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The Varsitarian April 8 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. For breaking news and digital copy, visit .. iba at ninanakaw ang karapatan ng .. on his administration in meeting and Zambales Rep. Clara, Balete and Arroceros. badminton. FX Head Office RA Gloria Oriental Mindoro MIMAROPA ( Region .. Clara Batangas City Batangas CALABARZON (Region IV-A) EFREN E. UY Zone I Iba Zambales Central Luzon RUBY ANNA G. ABAGON CALABARZON (Region IV-A) JONATHAN JARIN Unit 2 Badminton. The committee's next hearing will be set either Thursday or on Oct. 9 since .. issue once and for all,” said PAL VP for Legal Affairs Clara de Castro. .. last four years which is on an average of cases from to . On the other hand, he said that the local government unit of Iba, Zambales, also.

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Lakeview Homes, Putatan, Muntinlupa City, contact information: Ups V, Sucat, Paranaque, ; Rev. Nino, Paranaque City, ; contact nos. San Joaquin, Pasig City, ; Rev. Recto Countryside Baptist Church, P. Box SM Sta.

Mesa, Manila; Rev. East Gate Baptist Church; Pastor: Santolan, Pasig City;; sbcsantolan yahoo. Cubao Quezon City, ; Rev. Road 2, Project 8, Quezon City, ; Rev. Hephzibah Beulah Baptist Church; Pinkian st. Payatas A, Quezon City; landline: Trinity Baptist Academy; Pastor: This was the case with San Beda College not too long ago. The hapless victims were recruited outside San Beda, and were beaten to death outside San Beda.

How were the the dean and the Rolando G. Estabillo Publisher can be accessed at: Telephone numbers, connecting all departmentsEditorialAdvertising Now, President Rodrigo Duterte in his usual confrontational manner is zeroing on Philippine Airlines.

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Why Duterte brought up the PAL arrears at a public forum was, to say the least, in bad taste. But this is the way Duterte does things. How then can he expect foreign investors to come in or local investors to stay if the President is projecting a government that is anti-business?

Familiar names in business like Antonio Cojuangco and Ramon Ang once owned PAL but gave up because of the multifold challenges that make operating an airline profitable. The collection notice could have been served in a less abrasive manner. With our openskies policy, the airline industry is a highly competitive field.

Tan should really be commended for staying the course against government subsidized foreign flag carriers. PAL does not get any such subsidy and the government should at least understand the difficulty of staying afloat against such competition. Why not let PAL pay in three or four tranches instead of adopting a hard line policy of collection? Other companies allow installment payments of delinquent debts. Why not the government? This option is better than not getting paid at all is behind this business concept.

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Digong has given the national flag carrier 10 days to pay its P6. The sanction could include preventing PAL from using the runway for takeoff and landing.

PAL built Terminal 2 in because Terminal 1 was then under repair and the government was still constructing the nowcrowded Terminal 3. Kung walang airport, so what? If Duterte does not care about tourist arrivals but he needs funds for government expenditures, he should then just abolish the Department of Tourism with its high-salaried officials and staff. In a recent report, 39 countries said they are staying away from the Philippines because of the high crime rate and impunity in the unabated killings of drug suspects.

The DoT certainly cannot change this global perception of the Philippine with slogans alone. Bangkok, Thailand with its tourist spots and low crime rate has been adjudged the No. The Philippines, on the other hand, is still playing catch-up with its Asian neighbors. Vietnam and Cambodia are getting a better share of tourist arrivals than we are.

Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati

This issue on alleged unpaid navigational fees involves complex legal issues which PAL has been trying to thresh out with the Authority for years. Despite the favorable ruling, PAL then opted to settle amicably with the MIAA as a manifestation of its full support to the government. Communications have been open between the parties as regard this matter.

Yun na naman pala. So why push PAL against the wall?

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By updating the definition of public utilities, the planned amendments seek to open up the sector to more foreign participation, which is seen to result in muchneeded transfer of technology and investments. For instance, constitutional restrictions on foreign participation in telecommunications, water and transportation have historically stymied healthy competition, resulting in an idiosyncrasy that many Filipinos only know too well: That internet connectivity and sad state of mass transportation Who From A4 physics and chemistry and in mathematics are as tough if not tougher, but rarely do students from these disciplines find the need to seek succor with fraternities.

And while group study is certainly one way to do it, fraternities are not neces- Atis From A4 applicable language in this century. The affair was a joint effort of our Department of Trade and Industry, their Ministry of Economic Affairs, the private sector, and in the Philippine side, in the country is simultaneously one of the publics daily peeves. While the Constitution provides that the operation of a public utility be reserved to Philippine citizens or a Filipino majority-owned corporation, this has led to the erroneous perception that a public utility is public service and thus subject to such ownership limits.

Ultimately, the very lack of choices for consumers not only results in dissatisfaction but encourages monopolies, which is always a risk for consumers.

The Tamontaka Church, built inwas relocated to its present location in The present church also has an underground passageway that leads to a catacomb, which is part of the network of caves from which the city was named. Inthe Philippine government aggressively publicized Mindanao as the Land of Promise. There is a huge chamber with a colony of bats, saltwater ponds, and access to other cave networks. This network diverges into a multitude of cave chambers found under Tantawan hill from the word tanawin or view now known as Pedro Colina Hill, derived from the Spanish words pedro meaning rock and colina meaning hill.

The hill stands out on the open plain of Cotabato City like a fort. It has several entrances but only four are open to visitors. We entered at the Bagua Cave entrance just on the roadside, bringing These days, the most common war seen in the city are shoppers bargaining for good prices. On a visit to the market near Matampay River, a tributary of the Rio Grande, I marveled at the bounty of fresh catch. Going deeper into the bustling market, I was greeted by a splash of beautiful colors of the tudungs veils and the bold clothes worn by vendors selling fruits, fish, vegetables, and local delicacies.

Located strategically at the center of Mindanao, with an easy access to other regions, Cotabato City commerce thrives on trading and transporting goods sourced from neighboring provinces. I visited Barangay Kalanganan to see how a community continues an age-old tradition of making high-quality brassware for musical instruments, kitchenware, and containers.

Inaul is a famous Maguindanaon handcrafted fabric, typically used as malong, a tubular skirt, or sarong that wraps around the lower part of the body, but is versatile enough to be used as turbans, wedding gowns, barong, even bags and pillowcases. From spinning each strand to the shuttle, arranging them one by one on the wooden loom, to creating the unique patterns with precision, the weavers display meticulous craftsmanship.

Weaving takes three to 15 days depending on complexity of the pattern. Sadly, inaul weaving is a dying tradition. Wampa of Al Jamela Weaving Center aims to sustain the tradition by employing and teaching disadvantaged mothers and out-ofschool youths the art of inaul weaving for their livelihood.

Not anymore, for they now could head to hip hangouts at night. Despite the adversities it faces, the city will continue to grow and welcome everyone with a warm embrace. He did not like to work, but made his wife work all day in their camote field.

He simply stayed in the house and ate all day. Thus his belly became very big while his arms and legs became thin from lack of exercise. One day, he left the house because he was invited to a feast. There he ate so much that he could not walk home.

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And so it is, children who eat very much will turn into frogs. Eugenio Published by the University of the Philippines Press, University of the Philippines Press, E. If you were to invite a frog for a drink, keep in mind that they absorb water through their skin! The Delta Discovery Park in Mt. Mayapay features one of the longest ziplines in Asia over a meter ravine. Even with urbanization, Butuan City and its surrounding areas are still frontier land —raw and untended.

A huge portion of the region is marsh, river and mountains once a rich source of timber and now ores.