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american girl meet

Kirsten's entire book set includes: Meet Kirsten; Kirsten Learns a Lesson; Kirsten's Surprise; Happy Birthday, Kirsten! ; Kirsten Saves the Day; and Changes for. The American Girls Collection welcomes a new character: Kaya, a member of the Nez Perce tribe. Billed as the "first" American Girl, Kaya's story takes place in. Meet Kirsten (American Girl: Kirsten, ) [Janet Shaw, Renée Graef] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kirsten Larson and her family .

Sa The Pleasant Company has done a great job through all of its American Girl stories and products in helping to make history interesting for kids in a variety of different ways, while making it a priority to address their contemporary concerns as well. Samantha has always been one of my favorites, and this story was the first to bring her to life as a living, breathing literary character.

Living with her wealthy, stern grandmother inSamantha leads a privileged existence that is starkly different from the experiences of most other Americans of the time. Samantha isn't expected to do chores or help around the house, or even to prepare to one day get a job and earn her own income.

Meet Molly

Such things were not expected of girls in those days, especially of one born into affluence. When a girl her age named Nellie moves next door, however, Samantha begins to really see for the first time that this world she inhabits is not all like her own. Nellie is only nine years old, yet she has been hired out alone from her family as a servant girl for the people living in the mansion next to Samantha's, where Nellie now works valiantly to earn her dollar-a-week salary.

american girl meet

Their class differences mean nothing to Samantha and Nellie, though, and the girls quickly form a close friendship. When Samantha wonders why Jessie—the serving woman who had been a fixture in her grandmother's house for many years—abruptly leaves, she and Nellie even sneak out one night to locate Jessie's house and find out the real story behind the mystery.

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Such clandestine activity with a good-hearted motive serves to strengthen the bond shared by the two girls. Starting with Nicki Flemingcharacters had multiple books; the first book still establishes setting and character.

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When a character is retired or archived, her books are generally left available for separate purchase for some time. Retired meet books include older Girls of the Year books and most historical character books prior to the BeForever relaunch. The initial outfit a character wears is labeled the meet outfit and the initial accessories are referred as meet accessories ;the outfit shown on the cover matches what the character doll is or was dressed in at purchase.

When Felicity's meet outfit was changed from the Rose Garden Gown to the Traveling Gownher book covers were changed.

american girl meet

Ruthie Smithens is wearing a coat over her meet outfit. Molly McIntire wore her meet outfit on the cover of the books until the cover revamp. The latest cover showed her Halloween Costume. Emily Bennett is wearing her recital outfit on the cover. Ivy Ling is wearing her New Year outfit. Kailey Hopkins is wearing her wetsuit. Luciana Vega is is wearing the jacket from her stellar outfit over her meet dress.