Bu mini meet 2014

BU Mini Meet #2 - Meet Results

bu mini meet 2014

Boston University Mini Meets. December 20, December 27, January 3, Order of Events (Rolling Schedule). First Event will start at 10am. 3k. Website:Click here. Results: USATF New England B.U. Mini Meet 1 - 12/20/ Boston University Track and Tennnis Center Mixed Meter. BU mini meet. 1/3/ 0 Comments. This weekend a few athletes from Western mass went out to Boston for a mini meet at Boston University. Here are all the notable performances from that meet: Notable performances December

I like the age numbers on the back, not that it really impacts how I race but it is good to see what age group is ahead of you.

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I debated doing a short run in the morning. I normally would with a late There were an inordinate number of skinny folks gathered at the HIE free breakfast. With a record of nearly 2, runners in town for the XC champs there was no shortage of people fueling up.

We drove over to the race site well in advance of the race and counted down the time to a warm-up. We got out of the nice warm car and did a 2 mile loop for a short warm-up. I changed into my racing gear and shoes and then zipped over to the line, a few minutes after the There were a few tense moments wondering where Dan was but we finally got checked in and then were released to do whatever we needed to do in the 20 minutes until the start.

I added another 1. Nearly runners from age 40 to over 85 took off in a sprint. The start was wide and really the entire course was wide so there was no panic about not being able to move. Martin shot out as expected and I found Dan right beside me in the early going. I could see Jim and Joe a little ahead so it looked like I was where I should be. There certainly were a lot of people to work with. I had a very steady race, slowly gaining on guys in front of me and only getting passed by a few notably a slow starting Mark Reeder of GLRR who ran an excellent race.

bu mini meet 2014

After the mile 5: My only disappointment is that I'm seeing my uphill speed has been greatly diminished. My time up to the top of Allard Hill Rd was a minute slower than my fastest.

bu mini meet 2014

I'm starting to notice this across the board. Significant decrease in speed on the uphills.

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I guess I know what my biggest loss was while injured. Overall, though, the run went well and happened to be my fastest time ever actually running this course. I think I really need to work on some short hill repeats if I want to get that back quickly. Otherwise, I don't see me back to where I was anytime soon. The rest of Friday was low-key.

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John came home in the afternoon. I took John to open gym for an hour at his gymnastics place and walked the dogs on a trail out behind the gym. I went to bed early that night.

We had a very early morning drive to Boston on Saturday morning. The m on the indoor track is the first event in the series. After looking through the track schedule, I thought that BU might be the only one I could fit in my schedule this would be wrong, but those track meet listings are confusing and primitive.

I had never run on an indoor track before. The closest I've come to a is the one and only time I raced on a track in high school for the 2-mile, filling in for someone who was injured.

I came in 2nd to last. I'm in absolutely no shape whatsoever for anything on a track right now. I'm SLOW and definitely on the heavy side. I must have looked obese standing on the line next to those other women. But here I was, driving to BU at 5am ready to test myself in out.

I was pretty nervous. I got there before 9am, checked-in and then found John a good spot in the stands where he could plug in my phone.

This was going to be a boring day for him, but the kid was a trooper. The m was to start at 10am, but they didn't get the heat listings out until about 10 minutes prior, so I didn't know when to warm up. I found out that I was in heat 6 of 7, so I had a long time before the start of mine. I had seeded my time based on a calculator of my latest 5K a sad It spit out I also asked Amanda Wright during the week and she gave me an estimate of I was seeded 8th for the heat.

I hung out in the middle of the track for awhile watching the other heats then finally warmed up. The first thing I noticed was how freaking hot and dry it was in there. I was dying on the warm up. Way too hot, and my mouth was immediately dry. This was just the warmup! I didn't know how I was going to handle the actual run. I only did about 1. At this point I was SO nervous. Like really, really nervous. I had no idea how to run this thing.

BU Mini Meet Mile

Finally, it was time to line up. I wasn't really sure how the start worked, so I had to ask the girl next to me. She was cool and told me what to do. I felt stupid, but I would rather feel stupid asking than doing something stupid once we got going. The race went off quickly and I just fell in line.

When the other half of the group merged, I kind of got stuck in a big group.