Brickleberry meet woody johnson

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brickleberry meet woody johnson

In the episode where Woody gets lost and goes psycho, he meets a crab he calls Or The Highway" when Brickleberry ends up having the Woody Johnson Is A. Brickleberry is an American adult animated sitcom television series that aired on Comedy Woodrow "Woody" Johnson (voiced by Tom Kenny) – Woody is a The series' creators, Waco O'Guin and Roger Black, met at the University of. Woodrow Waylon "Woody" Johnson (voiced by Tom Kenny) is the show's deuteragonist and the head ranger of Brickleberry Park, serving as the boss of the rest.

Brickleberry is notable for being one of the few current animated series to switch from Adobe Flash to traditional animation most animated shows go the other way around, due to budget cuts or Executive Meddling of some kind.

It's also notable for being renewed twicedespite many disparaging reviews. Despite this, the show was eventually canceled in Januarywith the last three episodes see Recap being burned off between late March and mid-April. Seasons one and two were available on Hulu Plus for some time, and the entire show can be found on Netflix. In JulyDynamite Entertainment began publishing a 4-issue comic book miniseries that continues where the season three finale left off. Creators Waco O'Guin and Roger Black expressed interest in finding a new home for the show to have created a Season 4 and continue off from where the series had ended.

They announced the comic book material is what they planned out for Season 4. Black and O'Guin later went on to create Paradise PD for Netflixfeaturing the Brickleberry rangers Inspired more than a direct transplant as policemen! The two creators announced they were still planning on finding a new home for Brickleberry and were pleased to hear many Brickleberry fans returned to watch Paradise.

Connie's parents are raging, church-going homophobes who disowned her and replaced her with a Saint Bernard, took her back after her sexuality was inverted from the gay bomb blast, then rejected her again when the bomb's effects wore off. Her mother pushed her to do beauty pageants and used extreme measures drugs and bulimia to keep her thin which didn't last, as she still became fat when she hit puberty. Woody's mother is incredibly overbearing, forcing him to breastfeed until his late teens and locking him in a closet full of birds and bees for masturbating.

She also bought him a prostitute for his 8th birthday so he "wouldn't turn into a queer". He has mentioned his father dressing him up in women's underwear after his mother died, but since she has been revealed to still be alive, it's uncertain if this is true or not or if Woody's father remarried or was a widowed bigamist.

He immediately calls them Lezzie, Labia, and Clit. It gets subverted here and there that she isn't perfect as she shows to be the first episode reveals that she is an alcoholic and she got fired from Yellowstone for drinking on the job — and not wearing pants to workbut she is still the only person good at their job. In the episode where Woody gets lost and goes psycho, he meets a crab he calls "Mr.

Crab" and a rock with a similar face to SpongeBob 's next to it. Both being voiced by Tom Kenny seals the allusion. Malloy mentioning that Daniel Tosh is a bigger asshole than Woody is. When Woody claims that he's just made friends with someone who's actually even more corrupt and abusive than he is, Malloy asks "Daniel Tosh?

When Woody is demoted by the Secretary of the Interior, he's forced to leave his cabin. Since all the rangers refuse to take him and Malloy in, they end up staying at Firecracker Jim's place. Ain't Too Proud to Beg: In "Hello Dottie", Jorge scolds Connie for not showing up. When Connie demands he beg on his knees between her legs, he yells at her that he won't but then suddenly does plead to her. Though most critics find the comparison to be an insult to South Park and even Family Guythe show has its fans and does do its Black Comedy fairly well at least in seasons two and three.

Season one was very touch-and-go. All Gays Are Promiscuous: In one episode, Connie detonates a Gay Bomb and turns everyone gay and her straight.

At the same time, those who got affected become hyper sex maniacs while Connie doesn't seem to have much a drive while straight in comparison. This is what makes Steve the ranger of every month. Well that, and the fact that his mom has sex with Woody every month Ambiguous Syntax: When the Secretary of the Interior tells Woody that he couldn't manage a blowjob in a dick factory, he asks her if she means a factory that makes dicks, or a factory made out of dicks.

The show's version of Smokey the Bear Flamey the Bear gets set on fire and tossed in a vat of acid. He's still inexplicably okay for his own episode in season 2 however unless that was a different actor in the Flamey the Bear costume in the first episode and the Flamey the Bear in "My Favorite Bear" was the original actor who was brought out of retirement for the park re-opening ceremony. This backfired badly, since Anita heard about the rumors Woody spread that she was dead, and so this angered her and made her come looking for her son.

Just as Malloy put it, Anita mistreating Woody as a kid is the main reason why adult Woody is such a horrible person who doesn't care about anyone else. Appearance Woody is a big fat angry old man. He has short blonde hair styled into a combover and also a darker yellow big thick mustache.

His uniform is made white instead of greyish green to distinguish him as the Head Ranger. Woody is also an obese man. As an 8-year old boy, he was already very overweight. Ethel proves in " Woody's Girl " that being the Head Ranger makes you stress eat donuts from all the responsibilities. One time Malloy tried to make fun of Woody but because he got his balls removed, Malloy claimed Woody is only as overweight as the average American man.

Personality Woody is a proud worker at Brickleberry park and he loves his job and everything about it.

brickleberry meet woody johnson

He has a very low tolerance for mistakes and screw ups with his workers which is exploited with his workers' extreme chaos that they constantly cause which ends up in everything getting destroyed. Woody will constantly unleash a blast of extreme rage and loss of sanity along with a stream of unnecessary profanities when he does this which just makes everything a living hell for him. Unfortunately, money can sway his morals left and right faster than a grandfather clock.

Woody frequently mentions that he is a war criminal, as in the episodes Crippleberry and Race Off! Regardless that he isn't morally fit to be a soldier, he is very devoted to the war cause of the United States since he is a former war veteran as mentioned in many episodes.

Woody Johnson

A running gag in the series is Woody often uses the fake alias "Rick Swordfire", but this usually fails to trick other people. Some of Woody's "proudest" achievements include screwing his own daughter and later on going back in time to screw his own mother Anita. Religious and Political Views Woody is a right-wing conservative Christian. Out of religious extremism, Woody rejects the scientific consensus of global warming and believes the earth is literally only a little over years old.

Woody is also a critic of animal rights and animal rights activists " Squabbits "environmental awareness " Trailer Park " and " Global Warning "Catholicism " Woody's Girl "liberals " Squabbits " again and President Barack Obama. Woody is a Republican.

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In addition to Obama, Woody hates Al Gore because of Gore's activism in global warming and expressed that with giant letter-shaped lights on his lawn. In the comic book, it's revealed Woody is a gun rights advocate and subscribes to the NRA.

Threatened to shoot Denzel for foul-mouthed language in "Two Weeks Notice", and later in the same episode he shot Steve by accident with a rifle.

He also shot a country club applicant with a gun in "In Da Club" to avoid competition for membership so that he can taste the club's special sandwich.

brickleberry meet woody johnson

He intentionally started a wildfire by ordering Denzel to create it in "Race Off! Ethel and Malloy knew it was obvious Woody's the culprit, although they don't rat him out since Woody's their boss and they rely on him for income Ethel or food and shelter Malloy.

Violation of Labor Laws multiple counts: On a side note, when Connie gets excited, her vagina makes growling noises similar to that of a stomach, requiring her to talk it down like a wild animal. Malloy voiced by Daniel Tosh — Malloy is the last surviving member of his species Ursus loquacious that Woody has taken in and spoiled after Steve accidentally ran over and shot his parents, telling him a tourist did it.

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Woody lets him play video games all day and eat junk food. Malloy is very crude, racist, sexist, has a superiority complexand in some ways is a narcissist. He openly hates the rangers and in addition, he enjoys putting them down and messing with them on a daily basis, especially Steve. He "loves" animals a bit too much and Malloy got a taste of this first hand in the season one premiere. Bodean voiced by Roger Black — Bodean is Bobby's sidekick and best friend. He is known to speak very fast and sometimes for a long time.

brickleberry meet woody johnson

Firecracker Jim voiced by Roger Black — A local redneck who sells illegal fireworks. He has stumps since he blew off his arms and legs a while ago, and rolls around everywhere as a result.

Kuzniak voiced by Tom Kenny — Brickleberry's personal doctor. He has a strange fetish of medical malpractice. He also has some shady criminal intents such as medical waste dumping and dealings with the "Chinese Black Market". Jorge voiced by David Herman — A foreign man who owns the local strip club. He seems to be very clueless and gullible. Production[ edit ] The support of comedian Daniel Tosh was integral in getting the series picked up.