When i meet you again taiwanese drama

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when i meet you again taiwanese drama

“When I See You Again” is a Taiwanese drama series. Original title: 他看她 的第2眼; Romanized title: Ta Kan Ta De Di Er Yan; Volunteer Team: At Second. Title: 他看她的第2眼/ Ta Kan Ta De Di 2 Yan; English title: When I See You Again; Genre: “When I See You Again” is a Taiwanese drama series. (Source. When I See You Again is a Taiwanese romantic comedy television series produced by . S-Pop Magazine Award, Jasper Liu, Nominated. Mandy Wei, Nominated. Viewers Choice Drama Award, When I See You Again, Nominated.

Jennifer wonders when the bouquet of flowers will reach her and anticipates for the day she can reveal her relationship with Yan Ze. Okay, great choice of brooding location. Not random at all. He happens to see Ya En leaving the hostel in the rain and follows her in curiosity.

when i meet you again taiwanese drama

In her eagerness, she drops her umbrella. The wish paper turns in the rain, revealing its name to Yan Ze.

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You know, that kind of anger. The particular kind of anger that causes leads to do strange things. Anyway, I thought this was pretty funny. Look at that crazy platform heels Ya En has to wear so that the height distance is smaller. Back in the car, Yan Ze ignores calls from Jennifer. Ya En hesitates but itches to hold his hand and he reaches out with passion to hold hers.

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He drives her back to the hostel and tells her that what just happened is a mistake. Do not fall in love with him. He tries to kick her off the car figuratively of course but Ya En decides to be forceful for once. She wants to date, and she wants to run link between the two statements is a bit…random. Yan Ze is moved, but exhales and opens the car door once again. Grandpa comes down for dinner but treats An Xi super coldly. If not for you, You Qian will be able to graduate! Grandpa reveals to You Qian that he already knows the truth because he overheard the conversation between An Xi and Yong Qing.

You Qian explains rightly so that it was his fault for obtaining the Tears himself.

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Grandpa is angry because he remembers how much pain You Qian was in. But You Qian kneels down and speaks gently to his grandfather. But the one who felt the most guilty was An Xi. She spread rumours of the old house, and even suffered an injury when she tried to protect the house. Has he thought about what An Xi will do when he passes away? The Director wants An Xi to learn from her how to be an independent woman — someone who can think for herself, live alone and fight for what she wants.

An Xi is reluctant but quickly consents after Director gives her yes you must look. Is she someone not worth liking? To start tearing up while talking cheerfully is wow…another level. I think Debbie Chao is a veteran actor that the cast has great respect for, based on what I see from behind the scenes.

when i meet you again taiwanese drama

The nurse notices that An Xi is very worried and tells her to give her mum some luck. An Xi opens her mouth but nothing comes out. She leaves with the nurse but turns around at the last moment. You Qian smiles at this too. You Qian has been at the office tending to stuff so he will be coming along later. The next few days, You Qian updates the Director with good news — the deal that they have been negotiating for two years is finally settled. The Director wants An Xi to know more about business management and wants to tell her about the case, but An Xi escapes.

The plot is predictable, fast-paced, and lacks the gut-wrenching feeling that you might get from watching other dramas, perhaps because of the typical writing style. I also love how all the characters were related and connected to each other. Despite small conflicts, they held strong.

It was not all about the main couple, nor the side couples for that matter. I was reluctant to start a dramas with her in it, but I saw how she portrayed An Xi with different dimensions. Mandy does a phenomenal job playing the different roles that her character goes through, such as getting drunk, going on rampages.

As well, I fall for her crying scenes every time!

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This drama is the type that shows a small clip of a flashback, then throughout the show, a little bit more of a flashback is shown. It was a real nice essence to it. Not only is there one flashback, there are multiple, all powerful and memorable, and from different perspectives.

From the locations, to the angle…. Although this dramas has a good amount of perks and things to like about it, there are some things that just….

when i meet you again taiwanese drama

Never once while watching When I See You Again was I on the edge of my seat, biting to the cuticle of my nails, anticipating the next move. I had to continuously push myself to keep watching.