Clara meet 2012 presidential candidates

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clara meet 2012 presidential candidates

Cara Carleton "Carly" Fiorina (née Sneed; born September 6, ) is an American Fiorina was a candidate in the Republican presidential primary , and was for seven . The merger was met initially with almost universal skepticism. .. In July , Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia appointed her to the James. Municipal Election to be held on June 5, for the purpose of the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters issued the Certification of Election This action does not meet the criteria set below; however, the Office of the City. 'Worth the Fight': Meet the California Women Running for the First Time I got involved in more overt political activity after the last election because I felt that the National In , I began a fight for pay equity and became an advocate for the economic security of women .. Campbell, Santa Clara County.

There is not a bigger giant in the history of American music.

clara meet 2012 presidential candidates

And I have to say that I am a really big fan. In the s, more than 2 million people died from smallpox every year. Just over a decade later, that number was zero -- 2 million to zero, thanks, in part, to Dr.

As a young medical missionary working in Nigeria, Bill helped develop a vaccination strategy that would later be used to eliminate smallpox from the face of the Earth. And when that war was won, he moved on to other diseases, always trying to figure out what works. In one remote Nigerian village, after vaccinating 2, people in a single day, Bill asked the local chief how he had gotten so many people to show up.

Today, that world owes that really tall man a great debt of gratitude. On the morning that John Glenn blasted off into space, America stood still. And for half an hour, the phones stopped ringing in Chicago police headquarters, and New York subway drivers offered a play-by-play account over the loudspeakers. As a senator, he found new ways to make a difference.

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And on his second trip into space at age 77, he defied the odds once again. Gordon Hirabayashi knew what it was like to stand alone. As a student at the University of Washington, Gordon was one of only three Japanese Americans to defy the executive order that forced thousands of families to leave their homes, their jobs, and their civil rights behind and move to internment camps during World War II. He took his case all the way to the Supreme Court, and he lost. And it would be another 40 years before that decision was reversed, giving Asian Americans everywhere a small measure of justice.

Similarly, when Cesar Chavez sat Dolores Huerta down at his kitchen table and told her they should start a union, she thought he was joking.

But Dolores had been an elementary school teacher and remembered seeing children come to school hungry and without shoes.

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So in the end, she agreed -- and workers everywhere are glad that she did. And ever since, she has fought to give more people a seat at the table. Fluent in four languages, possessed of a photographic memory, Jan served as a courier for the Polish resistance during the darkest days of World War II. Jan took that information to President Franklin Roosevelt, giving one of the first accounts of the Holocaust and imploring to the world to take action.

It was decades before Jan was ready to tell his story. So I teach compassion. She experimented with electricity for fun. And she recognized early on that in order to keep up with the changing times, women would have to be prepared.

And from the very beginning, they have also included girls of different races and faiths and abilities, just the way that Juliette would have wanted it.

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Toni Morrison -- she is used to a little distraction. As a single mother working at a publishing company by day, she would carve out a little time in the evening to write, often with her two sons pulling on her hair and tugging at her earrings. Once, a baby spit up on her tablet so she wrote around it.

clara meet 2012 presidential candidates

Circumstances may not have been ideal, but the words that came out were magical. Toni Morrison's prose brings us that kind of moral and emotional intensity that few writers ever attempt.

And that was his signature style: He is the third-longest serving Justice in the history of the Court. And Justice Stevens applied, throughout his career, his clear and graceful manner to the defense of individual rights and the rule of law, always favoring a pragmatic solution over an ideological one. Ever humble, he would happily comply when unsuspecting tourists asked him to take their picture in front of the Court.

And at his vacation home in Florida, he was John from Arlington, better known for his world-class bridge game than his world-changing judicial opinions. When a doctor first told Pat Summitt she suffered from dementia, she almost punched him. Obviously, they did not. And more importantly, every player that went through her program has either graduated or is on her way to a degree. So these are the recipients of the Medals of Freedom. And just on a personal note, I had a chance to see everybody in the back.

I know how they impacted my life. And I remember in college listening to Bob Dylan and my world opening up because he captured something that -- about this country that was so vital.

And I think about Dolores Huerta, reading about her when I was starting off as an organizer. Everybody on this stage has marked my life in profound ways. It will continue for generations to come. What an extraordinary honor to be able to say thank you to all of them for the great work that they have done on behalf of this country and on behalf of the world.

So it is now my great honor to present them with a small token of our appreciation. Presidential Medal of Freedom citations: Through her consummate diplomacy and steadfast democratic ideals, Secretary Albright advanced peace in the Middle East, nuclear arms control, justice in the Balkans, and human rights around the world. With unwavering leadership and continued engagement with the global community, she continues her noble pursuit of freedom and dignity for all people.

clara meet 2012 presidential candidates

I think this goes very well with your broach. The medal is presented. As African Americans strove for justice, John Doar led federal efforts to defend equality and enforce civil rights.

Risking his life to confront the injustices around him, he prevented a violent riot, obtained convictions for the killings of civil rights activists, and stood by the first African American student at the University of Mississippi on his first day of class. During pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement and in the troubled times of the Watergate scandal, John Doar fought to protect the core values of liberty, equality and democracy that have made America a leader among nations.

He is pretty tall. Bill Foege has driven decades of progress to safeguard the well-being of all, and he has inspired a generation of leaders in the fight for a healthier world.

Carly Fiorina

John Glenn has set a peerless example through his service to our nation. In the United States Senate, he worked tirelessly to ensure all Americans had the opportunity to reach for limitless dreams. Susan Carnahan, accepting on behalf of her husband Gordon Kiyoshi Hirabayashi.

When she married inshe and her husband moved to BolognaItalywhere he was doing graduate work; [27] there she did English tutoring to Italian businessmen.

HP later acquired Electronic Data Systemsanother technology services company, which some considered a validation of Fiorina's strategy.

Walter Hewlett the son of company co-founder William Hewlett was a source of particularly strong opposition. Condit[57] George A.

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Keyworth, II[58] and Robert Knowling. The industry soon fell into decline, leading to further difficulties for the company. InFiorina said: What I knew at the time was our nation had been attacked. Fiorina instituted three major changes shortly after her arrival: In addition, Apple began selling its own iPods through the same retail channels.

By getting Fiorina to adopt the iPod as HP's music player, Jobs had effectively gotten his [iTunes] software installed on millions of computers for free, stifled his main competitor, and gotten a company that prided itself on invention to declare that Apple was a superior inventor. And he lost nothing Backfire, [] by Peter Burrows, and Perfect Enough: A review by The New York Times of these books said, "Two new books about the deal and its main champion—Hewlett-Packard's chair and chief executive officer, Carly Fiorina—show that there is much investors can glean immediately from this merger.

We help companies take excess inventory and then distribute that excess inventory to 37, vetted charities around this country. A spokeswoman commented that "Fiorina and her staff believed the foundation was not required to file with the IRS because it accepted no outside contributions and donated only her personal wealth to worthy causes.

In earlyshe was referred to in media sources as a potential vice presidential candidate, [] [] and The New York Times noted that while she did not want to run, she was an executive who could possibly become a candidate for president. She was reportedly a "point person" for the McCain campaign on issues related to business and economic affairs.

clara meet 2012 presidential candidates