2014 march meet pics of flowers

Flower Mound Jaguars – Cross Country – Track & Field

2014 march meet pics of flowers

Hicks Nurseries in Long Island has fun seasonal events. Check our calendar for exciting vegetable gardening, flower, pond and garden care events. November 12th Authentic Connection: An Interview with Five Marys Farms. I'd love to introduce you to Mary Heffernan of Five Marys Farms, one of my all t. Lovejoy Meet in McKinney has been canceled. Lovejoy Invitational and Coppell Invitational – September 22 Varsity Bus will leave FMHS at AM JV Bus will.

But in fact, these photos were taken to then print onto Gmund's paper, showing how beautifully the paper responds to print images and text.

2014 march meet pics of flowers

Shot in our flat on a stormy December morning by the incredible Eric Einwiller and his team, I am so happy to have my flowers captured in this manner. The brochure also features two other female artists located in the Bay Area, Heather Day and Aoi Yamaguchiso I am in excellent company.

Link to the full campaign here.

2014 march meet pics of flowers

I have so much gratitude for everyone who showed up for me across the country. It furthered my belief that there is something more than just paper flowers going on here.

The power of pictures. How we can use images to promote and communicate science

Thank you to everyone who came out, and everyone who supported me along the way! I am being hosted by six incredible venues across the country, and it's going to be a lot of fun.

2014 march meet pics of flowers

This tour is going to be bonkers and a real adventure for me. Here are the details: These workshops are already sold out, but I'll be back, and please come to the signing, I'd love to meet you! Photo of me sweating and signing books by the wonderful Heather Saunders. Although working in different mediums, different scales and different countries, Simone and I have one element in common; our subject matter.

Flora are at the center of both of our works, inevitably forging an exploration into the difference in scale and mediums. In these pieces, Simone strayed away from her practice of exploring the transitionary states that occur in nature to embrace the delicate and still beauty of my giant, intricate paper flowers.

By scaling these large blooms back down to a size manageable on the printed page, Simone was able to capture them in a way their original three-dimensional, oversized state never would have allowed. This is often a fact that advertisers use to their advantage. A post on social media accompanied by an image is 10 times more likely to receive engagement. With this in mind, you can use these images to drive users to research. And what if you have limited characters to write with?

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Twitter only allows users characters of text, which can sometimes make it difficult to convey a complex message. With an image, you can help explain these tough concepts without taking up too much space.

Images also have the potential to get an emotional response from your audience. Tumblr We are seeing plenty of researchers and institutions taking advantage of images, especially through the microblogging service, Tumblr. Publishers, institutes, researchers, and schools are using Tumblr to promote scientific findings, with the help of vibrant and appealing images.

Significance of Sakura: Cherry Blossom Traditions in Japan | Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Tumblr is also a great way to bring awareness to the research itself. There are a selection of brilliant Tumblr blogs for science communication. Meanwhile, Biocanvasthe blog, unleashes the true beauty of science with dazzling photos that could easily be pieces of artwork.

After something more unusual? Try this scientific illustration Tumblr.

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With this in mind, we have started our own BioMed Central Tumblrfor scientific and medical images. We want to show that science can be beautiful. Images help educate In a world where we are bombarded by stimuli, we often seek the easiest and most fluent way of acquiring and learning information. Reading can be a slow and time-consuming activity.

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It takes a lot longer to read a long sentence than to analyse a visual scene. At school we are expected to scour our textbooks and memorise sentences word-for-word. Many of us are visual learnerswho memorise content more effectively if it happens to be image-based. This is what makes infographics so popular: The images, diagrams, and figures in infographics make the learning process more fluid. People may not feel concerned about a certain disease or condition because they are not emotionally invested in it.

Images help us become involved.