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blues clues meet joe video

Blue's Clues Meet Joe on Hit Entertainment Genius Trailer; Nick Jr Videos Trailer; SpongeBob SquarePants Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies Trailer. Donovan Patton (born March 1, ) is an American host, actor, voice actor, and singer. Patton graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy and acted in Shakespeare plays such as Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet before he replaced Steve Burns as Joe, the second host of Nickelodeon's long- running After Blue's Clues ended Patton voiced Bot on Nickelodeon's Team. Steve Burns, now 43, was the host of the cartoon Blue's Clues for They brought in Steve's 'younger brother Joe' played by Donovan Patton to meet the At the end of each 30 minute episode, he would sit in his 'Thinking.

Now over a decade later, I started singing that with my little one making up my own version. I'm an older mom and have sadly lost touch with how to play in many respects. Feeling somewhat perplexed by how to engage my toddler, it occurred to me that this show might be worth checking out. We watch very little TV and this is the first show we've exposed her to.

blues clues meet joe video

I like to watch it with her actively, dancing and interacting with her and the show while it's playing. Blue's Clues gives me lots of ideas and seeing Steve get playful and imaginative has been helpful role modeling for me.

There's also a short segment on each episode where preschool children show Steve something that they can do related to the episode's theme. My little one loves that segment and again, it's more creative-play inspiration for me, things like play "name that sound" or turn the laundry basket and a flash light into a "choo choo. After watching the show about emotions, for instance, we are sometimes successful at helping her to remember how Blue and Steve "stop, breathe, and think," when they get frustrated.

Blue's Clues Meet Joe! (2002)

When we went to our first toddler birthday party recently, I was able to prepare her for where we were headed and what we'd be doing by referring to Blue's birthday party. They are a really great organization I compressed a little bit of time, but they want dinner party stories. They want it to be real. Did you come up with that? Joe Donovan Patton replaced you on the show. Do you still keep in touch with your brother, Joe? He has a habit of moving to LA. I know his wife.

We are definitely friends. I wish I saw him more, but he tends to be in LA a lot.

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Before this, I was arguing with my roommates. Could you clear something up?

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Blue is a girl, right? Is Magenta a guy? Blue is a girl. Magenta is a girl. In a lot of ways, I was the only male figure on that show.

blues clues meet joe video

It was me and the salt shaker and, I think, the shovel [Laughs]. Was that part of the research — why the show included so many female role models? Every bit of that show was researched and carefully considered to brilliant effect. Do you still have one of the Handy Dandy Notebooks? I have the original one. They gave it to me on my 25th birthday, and it sits in my study.

It sits in my study. I still use it all the time. Do you think in it? I use it to read books. I mean, you get mail, right? Is it ever super exciting?

Blue's Clues Meet Joe on Hit Entertainment

In the real world, mail is kind of a drag. It was so exciting that I leapt into the air and screamed. Yeah, we just kind of left it. Actually, the guys who did the music were Mr. They were very extreme. They were legitimately extreme pleats. I think they were. The shirts were all handmade.

blues clues meet joe video

Yeah, and they were made out of the itchiest wool that any person could find. They were super-duper itchy. I still have a couple of those, too. Blue's Clues turns 20 today and I'm still a little mad about the pants. I got down to fighting weight for it and managed to squeeze back into the shirt.

blues clues meet joe video

It was what it always was, man.