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nice to meet you yanni pdf viewer

Download as TXT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Nice To Meet You Just say the name - his one name - you know we're talking about one of the most Nobody really thinks that, but I'm glad you and I can. Do you ever find yourself bored? You feel like you know Yanni after you read his book. . Great showbiz bio with lots of background information that helps to.

I can't play any instrument but after finishing the book, all I want to do is create.

nice to meet you yanni pdf viewer

The only negative I have to offer - midway through the book I googled pictures of yanni just curious and found his mugshot from a domestic violence dispute - I try not to judge - I don Before picking up this book all I knew of yanni was that he played the piano. There are a lot of misconceptions and just flat-out immature opinions about him out there.

Yes, he looks like he belongs on the cover of a cheesy romance novel, yes he has the "one name" thing that people immediately connect with being narcissistic and even flamboyant, but once you stop being childish and actually listen to his music and maybe I've been a fan of Yanni since I was a kid and the first albums that I actually bought in my life were Keys to Imagination and Out of Silence on cassette.

nice to meet you yanni pdf viewer

Yes, he looks like he belongs on the cover of a cheesy romance novel, yes he has the "one name" thing that people immediately connect with being narcissistic and even flamboyant, but once you stop being childish and actually listen to his music and maybe even find out a thing or two about him, you'll realize just what an amazingly talented musician and person he is.

This book is more of a memoir than an autobiography but that's splitting hairs. He has a lot of positive words of encouragement but this is mainly for his fans to have some insight on his early life and career. It's encouraging to read about how he taught himself to play and even his most well-known concerts and events were wrought with near-disasters and heaping doses of reality slapping him in the face over and over again yet still went on.

Even someone as globally popular as Yanni has been screwed over countless times by record labels and knew what it was like to put his entire bank account on the line to fulfill his dreams as a musician. He was told countless times that he couldn't do something and went out and proved them wrong each time.

Some critics would say that he has a huge ego but that's what iconic artists throughout history all share in common. That's just how it works and rather than judge him as a person, judge his art. He's a flawed guy: But that's what a good amount of tremendously talented, dedicated and successful people are like, especially artists.

They can be hard to be around and deal with, but we appreciate what they give us and no one can ever say that Yanni didn't earn everything he got.

He was no pop-star, no record label creation, no one-hit wonder who leached off of others.

Yanni - “L’Ombra Dell’Angelo” - Never Released Before 1080p - “Nice to Meet You“

He does admit that becoming involved with Linda Evans helped put him in a spotlight that he might not have otherwise, but from what I read in this book and have seen of him in interviews and heard from her as well, they were genuinely in love and it wasn't some Hollywood shotgun-marriage meant to boost both of their careers.

If you're educated in the matter you can choose not to believe that if you want, but I do. Either way, I find him to be a fascinating person and a true genius of a musician. They're exactly that, like a do is a do - do, re, mi, fa, so, la, si phdo. Singing Do, mi, re, fa, mi, so, la, mi, re, do. Each note is like a word. Somebody's talking to me. How do you feel about that term New Age? I don't even know what it is.

What is New Age? Well, Billboard - you know, that's where Billboard puts your music. I can see it now. I mean, somebody in Los Angeles in some little office sat around going - what are we going to do with a guy named Yanni? I mean, he's playing classical music. He's playing rock 'n' roll. He's playing Chinese music, Middle Eastern music. He's doing whatever the hell he wants. I can see the guy now, standing up going - how about we call it New Age?

Well, New Age becomes old age very quickly. I got stuck with that, and then it became a grab bag category.

Yanni in Words

Anyone who didn't fit in the main categories of music became a New Age artist. Let's listen to a little more of your music, if we could. I'd lot to ask you a lot more. This is a piece "Whispers In The Dark.

Oh, I like that one. I really feel that, "Whispers In The Dark. You're with someone you care for, and you're confiding to each other.

nice to meet you yanni pdf viewer

I feel the reason that I connect with all these different cultures around the planet is there is an optimism inside me. I was raised in a very beautiful environment with a lot of hope and a lot of love. So when I write music, it comes out.

You can't help it. It's part of your psyche. It's not that I don't feel pain or anger, but there is no reason for me to write music out of anger or frustration. I wait until I learn from my mistakes from my difficult times, and I like to write music about the lessons that I learned while I was going through the tough times.

So there is always a resolution in my song. It is not out of ignorance.

'New Age Becomes Old Age Very Quickly': Yanni Speaks : NPR

It is out of knowledge, and I think that's what the public gets, and that's why they like to listen. Yanni, it's been wonderful to talk to you.

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