Imagines harry styles how you meet at a hotel

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imagines harry styles how you meet at a hotel

Read Hotel Room from the story Harry Styles Imagines & One Shots by I've decided to join Harry for a few days while he travels the world for his tour. HARRY STYLES EVERYBODY! But seriously if anyone ever asks you to describe Harry styles shower them this gif!>>>>>I promise I will shower them this gif!. Read How You Meet from the story Harry Styles Imagines by ShellaDouaihy to leave them alone to enjoy their vacation so you decided to stay in a hotel.

Liam puts the cups to his lips, taking a cautious sip. You mimick him, the warm liquid filling your mouth but not matching the taste you are used to. You examine the cup of coffee that the barista had given you by mistake and out of the corner or your eye, you see Liam doing the same. He is holding the cup, trying to read the scrawled name written on the side by the rushed casheer.

Liam smiles and holds up the white cup containing your hazelnut hot chocolate. You both laugh and exchange cups, taking a sip of the new drinks in your hands. He takes the cup away from his mouth and nods, swollowing the coffee. You smiled as he laughed and nudged you gently back. Do you want to sit? You shove your hands deeply into the pockets of your coat and bury your mouth and nose into the cream knitted fabric of the scarf wrapped several times around your neck.

Chapter 6: Dramatic Arrival and Cozy Hotel | Harry Styles: Imagine

The sun has long set behind the old towering buildings of the large city, only making the air between you and the many other people on the streets colder and more aggressive. Although you only had a few more blocks to go until you reached your little, cozy apartment, the idea of making it there much quicker by calling a cab and not walking the short distance in the cold seemed almost heavenly. You make your way out of the pack of pedestrians walking in every direction along the pavement and stop when you reach the curb.

After a few minutes of trying to hail a taxi, you finally get one. You look up to see whose big hand had grabbed the door handle right as you did and find that it is someone you recognize from the covers of magazines and the posters you once had hung up in your room.

You were not going to let him take your cab just because he is famous and totally fuckable. The sound of his voice in person made you want to fall right out of your skin; it was so perfect. By this point you are freezing and you would give anything to just be home.

imagines harry styles how you meet at a hotel

He starts to laugh and takes his hand off the door, and a couple seconds later, you do the same. He opens the door and motions with his free hand for you to enter the taxi first. He gets in right after you and shuts the door, cold air from outside mixing with the warm interior of the car. You tell him the address of your aparrment building and Harry names off his hotel.

You look at him and laugh a little, but then look down. You stand alone at the high top table a few feet away from the bar at a pub.

The friend you came with was submerged in the crowd of people watching the football match of the screens hanging from the walls. You were not at all interested in the game and going to bars was not really your thing, but your friend had called you to go out and since you had been studying all day, you thought it might be fun.

Though, the night ended up being the exact opposite of a good time. You were stuck at an overly crowded pub filled with drunk, annoyingly enthusiastic sports fans. Sighing, you leaned your elbows on the table next to the glass of water your ordered since you assumed that you would just end up being the designated driver for your friend. You rest your chin on the palm of your hand and try to tune out the sounds of the people around you.

One Direction Preference #1: You meet him in a public place.

The water had gone everywhere, soaking your shirt and the tips of your hair, dripping off of the table, and all over the person who had bumped into you, causing you to spill it.

His face looked horrified and he was shaking his head apologetically. Let me get ya something to clean up! He reappers holding a handful of bar napkins and hands them to you. You look up at him, using the napkins to try and make yourself less damp, and notice something that you were unable to see when he was standing only five feet away from you at the table with his drunk friends.

The boy who had accidently ran into your table was Niall Horan. One Direction was one of your favorite bands and seeing one of the members like this made you blush. Ya know, from One Direction.? You stand against the wall next to a poster of a new romantic comedy film as you wait for your friend to get out of the bathroom.

imagines harry styles how you meet at a hotel

The lobby of the theatre was quiet and not super crowded; the only other people there were the workers and people buying snacks from the concession stand before their film started.

The sharp, distinct voice was that of Louis Tomlinson! Louis was laughing as he used two of his fingers to remove a few strands of his effortless fringe out of his clear blue eyes. Your friend appeared at your side then, buttoning up her coat and smiling. You nodded, although unsure what she had said. Harry suggested what you should eat since you had never been to such a fancy place.

It started off kind of awkward at first since you both had never met before, but Harry kept conversation going.

Sex, Love, and Preferences

He would ask you questions and then tell stories himself. By the end of the meal you felt like you two were friends since kindergarten.

For the first time you looked up to the table with the others. They were all staring at you, talking, and laughing. You found it kind of creepy, but loved how much your friend had warmed up to the other boys.

The question is what about us? You told him your number and he snapped a photo of you. You looked over to your friend their heads all snapped around pretending that they were not watching.

imagines harry styles how you meet at a hotel

A few minute later you got a text saying, This better be your real number, where else am I going to meet someone who I can have a debate about vegetables with? You slowly got up and made your way to the table with your friends.

imagines harry styles how you meet at a hotel

They got awkwardly quite since they were probably talking about you and Harry the whole meal. When you got back to your hotel Harry stopped on your floor to make sure you got to your room safe. Your friend rushed in to go to the bathroom as you and Harry talked in the hall. You slightly nodded your head yes.

Harry Styles: Imagine

He slowly walked up to you and awkwardly wrapped his arms around your shoulders. You wrapped your arms around his upper back to make the hug more natural. You looked up amused at what he had just said. He took the opportunity to grab your face. He looked into your eyes for more than a few seconds and smiled back at you.

After a few more seconds his cheeks relaxed and he placed a single spine chilling kiss on your lips.

imagines harry styles how you meet at a hotel

You walked into the hotel room to see your friend grinning ear to ear from her bed. You shrugged your shoulders, but at that second your phone rang. There are so many beautiful Directioners out there, so why average me. Harry stopped swinging and looked directly in your eyes. I never understood what love was really like, but I felt it for the first time looking in your eyes. You had something special, that all the other girls were missing.