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blues clues meet polka dots notebook reviews

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blues clues meet polka dots notebook reviews

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Salt thinks it will sink, Mrs. Pepper is convinced it will float. Pepper is right, as is found out when Steve reasonably suggests that they just try it and see what happens.

In the book releases. Take a look at the earlier ones and you'll find that Blue's face is a bit chubby and the blue coloring is rather dark. Then take a look at the later book releases - the coloring is lighter and Blue's face has been thinned out. This generally holds true for the other characters as well and there are other, more subtle changes to the appearance of the art. Joe to Steve in-universe. He is called a "little" brother of a college student but looks like an adult. Once American Sign Language is introduced in "Signs," the signs for "first," "second," "third," "thank you," and "smart", among others, are incorporated into the show's routine.

While she doesn't wear blue, she is the main character and has blue fur. Breaking the Fourth Wall: Steve and Joe talk to the viewers.

Blue S Clues Right There Blue S Favorite Song

In two book releases, minor character Green Puppy is a main focus. Shovel and Pail are siblings and are almost never seen seperately. Periwinkle a cat was best friends with Plum a bird back when he lived in the city. When Blue is happy, she will often squint her eyes and run in place. Comically Missing the Point: In the early episodes, whenever Steve goes to the Thinking Chair to resolve the episode with the given clues, he usually makes a bizarre guess, like Blue putting a cow in a cup and slurping it up with a straw she just wanted milkor wrapping a pillow in a blanket and reading it a story she only wanted a nap.

Steve and Joe can sometimes be like this whenever the audience is trying to tell them about a clue nearby.

blues clues meet polka dots notebook reviews

In an early episode, Steve bought Blue a pet turtle named Turquoise for her birthday. Turquoise shows up in the background of most scenes set in the bedroom after that. In Steve-era episodes, what Blue hides behind in the intro is always different. Joe-era episodes, on the other hand, have him wear a different colored shirt every episode.

Something consistent across almost every episode is what's in the picture frame in the living room. Sometimes it even changes between scenes. Green Puppy has fangs, being a dog, and she's cute due to being a puppy. The Blue's Big Musical deconstructs how the kids always found the clues with Steve's subplot about finding a Blue's Clue all by himself and the frustration that Steve gets when he's unable to do it himself.

Thankful, everyone cheers him up to continue and he finds the last clue all by himself. Cinnamon gets his diaper changed several times.

This was actually the answer to a game of Blue's Clues at one point. Yes, I'm wearing shoes. The first clue is an ice cube. However, Steve just got done counting ice cubes in a tray 10 to be exact Similarly, a clue is seen on a carton of orange juice in "Blue's Surprise at 2 O'Clock".

Steve just drank some after being told of the clue. Cue Steve thinking he drank the clue. In the early episodes, Steve was much more excitable, and during Mail Time, he would say each kid's name, instead of using the all-encompassing term of "our friends". At the end of each episode, they would sing "It's time for so long but we'll sing one more song.

Thanks for doing your part, you sure are smart, y'know with me and you and my dog Blue we can do anything that we want to do.

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Exploiting the Fourth Wall: As part of the fake interactivity, Steve or Joe would sometimes pass an object back or forth between them and the viewer s. This sounds like it'll be tough, so I'm really going to need your help today? Along with Dora the Explorerthis was one of the early Nick Jr. Usually, pre-recorded children's voices would answer the question. Host Steve or Joe Kevin in the U.

Blue s clues right there blue s favorite song

A typical line of dialogue First Day of School Episode: An example is implemented in "Blue is Frustrated": The first clue, the sink, is discovered and drawn from the floor looking up, making it look like the sink is taller than it is.

The answer to this game of Blue's Clues is that Blue is frustrated over trying to brush her teeth Pepper who have two children Paprika and Cinnamon are a happy couple and whenever they're angry, it's not at each other. The album "Goodnight, Blue" has a bonus at the end called "Hidden, Blue's Dream" that isn't listed on the album itself, though plays as a separate track. There's just under two minutes of night noises and snoring before the dream part actually starts.

I Can't Hear You: This is done in "Nature! Also, it's a fairly common Running Gag on the series for either Steve or Joe to mishear when the voice says "A clue! Every dog character spoke in a kind of canine whine that the viewer couldn't understand but all the other characters seemed to understand fine. The audience regularly talks to Steve and Joe. Lady Looks Like a Dude: Steve generally believes Green Puppy a bulldog to be male. In one episode, one of the clues was a cloud. Right before drawing it down, Steve wonders how Blue could put her paw-print on it.

Two were released during the show's popularity peak: Later on, there was one released for the V-Tech V-Smile plug-and-play learning system. Many of them were surprisingly good. Steve wore nothing but green striped shirts and khaki pants.

All of Joe's shirts are different colors, but they have the same square pattern. One episode has Steve opening a present with an increasingly smaller present inside each one. All types, from shampoo to plush toys some, such as the Shovel and Pail Eden plush, are very rare to model Thinking Chairs.

There were also dry-erase Handy Dandy Notebooks, of which the non-dry-erase replicas are easy to find on eBay. Inverted in "Magenta Comes Over". Everyone at the house is so eager to have Magenta as a guest that they break into a short song and dance whenever it's discussed.

The tune carries over when Magenta finally shows up. Blue's Big Musical Movie, the only direct-to-video movie for the show. The people on the show would often query the "audience" on the answer to the show's questions and puzzles. Not to mention Blue pawprints the screen in the beginning of an episode.

One time after Steve greets the viewer, he asks how they "got" there. The conclusion he reaches? Not Allowed to Grow Up: Averted with Paprika and Cinnamon. They both started out as babies who couldn't talk having been born during the seriesbut over time, they started acting more like little kids instead of babies.

By the end of the series, Paprika was speaking full sentences like the rest of the cast, and Cinnamon knew some words. Sitting in the Thinking Chair to figure out the clues, and when they have, singing about it. The "one more song" they sing at the end. Pink Girl, Blue Boy: A notable subversion as Blue and Magenta are both girls. Blue, Steve, and Joe can all "Skidoo" into pretty much any picture around and interact with the residents.

Put on a Bus: Steve literallywhen he went off to college. He sometimes comes back, though. The show gave every appearance of taking place in real time.