2013 bakersfield march meet 2016

Run What Ya Brung: March Meet - Speedhunters

2013 bakersfield march meet 2016

Raceway in Bakersfield, California for the annual March Meet. the first day of qualifying, two-time season NTF champion ( and ). Wild Saturday Top Fuel Qualifying at the March Meet Wednesday, March 3rd, — AA/Fuelers prepare for the March Meet in Bakersfield. Jim Murphy wins Top Fuel Eliminator at the National Hot Rod. POWER HOUR NOTES: March Meet outlasts weather. BY MIKE IMCA Modifieds headline seven divisions of racing on Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway. All of the other divisions are making their debut.

Spicy and full of crab meat, this made for a nice starter. Norma on the pita with Turkish salad and zehug platter: Nina on the caprese salad: When it comes to antipasto served before the mealone of the most quintessential Italian dishes is the caprese salad.

Named after the island of Capri in Southern Italy, the insalata caprese is simple in its ingredients, but full of flavor. Balsamic vinegar is available upon request.

2013 bakersfield march meet 2016

Tanya on the strawberry salad: If that struggle sounds familiar to you, then the strawberry salad is a great compromise.

Fresh sliced strawberries are served on a bed of chopped romaine, along with blue cheese and candied pecans Strawberry salad Continued on page 36 bakersfieldlife. The mixture of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and, I am assuming, a few of their secret ingredients is simply sublime. They provided fresh pita bread that they make daily, which can be eaten with whatever crudities you prefer. After enjoying the bisque, my next bite was the gourmet club sandwich and it was yummy!

Seasoned chicken breast topped with crispy bacon and creamy avocado along with lettuce, tomato and a sourdough baguette made for a hearty and tasty sandwich. This is definitely a must-order for a big appetite. Norma on the roasted pepper sandwich: This wrap is made to share, so bring a friend and enjoy! Deli ; Restaubold twist. The portorant bello is served with Website: Mononions, which comday through Friday; 11 a. Saturday; noon to 6 p. Check out more food photos on bakersa picnic, make sure fieldlife.

That way your toasted focaccia, with grill lines, stays crispy. Tanya on the smoked salmon sandwich: I love salmon and I love sandwiches, so ordering this was a nobrainer. The salmon was perfectly prepared — neither over nor under-cooked — and the portion was generous.

I was happy to discover that the rustic roll on which it was served was soft, as rustic bread can sometimes be a little tough. Served with cream cheese, capers and tomato, I have just one word to describe this sandwich: Yes, I did steal that phrase from a TV personality. Aryana on the Reuben sandwich: But through all of that, the biggest story was the turnout: Yes, in a scene reminiscent of a Steinbeck novel or a dusty Henry Fonda movie, hordes of racers and race fans fired up their rust-buckets, rail-jobs and stripped-down coupes, took to the highway and made the migration to Bakersfield and its drag strip out by the oil fields, Famoso Raceway.

Bob Papirnick – Canadian Drag Racing Hall Of Fame

More than race cars entered. Twenty-nine Funny Cars slugged it for eight slots on the Elimination ladder. Pardon that last four-paragraph digression about Bakersfield. After swapping pedals and launching down the left lane, her dragster began blowing the tires off less than one hundred feet into the run.

2013 bakersfield march meet 2016

Doing what any nitro driver would do, she grabbed the brake, calmed down her steed, let it breathe and then rolled back into the throttle. Once again — and instantaneously — her dragster overpowered the pavement. Meanwhile, her adversary purposefully motored down the right lane, an easy victory apparently imminent. The Lee Jennings machine coasted feebly, further pursuit seemed pointless.


On one hand it still has lights, bumpers and door handles, and the four-inch cowl hood looks pretty street too. That Lexan windshield is getting hazy though, and peeking through the grille we can see that the front wheelwells have been gutted. The Dzus-fastened, six-inch cowl hood is probably hiding a BBC, and the open exhaust and stickered-on headlights would make it rough to go more than 1, feet. The lack of door handles suggests the door shells have been swapped for lighter fiberglass versions.

Drag racers value speed over glamour, so an unpainted one-piece composite front-end is entirely acceptable.

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Check out the engine set-back and tire-to-fender proximity. It still has all the glass and trim, a dashboard and a license plate frame.

The big wing and Lexan windows also mean business. The lift-off fiberglass hood is held down with Dzus fasteners. I was a bit surprised at the mag-style front wheels on such a quick car though. From the nose-bleed stance to the white fenderwell headers this machine absolutely nails it. Radiused rear fenders make room for slicks and the solid front axle suspends the nose in the air for faster weight transfer off the line.

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