Big dog gymnastics meet 2013

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big dog gymnastics meet 2013

"I've always been a big fan of his. "I feel like he's the bigger dog in the ring. The meet includes Olympic all-around silver medalist Oleg Verniaiev Jake Dalton (), Danell Leyva (), Jonathan Horton (, 11). 8 Georgia Gym Dogs in Norman. Post-meet autographs with the team The Sooners wrapped up a historic run in with a runner-up national finish Wofford bring talent and big skills to the Sooner squad this season. Cuccinello led Washington Township gymnastics team to big season in . Gymnastics: Cranford sweeps to capture third-straight Cougar Invitational title.

The better the competition, the more I feel like I can go out and show what I can do. I've competed against Verniaiev once before, but this is definitely the best field I've competed against overall. I want to do what I do in practice in the competition. I do think I have the potential to be near the top. It will be a homecoming of sorts for Modi, who grew up not far from Newark in New Jersey and said he's been an American Cup fan as it often swings through the area. What will shape out among the American men this quad is anyone's guess.

Hopefully, I can get out my name to people in other countries and to fans in the U. It's gross to walk into a park that has poo everywhere and worse, it's really bad for your dog.

There are a lot of diseases and parasites living in dog waste that other dogs can contract when they touch, roll in, or eat it. Unpleasant on all counts.

big dog gymnastics meet 2013

So let's avoid the spread of disease and follow this simple rule of etiquette. You also earn bonus points for bringing extra poop bags for other owners. Not exercising a dog before taking her into a park. This might sound counterintuitive. I mean, we go to dog parks to exercise our dogs, right? Dog parks are a supplement to a dog's daily activity, not the soul source of exercise or socialization. A dog that has been inside or alone for hours has pent-up energy, and bringing her into an extremely stimulating environment such as a park with other dogs is like holding a match really close to a stick of dynamite and hoping the fuse doesn't catch fire.

Your dog might mean well but be overly exuberant with a dog that doesn't appreciate it resulting in a fight. Or, your dog might mean well but be so excited about running around that other dogs start to chase her and she suddenly turns into the prey object for other dogs resulting in a fight.

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See where I'm going with this? Well-behaved dogs are exercised dogs. So get those zoomies out of your dog before you bring her into a park situation. Bringing dogs with rude greeting skills. We've all experienced it: Meeting someone who is really loud and tells obnoxious jokes within the first 30 seconds of an introduction.

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Meeting someone who shakes your hand for too long until it's kind of creepy and awkward. We glare at them, chalk them up to being rude, and count the seconds until we can escape. It's like this for dogs too. Introductions are important and make a difference in how dogs will get along. Allowing your dog to go charging up to a dog that has just entered the park is rude. The new dog is possibly on edge, examining its environment and level of safety, so your dog running full speed to that new dog could be asking for an instant fight.

Allowing your dog to mount another dog in a dominance display is also rude. Allowing your dog to continue sniffing another dog that is clearly uncomfortable with being sniffed is, again, rude. It's up to us humans to help dogs make polite introductions to each other. Knowing what's polite in the dog world and what isn't, and knowing how to help your dog be a polite pooch is essential to having positive experiences at a dog park.

big dog gymnastics meet 2013

Leaving prong collars and harnesses on dogs while playing. All those straps and buckles Jaymi Heimbuch Though it may seem logical to leave a prong collar, choke chain, gentle leader or harness on a dog — after all, that's where you attach the leash, right? The neck and shoulders are where most dogs aim their nips and nibbles during play. Having metal contraptions where another dog is roughly shoving its mouth is inviting broken teeth, broken jaws, broken paws and legs, and potentially a huge dog fight if another panicked dog can't detach itself from your dog's neck.

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Never leave on special training devices while in dog parks. A simple nylon or leather collar that can be quickly removed is safe.

big dog gymnastics meet 2013

I'd add never use prong collars or choke chains in the first place but, that's another article. Keeping dogs on leashes inside an off-leash area. First, dogs on any sort of leash in an off-leash dog park is a bad idea. New owners often feel more secure keeping their dog on a leash, thinking that it'll be easier to control a dog whose quirks and reactions they haven't quite learned yet. However, a dog on leash is essentially a tripping hazard, especially if the leashed dog begins to play.

A firm tug on a wrapped up lead could mean, if not a broken leg, a panicked dog whose first experience of a dog park is one of fear and anxiety. In addition, dogs on leash can feel more insecure because they know they can't escape if they need to, so they can actually trigger fights that might not otherwise have happened.

A print magazine in the mids, Yoga International radically reinvented itself indropping print and becoming a subscription-based platform for online yoga classes. Whereas Peloton is pitched at people who would join high-end spin studios if they had the time, Yoga International is the inverse.

The age of its membership is concentrated between 35 and 50 boutique studios skew youngerand it attracts members from rural areas, where yoga studios are scarcer. Yoga International's fitness programming tilts toward low-intensity mindfulness and therapeutic practices.

But it does have one big thing in common with Y7: Wolfenberg says at-home, over-the-internet yoga instruction attracts a clientele who feel excluded by mainstream yoga culture--people who, like Levey, might find themselves feeling terrible in all those mirrored studios.

In its media and marketing, Yoga International is careful to showcase a wide variety of body shapes and ethnic backgrounds to convey the message that this brand of yoga is for everyone. What if you want the convenience and customization of on-demand instruction but also happen to like face-to-face interaction? That's the formula behind GymGuyz. The Plainview, New York-based franchiser is the brainchild of Josh York, a personal trainer turned entrepreneur with the manic vibe of a Tony Robbins-type motivational speaker.

InYork was living with his parents and trying to build up his personal training business when a client told him, "It would be great if you could come to my house, but I don't have any equipment. We bring the workout to you. InGymGuyz started franchising.

It now has more than outlets across 30 states. The low overhead--a van and pieces of equipment--has made it one of the fastest-growing franchise brands in the U. They're doing what the customer wants. Everything is continuing to be about convenience, and that's never going to stop. But Levey is demonstrating that community can trump convenience if the group experience is compelling enough.

Until just a few months ago, if you went to one of Y7's studios, there was a chance Levey might be there to greet you.

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In getting her business off the ground, she has done it all herself, from being a receptionist to managing payroll to hiring instructors to painting the entire SoHo studio.

There's only one job Levey has never allowed herself to do: Although she has the necessary certification, it's important to her to always see the enterprise through her customers' eyes, so she never falls into the trap of putting the company's interests ahead of the clients.