Bap fan meet nyc

here and there | B.A.P Live in NYC on MTVK & Graffiti Spot

bap fan meet nyc

In NYC, B.A.P hung out with MTV K for the day. Previous Story Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo to hold debut solo fanmeet right in Singapore. B.A.P are in NYC with MTV K. By Hellokpop . Previous Story Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo to hold debut solo fanmeet right in Singapore. GET YOUR SIGNED K-POP CD& JOIN THE EXCLUSIVE FAN MEETING. Check for Attend Entry & Event. Enjoy the artists charms that is catching the eyes and.

We wait for a while and at 5 or so the staff comes outside again, gives out more numbers and then starts to line everyone up according to their numbers.

B.A.P are in NYC with MTV K

More waiting…and then I get a kakao from a friend saying that B. P had just left the high touch in a white car. A few minutes after that I noticed that the police officers who had been stationed down the line of fans had started to shift toward the doorway of the theater that was attached to the end of the Viacom building a few feet from where I was.

Suddenly I heard a lot of screaming and a white limo pulled up. The line broke formation and everyone ran to huddle around the limo I apologize for the quality of the pictures, my hands were shaking. A staff member opened the door and Zelo came out first. The kid flew out of the limo like he had been training for the Olympics and ran so fast that I only got a picture of the top of his head. Next were Youngjae and Daehyun.

bap fan meet nyc

Youngjae was moving pretty quickly as well but Daehyun was moving at an average pace, waving around a red balloon that he had brought with him from the meetup. Jongup, Yongguk and Himchan were next. After we picked up the pieces of ourselves off the floor, the line assembled once again and a security guard came out to give us all purple wristbands.

We all stood around for a while longer when at around 7: We were lead inside with ten in each group, lined up against the wall and briefed. Then a random one of us was given a cue card with a question to ask B. P during the interview portion. Once upstairs, our bags were taken and we were lead into the recording room.

bap fan meet nyc

Fans were in sort of a half rectangle around the stage, with a big gap right next to me in the corner separating me from the rest of the crowd I assumed it was for cameras. I asked what the gap was for and the staff pointed at the stage and said that was were B. P was going to enter.

B.A.P Live In NYC: Dynamic Performance And Interview At The MTV Studio : News : KpopStarz

After I had a heart attack for a few minutes the lights went down. A few seconds later the girl to my right gasped and when I turned around Zelo was standing literally a few centimeters next to me.

MTV K Presents B.A.P Live in NYC: FAN Q&A

The rest of B. Nobody was screaming, just kind of standing there in awe. P got into their opening positions for One Shot and the screen behind the crowd showed a previously recorded segment of B.

bap fan meet nyc

Yong Guk…is Yong Guk, That man needs no words but his deep voice, hip thrusts, shirt lifting, skin exposing, wet hair flipping, kiss blowing self was just too much to handle from my ultimate bias that night. Zelo and Jong Up were too cute and killed the dance floor even though they both slipped once because there was so much water on the stage.

It was hot as hell in there!

bap fan meet nyc

Apparently Best Buy theater. Dae Hyun was just too too fine. Now let me tell you guys about Young Jae and Him Chan! Those two gave me all types of life that night and while I used to think Him Chan was going through the motions when it came to dancing, he proved me wrong and I will never doubt him again.

He was hitting those moves! Also Him Chan smiled and waved to me after I waved at him. I was in a spot where I actually had a good amount of space around me and we locked eyes. Same thing happened with Young Jae during a different song.

I almost died but on the inside. Now none of my friends got the hi-touch but it was still a great concert. P were everything I thought they would be and more. After it was all said and done me and Karen left after exchanging hugs, memories, and contact info with those in our group.

After the first number the group was asked what is it that sets them apart from other K-Pop groups. The members all looked to leader Yong Guk to answer.

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He paused for a moment, then responded rather matter-of-factly, "Hard core style. P's second song, "Rain Sound" slowed things down a bit, but they performed with so much passion it was easy to see they were really happy to have the opportunity to be there. The energy level was through the roof, so much so that even several staff and crew members could not help but dance along. All six members exuded swag as they filled up the entire stage.

For the final song B. P performed their debut single, the intensely powerful "Warrior. During the interview portion of B. P Live in NYC there was a lot of laughter as the guys cracked jokes all while answering the fan questions earnestly.

One of the most entertaining parts was when an audience member asked "Who does the best impression of Yong Guk's and Zelo's rapping? He lowered his voice a few registers and delivered a slow line of rap a'la Yong Guk. Then Daehyun jumped in to speed things up in a frenzy of lyrics per Zelo's style. The Babyz went wild and everyone laughed and applauded.