Back to you priscilla glenn ending relationship

back to you priscilla glenn ending relationship

When Lauren Monroe first laid eyes on Michael Delaney back in high school, she had Or that it would end so painfully. “I always knew I would fall in love with you, but you were never supposed to love me back.” marking their souls and affecting all subsequent relationships their attempted to build. Back to You [Priscilla Glenn] on Or that it would end so painfully. in the real world, because their relationship would just be so BEAUTIFUL. Back to You has ratings and reviews. with an uplifting, satisfying ending that left me clutching my heart, with happy tears in my eyes and . and engaging look into Michael and Lauren's current and past relationship. .. Priscilla Glenn's Back To You is a wonderfully romantic story from a fantastic debut author!!.

Back to You by Priscilla Glenn

The rush of emotions and memories that flood back when she sees him shows that there is still something deep between them, but Michael needs to win back her trust, and Lauren needs answers as to what tore them apart.

And together they find that no amount of separation can change the depth of their feelings for each other. The author perfectly captured the emotions of her characters and projects them onto you. You feel them as though they were yours.

Book Review - Back to You By Priscilla Glenn - Maryse's Book Blog

The story is told in a mixture of past and present day story lines. This book spoke to my heart. Yeah, its that kind of book I literally would just read scene after scene with my hand over my heart either smiling or near tears. Parts were sweet, parts gave me shivers, parts broke my heart and parts put it back together so beautifully that I forgot everything but the happiness. I loved that it was a much deeper friends-to-lovers story than the usual… they were friends but with something so much deeper than that — a connection that that kept drawing them together in every way.

She was a straight up, no-stupidity, honest, kind, intelligent and deeply understanding character who made me totally sympathetic to everything she went though. And Michael, I fell in love with right from the start of the story. Like Lauren, I felt drawn to him. Not for one second. You know that constantly-near-tears, brimming-with-emotion feeling? So much heart-break, heart warming, and healing, with an achingly beautiful love scene and a wonderful epilogue. I love stories that have some heart ache in them as well as happiness because sometimes, its through the pain that you can come to appreciate more fully the beauty that life and love have to offer.

Not that it is necessarily needed to appreciate it, but those who have gone through it know how lucky they are to have that love.

back to you priscilla glenn ending relationship

I just finished Back to You by Priscilla Glenn and looooooovvveed it! Love, heartbreak, redemption, and total angst. Worth every penny I spent. I have found an unbelievable book that has all of the things we look for, great story, wonderful writing, and of course an irresistible bad boy. I read all of the same books you all do and a lot of them have just been star books for me lately. Yep, I read this a couple of days ago.

I just wanted to shoot you this link for Back to You by Priscilla Glenn. I really, really think you need to read this…I truly believe this is worth a bump to the top of your TBR.

I literally would just read scene after scene with my hand over my heart either smiling or near tears.

Book Review – Back to You By Priscilla Glenn

This one is special. I devoured it in one sitting, and yes, I too found myself with a silly grin for many parts of it. My heart skipped beats and I had butterflies in my stomach with everything that involved him.

I was looking forward to the chiropractic treatments as much as she was.

back to you priscilla glenn ending relationship

The innocent flirting… the hoping. In fact, I was wishing we could have a whole lot more more of that sweetness. Lauren pushed off the table slightly so that she could turn to look at him, fighting her smile when the hope she heard in his voice was written all over his face.

Because there was a deeper story there. Something that she did her best to bury, to move beyond.

back to you priscilla glenn ending relationship

Until her past became her present again. She was too stunned to even breathe. And so she stood there, completely frozen and numb with shock, unable to feel what she expected herself to feel if she ever saw him again: But most of all, anger.

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He was the broken heart of the story. In so many ways. Anguished with guilt over traumatic events from his most formative years. Lauren had no idea what was fact or fiction, what was true and what was exaggerated or embellished, but by the end of the day, she was pretty sure she had come to two accurate conclusions: Michael Delaney had a very troubled life, and the general population was smart enough to stay away from him.

Growing up without love, becoming a troubled teen, Michael doubted himself and stifled his potential for meaningful connections. The one person who saw through his bad-boy, angry persona, and connected with him on a soul deep level.

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