Acsi speech meet 2013 nissan

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acsi speech meet 2013 nissan

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Bella's 5th gr. 2008 ACSI Speech Meet

Gifts Program Waite, Mr. Ken Armentrout, James R. Ascension Insurance Bailey,Barry D. Brad Burton, James H. Cochran, Kenneth Compton, Jr. Dillon, Keith Douglas E. Joel Gilleland, Steven L. Bill Harvey, Robert E. Jim Goard State Farm Ins. Luster-on Products Mainline Service, Inc. Kyle Oliver, James H.

HPCA Annual Report 2012-2013

Operators Unlimited Otto's Allstarsales Co. Pavilion Restaurant Peace, Joseph D. Jerry Premier Supply, Inc. Lisa Spillman Luke Lewallen Mrs. Yuvonda Hendricks High Point Christian Academy Annual Report 8 Thank you to the many parents and faculty who supported our Parent-Teacher Fellowship by serving on committees for the many events and activities occurring throughout the year.

The following is a list of our committees and the chairperson s for the school year Major accomplishments of the Cougar Boosters during the year include: Each classroom is energized by a challenging and supportive environment. Smaller class sizes enable our talented teachers to provide individual attention and to encourage students to perform at their highest level. High Point Christian Academy students have consistently performed at superior levels in comparison to national norms.

In addition, our graduates are annually awarded scholarships for outstanding academic performance. For a list of college acceptances, click here to view the School Profile.

All three levels of courses are designed to prepare our students for the academic rigor of college. Not only do our teachers teach students their subjects effectively but, more importantly, they love their students and understand the importance of building lasting relationships! We have an outstanding high school program that is committed to working in partnership with family, excelling in academics, and teaching our students to view life through a Biblical perspective.

We have had eight graduating classes with over graduates. Even though we have experienced tremendous growth in our high school over the last several years, our mission statement has remained the same. In addition to a strong academic program, delivered by a caring and supportive faculty, the middle school offers students many opportunities for growth and development. Members of the Jr. Beta Club serve others through various projects at local community centers.

Each eighth-grader received a certification for Completion of Middle School Studies, which also named character traits chosen by classmates to describe each student.

We challenge every student to use these positive character traits to bring glory to God. Norris just completed her 7th year in teaching at HPCA. She has also taught in Randolph and Davidson Counties. Norris works with individual students and small groups from 9th - 12th grade to tutor and provide support in core classes.

She provides faculty support to the Breakfast Buddies and Interact Club students. Norris responded, "I love helping students and seeing them understand concepts that they struggled with. I love working with our international students because they are so eager to learn and so very thankful for everything you do for them.

acsi speech meet 2013 nissan

I love the relationship I have with my students because they share things with me and we talk about things going on in their lives. They have been so supportive of me and all that I have been through she has battled cancer this year.

It is such a blessing to work with them.

acsi speech meet 2013 nissan

With high numbers of students qualifying for the national Duke Talent Identification Program, the opportunities for enrichment abound. Our students earn many ribbons and awards, demonstrating leadership and success in these areas. Technology-infused instruction was expanded with the addition of more SmartBoards and classroom iPads.

First grade students worked as the authors, illustrators, and narrators of their own original stories, creating iBooks which are compatible with Apple products. From the local Pregnancy Care Center and Gideons organization, to penpals in Kibera Slum, Kenya, the boys and girls of HPCA extend our loving, caring atmosphere to those in need through prayer, giving, and serving.

Designed to support students with diagnosed learning differences, the HPCA Resource Department is manned with a highly trained faculty, working with students individually and in small groups. Amy Davis and Mrs. Abby Lewallen, continued giving students at HPCA opportunities to learn and express themselves visually. The high quality work from both studios could be seen on display throughout the year on campus.

Jeremy Sams, a plein air painter from the triad area, was our judge. Equally exciting was the inaugural middle school art show held in the high school media center. High Point Christian Academy is founded on the belief that God is the source of all truth as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. Establishing such a foundation sets the stage for students to successfully engage the HPCA curriculum. That curriculum focuses on developing students who follow Christ in college, career, and personal devotion.

The information in this Annual Report is but a glimpse into the many accomplishments, activities, and successes of the Academy and our students. We recognize that it is all made possible through the ongoing support of our school families and community.

Thank you for your continued prayers for wisdom and blessing as we provide Kingdom Education in the coming year! Mary Helen Jackson Dr. Specifically, young men and women, products of Christian schooling, will mature to loving God with all their heart, mind, and soul Matthew Leading a student to Christ.

Building a student up in Christ. Equipping a student to serve Christ.

HPCA Annual Report 2012-2013

Following His leading, regardless of circumstance and consequence. Trusting Him to supply all of our needs in the development and operation of the Academy. Integrating Biblical truth into every area of the curriculum.

Using curriculum and teaching that will uphold the traditional family, the dignity of life, and the Biblically-defined institutions of marriage, family, church and government. Using curriculum and teaching that will unite science and faith.

Using curriculum and teaching that reinforces the principle of the work ethic.

Calaméo - HPCA Annual Report

Using curriculum and teaching that is Biblically-based and developmentally appropriate. Quality Personnel High Point Christian Academy places emphasis on the Christian character and professional qualifications of our personnel.

Therefore, we accomplish this by: Hiring capable, properly-degreed, certified teachers of notable Christian testimony and maturity who will be role models, teaching with the love of Christ in all things.

Maintaining an equitable, regionally-comparable salary scale and employee benefits. Requiring ongoing professional development. Partnering with Parents High Point Christian Academy recognizes that the education of children and youth is the primary responsibility of parents. Therefore, we will assist parents by: Strengthening the home-school relationship via regular communication and sound Academy policy. We are grateful to the task force for its efforts to guide the Academy in pursuit of its mission.

acsi speech meet 2013 nissan

We invite our families and community to join us in this venture! Please keep in mind, a healthy strategic plan is dynamic—meaning it is part of a planning and learning culture at HPCA, subject to ongoing assessment and improvement.

Likewise, a strategic plan is only as successful as the people behind it. Mary Helen Jackson Mr. Through the Strategic Initiative process this year, a greater emphasis was placed on the ongoing development of facilities and programs to provide the long-term financial stability needed for the future.

acsi speech meet 2013 nissan

Click here for more information about the Strategic Plan. Each year, our families make a decision to invest in Christian education for their child at High Point Christian Academy. The link below provides a glance at the schoolwide HPCA data that make this a wise investment in the life of a child. Thank you for your generous giving!

We thank the Lord for you: Fred Parker, Millicent M. James Crouse, Ruth R. Jon Eanes, Joshua Faulkner, Jr. Joel Gregory, Melvin Hamm, Mr.

Bill Harper, Christopher Harris, Mr. Otis Hemrick, Stephen Hendley, Mr. Steven Leonard, Robert C. Patrick Phipps, Carl Phipps, Mr. David Resh, Karl Robins, Mr. Bradley Rosser, Patterson Rowan, Mr. Sheffield, Diana Snipes, Mr. David Starr, Kristain Steen, Mr. Whitman Vaughan, Victor Vestal, Mr. Gifts Program Waite, Mr.

acsi speech meet 2013 nissan

Ken Armentrout, James R. Ascension Insurance Bailey,Barry D. During school yearschools completed lunch requirement implementation with attention next year going toward the implementation of breakfast requirements, Pirtle said. According to Pirtle, examples of lunch changes include the following: This includes sliced bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, pasta, breading on meat products.

Next year all grain products are required to be whole grain. Chicken tender salad, chicken fajita salad, taco salad, trio salad and chef salad. These are offered with low fat dressing.

Student lunches have continued to lean towards heathier choices over the past few years and include more fruits and vegetables. Fried foods have been eliminated and more baked, steamed or roasted options are made available.