Boxing day meet in shropshire

The Wheatland Hunt

boxing day meet in shropshire

Find the perfect boxing day meet stock photo. Hounds of the Ludlow Hunt on the Boxing Day Meet Ludlow Shropshire West Midlands England UK. HGC3DY. This is just a reminder we have a parkrun on Boxing day at 9am. fleece festive material is perhaps not ideal for our weekly Saturday meet up!!. Set in beautiful countryside halfway between Telford and Shrewsbury, The to meet your requirements and offer you the flexibility to have your day your way.

We have portable Deaf guard fire alarm system for those who are hard of hearing. This consists of a vibrating pad to go under the pillow and a bright strobe light. The Deaf guard is triggered when main alarm is activated.

boxing day meet in shropshire

In the case of evacuation there are fire exits in every function room, bar and restaurant as well as the main front entrance. On the first, second and third floors there are fire exits at either end of the corridors which open to an emergency fire escape stairwell.

boxing day meet in shropshire

Please advise reception on check in if you think you would require assistance in the event of an emergency. Door hangers are available in the rooms which can be used to indicate a need for assistance. Fire extinguishers are found throughout the building, as are fire call points. If you discover a fire please call from your room phone, raise the alarm and alert a member of staff.

Albrighton Hunt Boxing day meet @ St Marys Street

Itinerary Enjoy a warm welcome over afternoon tea from 4pm. The day begins with a stroll along the banks of the River Severn to view the famous Iron Bridge.

boxing day meet in shropshire

The afternoon is full of award-winning choices, from the Museum of the Gorge, the China Museum or the Museum of Enginuity. Evening Activities The evenings on this festive holiday will be filled with relaxed and fun activities.

Local area Discover Shropshire During your stay at Longmynd House you may enjoy visiting the following places of interest, either in your free time, or on your journey to and from Shropshire: After the arrival of the railway, the town grew in the Victorian and Edwardian eras and became known as 'Little Switzerland' due to the dramatic hills on both sides of the valley. The historic centre retains many of its medieval buldings, and is towered over by its well-preserved castle. In recent years the town has developed as something of a gastronomic centre, being home to celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants and many acclaimed local food producers.

Known as the 'birthplace of the Industrial Revolution' it was here that Abraham Darby perfected the manufacture of cast iron which was later used to build the area's iconic iron bridge across the River Severn. This lovingly recreated Great Western Railway branch line is now run largely by volunteers and is home to an impressive collection of locomotives.

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The nearest station at Bridgnorth is about 40 minutes' drive from Church Stretton. Despite its small size the town can claim to be the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games. Hereford The cathedral city of Hereford, is just under an hour's drive away, and can also be reached by direct train from Church Stretton. Hereford Cathedral houses a chained library and the famous Mappa Mundi, a 13th century map of the world.

Now managed by the National Trust you can visit the ornate rooms and explore the walled garden and grounds. Theworld-famous garden is overhung with clipped yews, and shelters rare and tender plants. The castle is located near Welshpool, about 45 minutes' drive from Church Stretton. As well as military displays, the castle was also a domestic home for many centuries, and is surrounded by excellent gardens. The nearest train station is Church Stretton, which is less than a mile from Longmynd House.

May Whiston Photography | North Shropshire Hunt Boxing Day Meet

Pats on the backs to all of you who waved and said hello to members of the public, there was a really festive mood and so many park walkers were loving it. The first hill climb done and lap completed we all headed towards Kingsland Bridge. At this point may I take this opportunity to state that my fleece snowman onsie was very much in danger of melting as the distant memory of the rain at first light had been replaced by a very mild and calm morning.

Yet I am sure a lot of you can relate that felt and fleece festive material is perhaps not ideal for our weekly Saturday meet up!! I mentioned the Nativity!

boxing day meet in shropshire

Well what more can be said to the amazing group who donned t towels, burger king gold paper hatsikea bed sheets and Nans old curtains to represent the holy story! A full range of "travelling carolers" sang aloud as they too took part in the run and filled our quarry with lovely festive tunes. Yes the breath control was a little weak a times but hey I think we can forgive them for that!!!!!!

North Shropshire Hunt Boxing Day Meet

A big thank you must go to baby Jesus and all of the clan for their efforts, thanks guys! Resurning from Greyfriars my "git" of an eleven year old Nephew began to stretch out and I found myself in the usual spot of running in behind him for the remainder of the distance. James loves park run and the support that you guys give to children is fantastic.

I am sure all the adults agree how valuable and it is to see our young kids out with us running and how much reward they get from a free event. James loved his first event Since then he is hooked and he has been looking forward to this festive run for a while. Any event with cake is actually his motive I reckon but I haven't suggested it for fear he will continue to extend the gap between us at the finishing tape!!

With the hills done and Hercules left posing in the cold we headed back to our Nativity band of merry men positioned near the finishing line, providing us with superb breath control this time as more carols rang out as we neared the finishing line.

boxing day meet in shropshire

There was such a great atmosphere and so many people were clearly enjoying the cakes laid on by milestone runners as they massed by the end to applaud in the rest of their fellow felt clad festive runners! It was great and I for one will most certainly be keeping the snowman onsie safe in the attic ready for next year's event.

Llandeilo Boxing Day Meet 2015