarrhea Song" probably deserve their own list, though that's just further confirmation that the musical accomplishments of this show these 15 songs in particular are exceptional. She straddles a piano bench in a clear nod to Tori Amos, and even year-old Gene is clued in to the fact that the song is about her vagina. Maybe he's so perceptive because he's been listening to sensitive singer-songwriters.

come meet our family bobs burgers menu

An actual recorded version by Amos would've really slicked things up even further, but Mullally's distinct voice gives the song its stickiness. It's hard to tell whether vaginas are so normalized in the glorious world the Belchers live in that they're a positive source of entertainment to an entire festival crowd, or the audience is just stuck in the lasting power of this song.

come meet our family bobs burgers menu

Cyndi Lauper " from: Vincent in "Bad Tina" as the inaugural entry to the Bob's Buskers series, this pogo punk piece could be listened to and enjoyed completely out of context, making it a watershed moment for the show's original music. Wisdom is layered lyrically and throughout the episode, in which Tina is peer-pressured by her "bad girl" friend Tammy to secretly invite her crush over while her parents aren't home. In the midst of knocking back shots of margarita mix and putting on too much makeup, things get out of hand, forcing Tina to reflect on her values as St.

From Bob's newfound obsession with kinky hand-clapping performances, to Linda's encouragement of Tina writing freaky friend fiction novels, the bad girls theme carries throughout. The resounding, slightly congested-sounding leader of The Magnetic Fields lends his voice well to the timbre of an elephant's trunk on this Bob's Buskers installment, easily one of the catchiest original songs from the series yet.

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And instead of following the science fair rules and doing a conventional project, Gene brings some levity to a horrifying milestone of animal cruelty in history, rewriting it to tell a sexy love story instead. We might just have found electric love. Will you be my coal mine?

Will you be my diamond mine?

come meet our family bobs burgers menu

The episode is a tender but tense turn for nine-year-old Louise, whose typical disinterested, masculine vibe is smashed with a wrecking ball when she becomes smitten with Boo Boo at the Boyz 4 Now concert, allowing her a rare moment of sisterly bonding with Tina. Also performed by Boo Boo, the song is an incredibly catchy tribute to fresh infatuation and the funny urges and curiosities that can arise.

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Louise is so confused by her feelings — lovestruck and simultaneously horrified— so much so that her primary urge is to smack Boo Boo in the face. She does this repeatedly and satisfyingly; rather than advocating abuse, her method of showing affection fights the patriarchy by reversing the conventional roles in the "being mean to your crush" construct.

come meet our family bobs burgers menu

Somehow, it's not shocking for Bob's Burgers to use a nine-year-old to suggest that BDSM dynamics are no longer taboo.

To the contrary, Linda manages to wah-wah her way into the credits, sharing her easygoing take on sex in just two funky little rhymes: Shake your hips, wiggle your butt, drop your pants, pick'em back up.

Even if Linda is referring to female privy parts as "yum-yums," she's illuminating the glory in honest communication between parents and children, especially when it comes to talking about sex. Cue "Sneaky Pete," the song written about the specific vibrator Linda sells during her brief career stint as a Pleasurologist. As the credits roll at the end of "My Big Fat Greek Bob," the frat bros, the cougars and the Belchers all seem to be having a casual good time as sensual, electric disco-funk slinks through the restaurant, solidifying the idea that Linda's spirit instrument is a wah-wah pedal and that there's nothing unique-y about getting freaky.

In fact, it's strongly encouraged. Aunt Gayle Megan Mullally lustily kicks off the Ta-Tas performance, crooning the painfully slow "Derek Dematopolis" to her old high school crush in the audience. The episode lands Bob and Tina at Equestra-con, which is essentially an affectionate Brony movement farce based on Tina's favorite show. Opening sequence[ edit ] The components of a hamburger fall into place on a white screen, and Bob's hands appear underneath to hold it.

The other family members appear around him one at a time, beginning with Linda and ending with Louise. Linda puts her arm around Bob, Tina stands expressionless, Gene plays a sound effect on his keyboard, and Louise poses for the camera.

The restaurant then materializes behind them and the neighboring businesses slide into place, with a funeral parlor at screen left, and the street slides into view in front.

Burger of the Day

A "Grand Opening" banner is placed over the door, followed by a series of mishaps: A new banner is hung up after each event: The gag present on Bob's Burgers involves the store located to the right of the restaurant, which has a new, humorously named client in every episode such as "Betty's Machetes" in " Purple Rain-Union ".

Additionally, beginning with Season 2, the pest control van in the sequence has the name of a different company on each episode; the van read "Rat's all Folks! Exterminators" on all episodes of Season 1. In an article written by the writers of the show ranking the best 10 musical numbers of the first three seasons, it is explained by show creator and theme composer Loren Bouchard that the ukulele track heard in the theme is an edited version of the first recording he did as well as the first take in Bouchard explains that if the EQ is taken off the original track, there is noise audible from the nightclub below the apartment he was living in when he recorded the theme.

The scene is the kitchen of Bob's Burgers drawn with a black outline over a white background and the characters in full color, with the credits off to the right hand side. The sequence consists of Bob cooking a burger and Louise and Tina doing prep. Bob places the burger on the plate for Louise to give to Linda, who takes it from the window, and a few seconds later Gene walks through the kitchen wearing his burger costume.

Although the kitchen scene is still the main closing sequence the show uses, beginning in season two the producers began to use different elements from the show in the credits.

Meet the Cast of BOB'S BURGERS

In " Ear-sy Rider ", the kids ride their bikes down a highway. In " An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal ", Linda performs a song she came up with for Thanksgiving, and annoys Bob with it while he is trying to work.