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By Ken Levine: Your punchlines

punchline so nice to meet you blogspot

Features Song Lyrics for Punchline's So Nice to Meet You (EP) album. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews. Many people still write “Nice to e-meet you” or “Nice to virtually meet you. the word, so your sentence implies: It's nice to not really meet you. But they're also a lot of fun if the questions are good and the answers are either funny or sharp. that the district is doing "the worst thing ever" because they've got no idea how good they have it. Seeing the world of teaching helps you see all the ways kids and teachers . Either way, I'm the punchline, and no one gets hurt .

A-level English and History seem to ignore what was once called the English Civil War and its causes and effects almost entirely. That said, this week's class showed me what acute and subtle critics reside in the ranks, aided by a barnstorming lecture from one of my esteemed colleagues.

It's not a total leap from Milton to Moore: It's a superb text partly because it's seriously revolutionary: His view is essentially a mix of MorrisKropotkin and Gramsci. The book details his disillusionment with the contiguity of Law and Justice, and with the instruments of hegemony: The novel starts with V killing a group of rapist police officers; he then gleefully blows up the Houses of Parliament and the Old Bailey, but the core of the novel is his treatment of Evey, the teenage girl he rescues from the police.

Gently rejecting her sexual advances, he breaks her Freudian conditioning, educates her in film, books, music and art all banned under the new regimebefore expelling her then subjecting her to physical and psychological torture until she is 'free' of all illusions about the nature of society.

V violently brings down the tyranny, deliberately allowing himself to die in the process, insisting that while violence is necessary to bring about change, the perpetrators should have no place in the post-revolutionary society to come: It's also a lot of fun: Moore has a rich, dark sense of humour and is astonishingly well-read: I've put together clips of all the music and songs reference in the novel: Amongst all the militant, provocative texts I've taught recently, it's the most shocking to many of my students, more so every year.

Neither of those, it should be said, were because of the students. Hawaii was because of the team I was on read more about it in He's the Weird Teacherand Southern Oregon was because of the worst vice principal you've ever seen.

This much moving has given me an incredible view of the grass on the other side, and it's not any greener. Every school has issues, every district has issues. Some are worse than others, and they all have their own special weirdnesses that are more or less tolerable. But, after all that moving, I feel justified rolling my eyes when someone complains that the district is doing "the worst thing ever" because they've got no idea how good they have it.

Seeing the world of teaching helps you see all the ways kids and teachers are the same yet different, how communities work with schools, and gives you, I think, a much deeper pool to fish from. Moving makes you more flexible. It's also super hard. I've been the new kid five times. And it's really cool to have kids excited to be in your class, to watch them move through the grades, to see them grow up.

I'll never see the students I had my first year again, probably. Which sucks, because I really want to know how they ended up. I've got students in Hawaii graduating high school, going to college, and I don't get to be there when they come back and visit Kaleipouu and marvel at how small everything is now.

I worked with a guy in Hawaii who purposefully changed schools every three to five years.

He's the Weird Teacher

But I also worked with people who'd been in their grade level, in their class, for fifteen years. As long as you're still growing and adapting, whether you move or not is up to you. I love moving around.

punchline so nice to meet you blogspot

But I'm also now a homeowner for the first time, my kids are entering school, and I absolutely love the school I'm at right now. I have no urge to move. Now, if my principal ever leaves that might change. So my short answer to that question is- New teachers should move a bunch if they can.

Curie(ous)... Random Ramblings

Teachers who feel themselves getting stale should move a bunch if they can. But I get why that isn't feasible. How do you help students who just don't want help? You've tried different strategies, plans, communication with parents, etc. At what point isn't it your fault?

Punchline - So Nice To Meet You (EP) Album

Whew, this is a question I think all of us struggle with all the time. I have had this exact conversation with the brand new teacher on my team this year, because he's having a rough time with it to. I think a lot of professional professional developers make it sound like a lot of teachers aren't working as hard as they can because it helps them justify what they do or how they talk down to us.

I think some people are working harder, not smarter, but most teachers want what is best for every kid in their class. To tie this into the last question, I've worked with a LOT of teachers now and I have known very few who did got give half a care and were counting days. When most of us see the kid being asked about, we exhaust every avenue we can think of. Maybe it comes down to how many barrels you're willing to reach the bottom of? But they've all got a bottom.

I think teaching and learning is a two-way street. We, being the trained adults, are in the driver's seat. Most of the responsibility rests on us, but the kids gotta wanna. We have ways to help them wanna, to motivate, but, to quote Robert Heinlein, "You can lead a child to knowledge but you cannot make him think. It's like being in a bad relationship. Before you've broken up with That Person, you run through what you have done, and if you decide that you have done everything in your power to help the relationship work and it still doesn't, it's time to break up.

punchline so nice to meet you blogspot

Like all metaphors, this falls apart on closer inspection because I wouldn't break up with a student, but I would try to know that it's not my fault. It's a reflection process. Have I done everything in my power to help this kid? Will I continue to? If those answers are yes, then it isn't your fault.

That's why I started this answer by talking about how hard I believe most teachers work- I don't think there are many of us that would just give up and cut kids loose.

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I know I've got rose-colored glasses on when it comes to that, but I'd rather not think all of us are like that goddamn school where the teachers dressed up like The Wall, because you know they're cutting kids loose mentally left and right, and they were an outlier who should be fired and stripped of their licenses. Years passed and we had highs and lows. My parents split up and my mom remarried, an amazing man that raised my sisters and I.

punchline so nice to meet you blogspot

I consider it one of the highs. I would make Lindsey Lohan proud pre all that happened, not the point. Anyone who has ever spoken with me knows how proud I am of my mother. Powerful woman, tenacious and reliable, I knew I could always go to her for advice, clothes and good food.

Being the brilliant engineer that she was, she worked for the government a few years past and has a lot to show for it.

New correctional facilities, Hotels, amongst other projects were held to completion under her careful management and ruthless decision making. The new elections brought a new political party to power, though, as we have grown used to. And with those changes came the immediate termination of my mother from the job she so excelled at. What was she to do? Four daughters and a household to maintain.

Au contraire, they arrived monthly, on the dot, demanding and ever present.