Black people meet utah

'Where White People Meet' Dating Billboard Still a Problem

black people meet utah

as, and, Utah -- a region where the population is more than 90 percent white. Being a black man myself, I would never move to Utah. Men you meet in church are likely to be the best candidates for dating, not saying. Founder of White People Meet: Don't call me racist, 'I dated a black Utah, in an office that now doubles as the listed HQ for White People.

black people meet utah

They launched their business with a giant billboard in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah -- a region where the population is more than 90 percent white. The things we do. The people we associate with. The way we conduct ourselves each and every day proves it. Sam Russell said they knew their site was controversial and they expected backlash from it. Founders Say Their Dating Site Is Not Racist - ABC News

In fact, they are hoping to turn that public outrage into profit. The site has been the butt of many jokes from the late night talk show hosts but it also encapsulated the controversy surrounding race and online dating.

black people meet utah

But Russell said users on their site are not required to check a white racial preference nor are they kicked off for not being white, even though the name would suggest otherwise. But nowadays, sites are going the extra mile, allowing users to filter date options according to religion, height, body size and race. But some online daters now say that when it comes to the game of online dating, being successful at finding a match may all come down to the color of your skin.

black people meet utah

The dating giant OKCupid says its latest trend numbers indicate that daters are less likely to contact black women and also more likely to pass on Asian, black and Latino men. Paul Brunson, who has been a matchmaker for seven years and runs his own agency, said in his experience, "I can tell you without a doubt that race is the number one characteristic that people are looking for or should I say that there are weeding out.

If this site is where white people meet, why can other races join? Would you tell those users that your site is probably not the best place to find a mate?

black people meet utah

You know, based on the fact that your site is literally called "White People Meet"? Is it maybe your intention that this site is for white people and the people that love them? Like Scruff is for men who like Shouldn't it be called "Meet White People," then? Did you know "meeting white people" is, like, every dating website, tho?

Utah-based dating site for white people 'not racially motivated at all,' founder says

Because scientificallyjust about every dating website is a treasure trove of white people and the people who love white people? Are you aware that having this many "No, we're really not racist we promise" about your white-centric website on your Twitter feed is probably not-so-fresh publicity?


Did you know that black people make up only Or that there are only 3. Or that there are plenty of Bible verses that strongly encourage understatement you marry another Christian, or not-good stuff will befall you? Or that most men who date online are more into women in their 20s a scientifically proven fact -- shame on you, menso an over dating site like OurTime.

Do you see how your site isn't actually addressing a need that exists, because it's not hard to find other white people in a mostly-white place like the United States, and instead your site could be used by people to avoid people of color completely, an act that is actually Because it probably will be.

When it comes to dating sites, race matters | FOX 61

Russell, why can't there be a website for where white people can meet? There are so many niche dating sites for just about everything because those things are hard to find.

Try searching for another little person on Match.