Nice to meet you email introduction reply

nice to meet you email introduction reply

It's important to know how to handle them, so you can respond with good email etiquette and make the most of each introduction. Kevin Bacon — In addition to having nice teeth, any 2 people on Earth are 6 or Here is the correct way to handle an introduction, it has worked well for me. The e-mail was to Pat and since Pat is the one who Jen wants to meet, Jen now needs to wait patiently for a reply. Email · Business · How To. I added more samples here How to reply Introduction Email. TIP: I avoid However you can use “Nice to meet you, ” instead of Nice to know about you, .

In this case, Pat. The e-mail was to Pat and since Pat is the one who Jen wants to meet, Jen now needs to wait patiently for a reply. My usual rule of thumb is 3 days. After all, Pat is a busy CEO at a crayon company. Regardless of who responds, the same rules apply… do not CC Bob.

BCC Bob, thank him for the introduction and suggest specific times and dates for a follow up. Bob BCCd to spare your inbox, thank you for the introduction. Pat, It is a pleasure to meet you via e-mail. Bob spoke highly of you when I met with him last week.

nice to meet you email introduction reply

I would like to explain my business and hear your thoughts on the crayon industry. If neither of those work, perhaps you can suggest an alternate 30 minute time slot?

How Smart People Respond to Intro Emails — The Boggs Blog

Thank you in advance for your time, Jen The above format achieves two things. First it removes Bob from your ongoing back and forth e-mails. Be direct but polite. If the introduction is warm, you know that Pat already said yes to connecting, suggesting times now helps reduce the back and forth of scheduling.

Learn 2 ways to answer to Nice to meet you!

This formula has worked well for me in the past. Perhaps it will work well for you. Intros absolutely must require both sides to opt-in. The only real outlier here is a complete no-brainer. Now they put the burden on you to respond or look like a jerk. If someone asks you to make an intro, reply with, "Sure.

nice to meet you email introduction reply

Can you send me some context I can forward along? I'd be happy to make the intro if they're interested in chatting with you. Once they say, "Sure. Please make the introduction. Don't Flake Once a double opt-in status has been made and both parties agree to the introduction, the responsibility lies on the requestor to respond promptly.

It makes the connector look bad if ball is dropped after intro is made. If you're really that busy, don't opt-in. Please, it will save everyone their time. Move To Bcc After the first reply on either side, it is up to the people that were introduced to move the connector to Bcc immediately; unless for some reason you want them to stay involved in the conversation.

Context Like I mentioned in 2, if you want an intro you must provide the connector with some context or a blurb they can forward or pass along. Any chance you can do that for me? Would you be open to connecting to me providing and introduction? I like the term dialed-in because of what it implies, it could be interpreted that the requester is both intelligent and connected.

How To Handle E-mail Introductions

Make Intros Mutually Beneficial This is important! Try to only make intros where you truly believe there's real mutual benefit. Even if that benefit on one side is further down the road. A subject matter expert in Product Management could be beneficial to a salesperson down the line should that sales person decide to start their own company one day. If you know that salesperson has expressed interest in being a founder, then it could be mutually beneficial later on.

If I introduce a potential sales hire to a company, I better believe in both sides. If I introduce a potential client to a company, I better believe the company can produce!

Close The Loop A good connector will circle back later and see if they connected. You may not want to vouch for that person again if they made you look bad by standing someone up.

nice to meet you email introduction reply

That's just bad karma. As the requestor, always circle back to thank the connector. If it went really well, send a gift or some type of thanks. Sometimes when I get a good gift for something that makes me feel appreciated, I keep that person and their company top of mind for a while.

This means I start looking out for them and talking them up. Sometimes without realizing it. Or you received an intro to a potential client and they just signed the deal.

You better be sending a gift basket or even better for that one. FYI--As for Max, he's a scotch guy Customize the Introduction Email. The best connectors and most connected people I know write incredibly thoughtful introductions. It's not just task on their to-do list.

Being thoughtful in an introduction starts a new relationship off on the right foot. Often times both parties end up talking about how awesome you are when they first connect for a real conversation. You win, they win, it's a win-win. Add some nice context around the people and scenario. Just don't write a novel.