Canberra zoo meet a cheetah jazz

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canberra zoo meet a cheetah jazz

Unwind in Canberra, a city in a park that changes with the seasons and offers an array of Delve further and you can actually meet a cheetah at the National Zoo sunbaking in the warmer months, and listen to live jazz concerts in summer. They could be the oddest BFFs in Canberra – but they're certainly the cutest! National Zoo and Aquarium's 5-month old cheetah cub Solo, the first cheetah cub born There are further opportunities to meet Solo and Zama in a Fiction nightclub is your knight in shining armour - coming to jazz up your wee. A well-paced and very enjoyable time walking around the zoo in the warm sunshine. Comfortable bed with great pillows, jazz all night and a great sleep. Our friends' were equally enthralled by lions,cheetahs and bears. tour we were taken to our room where we were then able to meet and feed the giraffe - Hammer.

Our guides jokingly told us that small children often attract the lions to pay extra attention to the tasty morsel inside their bungalow.

canberra zoo meet a cheetah jazz

While lions and sharks sound quite exciting, we were over the moon with our tree house accommodations resident animal: But more of that later. After a short afternoon tea and introduction to some beautiful snakes, our guides Tanya and Kelly took us for a tour through the zoo to see where we would be staying that night. We were introduced to some cheeky monkeys, patted a wombat, and fed meerkats. The zoo is an active participant in the worldwide conservation and breading programs essential for keeping many species around the world alive and well.

canberra zoo meet a cheetah jazz

Some of the special animal residents include a Malayan Sun Bear who was rescued from a tortured life in a tiny cage and endangered Sumatran Tigers who are part of an essential breeding program. This and other programs the zoo runs made it clear that the animals came first at all times and we were guests in their home.

After walking through a field of timid deer and not so timid alpacas, we were finally at our tree house hotel.

Elephant's Child: Sunday Selections #

He is a friendly giraffe who was quite happy to munch away on some straw and get a few photos with us. Have you had a giraffe selfie before?

The National Zoo has one of the largest groups of big cats in Australia.

canberra zoo meet a cheetah jazz

These two lions happily munched on some fresh meat, safely behind bars less than a meter away from our group. Later on as we enjoyed our delicious five-course dinner these two big cats snuggled together in the dining rooms adjoining floor to ceiling glass lion cave.

My plus one and I wined and dined at one of the large communal tables with the other guests who ranged from married couples to international visitors who loved animals, after all the excitement of the first tour of the night we all had a lot to discuss over our Australian craft beers and wine.

We were particularly impressed by the delicious lamb and a fresh and filling mushroom risotto.

Meet a Cheetah Cub

We were nicely full by the fourth course when the dessert came, after one glance at the beautifully presented sticky date pudding and mango sorbet we just had to fit it in. After some coffee, tea and chocolate animals it was time to call it a night.

The youngest brother and I clubbed together and gave him a 'Meet the Cheetah' experience to go with the zoo stay. He loved that too.

canberra zoo meet a cheetah jazz

The cheetah, Jura, purred the whole way through the encounter. And I suspect that if the brother and his wife could purr they would have joined him. This is the zoo where my youngest brother has volunteered for a number of years. He tells me that while the zoo has several cheetahs not all of them enjoy interacting with people.

If they don't like it, it doesn't happen. Which is protection for the people of course, but also for the cheetah.

Close Encounters

Which I think is excellent. And I really like that the zoo donates rather a lot of the profit from the animal encounter experiences to animal conservation projects.

canberra zoo meet a cheetah jazz

The youngest brother and I made a surprise visit to the zoo to watch the interaction. The keeper went in first, and Jura trotted over to meet him. My brother and his wife and another keeper joined them. The second keeper took photos for the lucky pair to cherish.

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Just as well, because Jura changed position and we couldn't get any photos from the front. Despite it being a stinking hot day, of course I looked in on some of the other animals while we were waiting for the cheetah encounter.