Magcon preferences how you meet someone is lose them

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magcon preferences how you meet someone is lose them

I would never miss clas or get F haha Magcon Imagines, Magcon Quotes, Magcon . and dirty+imagine on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. . he went from singing covers of other people from other people singing his own .. no more this is just a meet and greet, the real magcon is just a Memorie by now. You look up to see the owner of the other dog and you get lost in his soft it has become extremely friendly with (not like that you dirty people. How you met Nash- You met Nash through Cameron. You lived in LA He opens up his back door and there a bunch of people there. There are You hug them after and feel Jack J slip something in your pocket. You go You give them directions and give who is injured your number in case they get lost.

There are tons of famous viners. You work your way around the party and meet all the magcon family. You plopped down in a chair about an hour and a half later.

Little did you know that those two words would change your life forever. Cameron- You met Cameron at magcon.

How you meet | MAGCON Imagines and Preferences

You throw on http: Your cousin somehow scored meet and greets and you could wait to meet all he boys! You slowly went through and met each boy.

Cameron being the last. You walk up to get your picture with him and you notice him just staring at you. Cameron smiles a huge grin at you. I finally found someone worth sliding into their DMs.

Jack G- You met Jack by luck. You and your best friend were going to have some coffee at your local Starbucks. You were wearing http: You ordered the usual, a grande carmel frappachino with extra carmel. You and your friend find a seat by the window and wait for your coffees.

You walk up to the bar and go to grab your drink just as someone else hand reaches out for your drink. Your hands touch for a moment before you both let go and the drink spilled all over. You laugh but grab a napkin and scribble down your number. Jack J- You met Jack at magcon. You were a huge fan of the boys and freaked when you found out they were coming to your home town. As hard as you tried, you were only able to get general admission tickets, no VIP. You were upset but still super excited to see the boys.

The day of magcon you put on: You curled your hair and were ready to go. You and your friend got there super early and when you finally got to go in you were pretty close to the front.

The event was about to start when Bart came up to you. We were wondering if you would want to be the girl Jack and Jack would sing to tonight? You adored Jack and Jack. You bought Jack J was just too adorable. Nash arranges something to wear once a week you two will meet up at the park to hang out. After two months of this arrangement Nash gets the nerve to ask you out. You and your friend were sitting in the middle of the couch and refused to move, so Jack G.

He introduces himself properly then says that he had seen me around and would like to take me out some time so you give him your number.

MAGCON Imagines and Preferences

The next day he calls and takes you out on the first date of many. You immediately apologize to Taylor and he chuckles saying that it was all his fault and not yours. Later that week, you and him hang out and soon find out that you and Taylor are meant for each other.

magcon preferences how you meet someone is lose them

He stands next to you and says that he could cuddle better than your bear. You giggle and say 'Nice One' while continuing to build. Aaron helps you then ends up paying for the bear for you. Your dog gets loose in the park and runs off! You look up to see the owner of the other dog and you get lost in his soft brown eyes. Cameron clears his throat and turns bright red, closely followed by you too.

How you met - Magcon Boys Preferences

Cameron leaves but doesn't hesitate to give you his number and you arrange to meet again so you can walk your dogs together. You're part of Magcon. You're famous for doing vines with your brother Brent Riviera and you get invited along due to so many people requesting that you join because people love your vines.

You and Nash instantly get along and he picks you up from the airport as soon as you and your brother land. You're Cameron's younger sister and he brings you along to the Magcon Tour across Europe.

magcon preferences how you meet someone is lose them

You've always wanted to go to Europe so Cameron brings you with him. You get introduced to all the members of Magcon but you have your eye set on Taylor and you constantly wind him up by stealing his bandanas. You're shopping at your local shopping centre and you have so many bags on your arms that you feel like they're going to fall off! You decide to take a break and sit next to the fountain, you put your bags down and someone trips over them.

I should have put them closer to me. Let me help you up! Matt finally speaks up and says "I'm fine don't worry about it.

I might need a break from that fall though.

Magcon Preferences And Imagines

Mind if I sit with you? You got meet and greet tickets to his concert in your local arena. You were the last one to see him.