Aaca hershey fall meet photos

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aaca hershey fall meet photos

View All 18 Photos Tracking Muscle Car Deals at the AACA Fall Meet Call them the sweetest finds at Hershey (and give us due credit for. The AACA Fall Meet isn't just for antiques - Muscling into Hershey from the April, Photo Courtesy: Photography by Matthew Litwin Muscling into Hershey. In June, the Hershey Hotel celebrates the world of classic cars in true European AACA Eastern Regional Fall Meet –- An October Tradition Photo Credits.

15 Sweet Muscle Car Finds at AACA Fall Meet at Hershey

What better place to spread the word about your event than Antique Automobile?! Click here to download the current advertising rates. Matthew Hocker The library receives a wide variety of questions, covering everything from specific cars to historic travel routes. One of our most recent inquiries dealt with Sparton horns.

aaca hershey fall meet photos

While researching this question, I came across a brochure and installation instructions for the Sparton Repealer, an early automobile horn capable of playing brief melodies. Prior to handling this research request, I had always assumed musical horns were a recent phenomenon. Fueled by curiosity, I decided to dig into our horn files to find out more about the history behind these unique devices.

We spent hours checking out the Boss s, GSXs, and Superbirds on the show field, but we spent even longer looking over the cars for sale. Some were show-ready, others were in desperate need of restoration, but the majority were driver-quality cars looking for a new lease on life.

As in the show field, the diversity of muscle cars offered in the car corral was surprising and enticing. And the sellers were there to make deals. Value is always in the eye of the beholder, but smart negotiators with cash on hand drove off with some terrific cars.

aaca hershey fall meet photos

Call them the sweetest finds at Hershey and give us due credit for keeping the candy puns in this story to a minimum. It was offered as a numbers-matching car with 86, original miles.

Pictures From The 2015 AACA Eastern Fall Meet At Hershey

That was a bit high in our opinion for a car that needed details to take it to the next level, but the price definitely left room to haggle. Failure of RM to comply with the terms of this agreement may be in violation of statute, which could result in criminal or administrative sanctions, or both. If you feel RM has not complied with the terms of this agreement, please contact an investigator of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If the Buyer exercises this contract cancellation option, RM is obligated to return any funds paid by the Buyer and cancel the sale. If the sale is canceled, RM is under no obligation to pay the Consignor for the motor car or any other lot, and the motor car or any other lot will be deemed to have not sold. Fees and charges vary from sale to sale, and for some countries, this is also determined by the value of the motor car or any other lot.

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Customs charges will be levied appropriately depending on each individual scenario and will be payable directly to the relevant authorities, which RM will provide the details of as and when necessary. Contact Stephen Fletcher to secure availability of sale proceeds as required by law. Any consigned motor car or any other lot is delivered to RM in trust under the exact terms set forth in this agreement. RM agrees to receive the motor car or any other lot in trust and not to permit its use for any other purposes, other than those contained in this agreement, without the expressed written consent of the Consignor.

RM agrees to act as an agent for the Consignor and provide auction services including, but not limited to, a sale facility, clerks, support staff, event advertising, and promotion. In connection with the auction, RM will have absolute discretion with regard to the motor car and any other lot or any RM auction as to a consulting any expert either before or after the sale, b researching the provenance, c grouping and providing catalogue and other descriptions as may be appropriate, d marketing and promotion of the sale, and e any other services required to conduct the sale.

If the motor car or any other lot is sold by RM during the term of this agreement, the money due to the Consignor shall be disbursed within twenty 20 business days after the sale provided the purchase price, applicable commissions, and fees have been received by RM, in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

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In the event of non-payment by the Buyer, RM will endeavor to use reasonable efforts to enforce payment from the Buyer; however, RM shall not be liable to the Consignor for payment.

Notwithstanding the preceding sentences, if RM has paid any portion of the purchase price to the Consignor, but the purchase price has not been collected from the Buyer of the motor car or any other lot, the Consignor hereby agrees, simultaneously with such payment, to assign to RM any and all rights that the Consignor may have against such Buyers to the extent of such payment, whether at law, in equity, or under the Contractual Obligations.

The Consignor acknowledges and grants permission for RM and its employees and agents to drive or move the motor car or any other lot from time to time before, during, or after the sale. Estimates and Catalogue Descriptions. Any pre-sale estimates are intended as guides for prospective Bidders. RM makes no representation or warranty of the anticipated selling price of a motor car or any other lot, and no estimate anywhere by RM of the selling price of a motor car or any other lot may be relied upon as a prediction of the actual selling price.

aaca hershey fall meet photos

Estimates included in catalogues, online, in pre-mailers, in any advertisements, or elsewhere are preliminary only, and they are subject to revision by RM from time to time at its sole discretion. The Consignor acknowledges that RM will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the catalogue or other descriptions of a motor car or any other lot, and these descriptions make no guarantees, representations, or warranties whatsoever to the Consignor with respect to a motor car or any other lot, its attribution, legal title, condition, value, or other characteristics.

The Consignor agrees to provide a duly executed odometer statement on or before the first day of the auction and to accept sole responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of such statement.

Reserve prices may be lowered at any time by the Consignor, either verbally or in writing, but they may not be raised.

aaca hershey fall meet photos

The reserve does not include commissions to RM. RM has the right to sell the motor car or any other lot at a price below the agreed verbal or written reserve provided that the Consignor receives the same net proceeds as the Consignor would have received had the reserve been met.

The Consignor will be responsible for maintaining adequate property insurance on the motor car or any other lot at all times, and this insurance must be at least equal to the aggregate low pre-sale auction estimate for the motor car or any other lot, which in each case shall include insurance for damages to the motor car or any other lot and shall not be cancellable by the insurance company until after ownership and Title have passed to the Buyer and the Buyer has taken possession of the motor car or any other lot from RM.

The law of the jurisdiction in which the auction is held shall govern the provisions of this agreement.