I never dreamed id meet somebody like you

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i never dreamed id meet somebody like you

The world was on fire and no-one could save me but you. It's strange what desire will make foolish people do. I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you. The world was on fire and no one could save me but you. It's strange what desire will make foolish people do. I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you. The world was on fire and. No one could save me but you. It's strange what desire make foolish people do. I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you.

There was a different feeling now, having him between her legs like this and knowing what it could lead to. Fantasy was one thing, but actually putting it into action… that was something else entirely. Oliver didn't speed as much as he had on the way to the restaurant. The roads were slick now, rain pouring down so hard she felt it soak right through her jacket, her white tank top clinging to her skin.

It felt nice though, the cool water on her overwarm body. There was something about seeing the world move at a normal pace as they continued to her apartment, a reminder that if she said yes, if she gave this a try with him, then normal was what they would be, at least on some level. She wasn't sure they'd ever really be completely normal.

After all, he dressed up in leather and hunted down criminals most nights, and she helped him. A psychologist would have a field day with them. But their relationship could be normal, or shades of it. She could hardly say most couples had to clean up each other's wounds each night.

Normal was relative though. She wasn't sure she'd want to trade it all in anyway. As much as her life could be weird and dangerous and there weren't many out there who could relate, it was hers. When they reached her apartment, the street was lined with cars.

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He had to park a ways down, which meant they would further be getting soaked by the rain. Climbing off his bike, she pushed the helmet up and released her head, taking a deep breath of fresh, rain-scented air. It poured down on her hair and soaked it through. It'd be a frizzy mess when it dried, but at the moment she couldn't find it in herself to care. She stared at Oliver, who'd removed his own helmet and was staring up at her, waiting on her decision.

Silently, she held out a hand, much like he had when he'd offered her help off the bike in front of the restaurant. His lips turned up at the corners and he took it.

He turned off his bike and stood, hugging his helmet to his side under one arm. They didn't run toward the apartment building. Instead, they calmly walked with the rain beating down on them, soaking through every inch of clothing, dribbling down her collar to trickle down her back.

He twirled her, smiling when she laughed, twisting on the toe of her tuxedo flats. As she came to a stop, his arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her into his side. Her head fell to his shoulder, arm slipping around his waist, bunching up the black leather of his jacket as they walked. Her glasses were spotty with raindrops as they climbed the stairs to her building and she found it impossible to find her keys or put them into the lock.

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She pushed her glasses up on top of her head as she dug around through her bag, eventually making a fist-pump as she came up triumphant. But after trying and failing to hit the keyhole twice, Oliver took the keys from her and opened the door himself, while she tucked her glasses away in their case, knowing they'd only be a hindrance soon. He held the door open for her to walk in first and she made her way down to the elevator with him beside her, the lighthearted feeling of before melting back into anticipation.

She'd never been more annoyed that she lived on the fourth floor than she was when they had to ride her ridiculously slow elevator to get there. At least, she was until she was on it. There was something about leaning back against the wall and having him stand in front of her, his hands braced on either side of her, gripping the hand bar.

He didn't kiss her, he just stared into her eyes, in that incredibly penetrating way of his, a dark well of promise making her breath a little heavier. His nose grazed hers as he tipped his chin down, his gaze moving to her lips, and she licked them, more out of habit than anything. His pupils dilated and she found herself barely holding back a whimper. The elevator dinged as it finally reached her floor and his hand settled on her side, tugging her forward until she was pressed to him.

He turned them together and walked her backwards down the hall, his free hand coming around to unbutton her jacket, popping one button after the other and parting the fabric. Just before they reached her door, he pressed her coat back by the lapels and stripped it off her shoulders and down her arms until it hung off her fingertips for a moment. Her breath left her in a rush, her chest heaving a little, and she watched his eyes drift down, taking in the way her tank top clung to her.

Still in possession of her keys, he unlocked her apartment door and with a squeeze of her hip, had her stepping inside for him to follow after her. He closed the door and locked it behind him, and she smiled, even now he was still so very aware of how being on alert and keeping them safe. Unlooping her purse from across her chest, she dropped it on an end table. She walked forward into her mostly dark apartment, shafts of lamp light cutting through the windows, but she was only a few steps in when he pressed to her back, her jacket tossed aimlessly to the floor.

His hands were on her hips, squeezing, and she turned to face him, taking the ends of his jacket between her fingers. She looked up at him, staring down at her, and she followed the zipper of his jacket up until she reached the collar. She pushed his jacket back off his shoulders and pulled it down his arms.

And then his shirt; she pulled it up his torso, revealing every inch of hard sinew that she'd admired for so long. He tossed his jacket in the same direction as her own and she let his shirt fall from her grip.

She tucked her fingers into the waist of his jeans before she slid them upward, spreading them out, letting the tips of each drag over his skin, moving from one scar to the next, dipping into the contours of his abdomen, tracing the defining lines of his chest. For all that his body was littered with memories of torture and abuse, it was somehow still the most incredibly beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life.

And maybe, yes, that was colored by what that body was capable of doing. And she wasn't just talking about how it was definitely going to completely rid her of her current sexual frustration. But all that muscle, all that deadly force packed inside him, and he was using it for good. He channeled those terrible parts of him filled with hate and rage into making the worst of people pay for their sins.

She hadn't realized she was biting her lip until his thumb released it from the confines of her teeth, rubbing back and forth soothingly. She slid her hands up to the tops of his shoulders and massaged across the stretch of muscle there, moving and tightening as his hands found her hips and tugged her forward.

He bent his head down, searched her eyes, and then closed those last few inches to slant his mouth over hers. For all that her skin was still chilled from the rain, her lips lit up on fire. His mouth cradled her bottom lip between his, his teeth and tongued teasing it. She let out a happy sigh, her mouth parting for him, and felt his tongue slip inside, stroking the roof of her mouth and flicking the back of her teeth.

Their mouths moved together, over and over, her breath coming quicker as she searched out the fit of his lips between hers. His hands slid up her back, fingers digging in, drawing her impossibly closer, her front already pressed flat against him. He was kissing down her chin and under to her neck when his fingers fell to the bottom of her tank top and started pulling it up, peeling it off her wet skin. His teeth scraped over her collar bones before he lifted his head and found her eyes again.

As the bunched up fabric met under her arms, she stretched them above her head and let him strip her shirt off. It got caught on the twisted bun settled low on her head and, as he pulled it free, rain water was squeezed from her hair, slipping down her back, making her shiver involuntarily. He dropped her shirt to the floor and she heard the plop of wet fabric. His fingers followed the length of her arms back down to her body, sliding around to her back and tracing her shoulder blades before they found the middle of her bra.

Her hands fell back to his shoulders as he released the clasp and very slowly drew the straps down her arms. As it joined the rest of the clothing on the floor, she watched him; the muscle ticking in his jaw, the play of strength as his chest expanded with each inhale, the darkening of his eyes that sent a surge of pride through her.

His hands found the backs of her shoulders and held her steady as he ducked his head down, kissing a path down between the valley of her breasts, nuzzling the curve of each. He turned his head and rasped his whiskered cheek against her, making her bite her lip, her hips twisting. He kissed down, under her left breast, suckling kisses along the curve until he reached the top and nipped lightly until he found the center and sucked the pebbled pink nipple between his lips.

Her back arched as she fell back into the comfort of his hands, holding her up as she pressed closer to his mouth, letting out a breathy sigh at the way his whiskers tickled the sensitive skin beneath them. After a few minutes, he traded to the other side, giving it the same treatment, and she buried her fingers in his hair, scratching her nails down his neck and holding him close, enjoying the way he edged his teeth around her nipple and plucked it, his tongue swirling, teasing, and soothing all at once.

An aroused flush covered her chest and warmed her cheeks. Oliver kissed his way up to her neck once more, burying his face there as he pulled her hips against him, letting her feel how it was affecting him. She swallowed tightly and rocked her hips, grinding against him. He nipped at her neck, a rumble leaving his chest, and slid his hands up and down her back, leaving a trail of heat behind with each stroke.

When his hands found the button and zipper on her jeans, she couldn't even feel embarrassed by her, "Yes! She leaned forward a little, peering down at him. He lifted one leg by her calf and slipped her flat off before repeating with the other leg. One at a time, he put her foot on his thigh, his palm tucked under the heel, and massaged her foot, rubbing his thumb and knuckle into the arch.

Her toes stretched and spread apart at the feeling. It felt good, it felt… it felt like being taken care of, and she realized just how much he really meant he wanted to try with her. As much as tonight was going to end with much-deserved sex, it was about more than that.

It was about loving each other and finally expressing everything that had been pent up between them for far too long. When he was finished with her feet, he dragged his hands up the back of her legs, kneading her calves and stroking her thighs. When his fingers finally curled around the waist of her jeans, his knuckles rubbing her hips, she let out a shaky breath, her chin tucked against her chest as she watched him. He kissed down her stomach from her navel, all the while tugging her jeans down a little bit at a time.

He licked down her hip bones, scraping his teeth over them, and pulled her jeans down to her thighs.

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His mouth moved lower, kissing across the front of her underwear, and he dragged her jeans to her ankles. She lifted one foot and then the other and he tossed her jeans away before his hands slid up the back of her thighs and cupped her bottom, pulling her in close as he tugged her underwear down by his teeth.

His fingers kneaded her ass before they gripped either side of her thong and dragged it down her legs. She didn't know how wet she was until she felt the fabric of her underwear cling to her. Oliver was quick to taste her. His tongue licked between her slit and curled up. Taking one of her knees, he pulled it over his shoulder and spread her apart.

Felicity could count on one hand how many times she'd had a guy go down on her and, for the most part, it had fallen short of expectation. There had only been one particular experience in college that made her see stars. This was so much better. Oliver knew what to do with his tongue, and his fingers, and he made sure she didn't just see stars, she saw a supernova.

He stimulated every inch of her until she was begging him for release, and then he'd pull back and slide his hands up to knead her breasts, tweaking and rubbing her nipples while she rocked herself against his wet chin, rubbing her sensitive folds against his stubble, desperate for more contact. And just to tease her, he'd let his tongue flick her clit, but he wouldn't let her come. When she tried to slide her own fingers down, he let her dip them inside herself and then he licked them clean and brought her hands up to play with her breasts.

I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you ♥

Until finally, he stood, his arm banding around her thighs and lifting her up as he carried her into her bedroom.

He laid her back on her bed and dropped his mouth to her pussy, burying it once more, and this time not letting up until she finally felt it all consume her. She was pretty sure she screamed. Squirming on the bed, gripping the blanket beneath her, her hips pressed up tight against his face, his tongue and fingers buried inside her, rubbing and curling, she felt his tongue writing letters and numbers and his name against her spread open folds, and it made tiny bursts go off inside her just as her orgasm was beginning to ebb away.

When she finally sank back to the bed, her thighs were shaking and aftershocks were still running through her. Her eyes were closed and an arm fell over her face as she tried to catch her breath. She could feel him kissing her thighs, rubbing his hands up and down the backs of each, massaging away the tension that had gripped the muscles there.

She moved her arm so she could see him, her Oliver, his lips smoothing over her bare thigh, his chin and lips still wet with her. When he sought out her eyes, her breath caught. There was something infinitely intimate about this, and it had nothing to do with a lack of clothes or oral sex.

It was about vulnerability and trust.

i never dreamed id meet somebody like you

He climbed up her body, dropping kisses on her hips and breasts and shoulders before he found her lips again. At some point, he'd lost his jeans, and she wasn't complaining. Her legs wrapped around his waist and drew him closer, feeling the weight of his cock pressed to her slit. He was in no hurry. He reached under her to release her hair from her elastic and spread out the wet curls.

They threaded through his fingers as he cradled her head and kneaded down her neck, searching out those knots and kinks. All the while, he kissed her, sipping at her lips, his tongue dipping inside.

Her arms wrapped around him, hands sliding up and down, fingers stroking over the burn scars on his lower back before sliding up to dip in the play of muscles that moved each time his arms stretched. She could feel his stomach against hers, rubbing with each inhale, but he kept his weight up and off her. As his hands delved lower to rub her shoulders, he dropped his mouth down to her chest and kissed down her sides, rubbing his cheeks against her ribs, making her laugh and squirm under him.

He dragged his mouth down her stomach and then back up before he rested his chin on her chest and stared at her a long moment. She let out a breathless laugh. Sliding her hand up to his face, she traced the curve of his ear. She wrapped a leg around the curve of his hip and pressed up, her hand finding his shoulder to do the same. He took her cue and turned over onto his back, letting her climb into his lap.

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Taking his hands, she pressed them up above his head and stretched over him. She kissed from the inside of one elbow down to his bicep, licking the hills of muscle collected there before she dragged her mouth over his shoulder and down into the crook of his neck. Oliver was firm everywhere, and she let her lips and teeth tease every inch, from the length of his neck, down his chest, to the hollows of his hips, leading to his cock.

She traced the corners of his Bratva tattoo and the tail-like scars that arched down from it with her tongue. She let her thumb follow the angry scar on his left bicep and rubbed her nose against the buckshot pattern on the right side of his chest.

Much like he'd spent time teasing her nipples, she did the same for him, her tongue pressed flat and her teeth grazing all around them.

He reached for her, his fingers burying in her hair, loose and falling to trail against his stomach. She could feel his cock pressed up against her slit, heavy and thick and very, very ready. She arched her hips down and then turned them up, sliding herself along the length of him, again and again. He twitched against her, his hand tightening in her hair, and she could feel his stomach clench up against her breasts every time she sunk down, every inch of her pressed to him.

She teased him like that for a while, enjoying the throbbing in her clit, the build-up she felt inside her, eager for more, to feel all of him. She reached across him to her bedside table and came up triumphant with a condom. She squeezed and stroked him, her thumb rubbing over the crown of his cock as she sat back on his thighs, watching him. His skin was flushed, much like it was after a particularly vigorous go on the salmon ladder, and his breathing was heavy, his eyes dark, and that feral promise crossing over the plains of his face once more.

She slid the condom on and moved forward, dipping her head to kiss him. His hands found her sides, fingers stretched and squeezing as he brought her hips back. She reached down between them and directed him inside her, sinking down slowly, letting him in an inch at a time. Her mouth dropped open and her brow furrowed as he stretched her open. When she was finally seated on him, she put her hands on his stomach and rocked herself in circles. A stuttering breath left her and she bit her lip on a moan.

His hands slid up, thumbs rubbing her hip bones, before he started moving her, bringing her forward and off him before he brought her down hard. She cried out, her nails scraping at his stomach. His fingers curled around her thighs, tucked under her ass, and lifted her up, setting a pace that had her forgetting to breathe.

It felt so good she didn't want it to stop. Just right there, in that haze right before she came, feeling him hit every spot, knocking the breath right out of her. In an effort to prolong it, she leaned forward, bracing her hands on either side of his head as she twisted and rocked her hips, sliding off of him almost completely before she took him back inside as deep as he could go, squeezing and clenching around his length.

His hands spread out over her back, and she opened her eyes to see him watching her, like he was memorizing every face she made, ever noise that left her, filing it away so he'd never forget. And then he brought one of his hands up and licked his fingers before he slid them down between them and started rubbing and flicking and teasing her clit.

Her back arched down and her head was thrown back as she came, sweat dripping down her skin and her hair clinging to her cheeks and her neck. She was still rocking on him, still clenching around him, rock hard inside her. Very slowly, and gentle like she'd rarely seen him before, he turned them over so they were on their sides. He was still inside her, but he didn't move for a while. He just brought her leg up high on his hip and traced the underside of her thigh with his fingers, skimming it over her butt and along the curve of her back, his palm dragging up her side, until he smoothed it across her shoulder blade and tickled the back of her neck.

Over and over again, until her skin was tingly and her heart was light. She watched him, his eyes soft as he stared back at her. He leaned in, his forehead finding hers, and kissed her, tugging on her bottom lip with his teeth. Her hand found his cheek, the tips of her fingers quietly tracing the arch. He tipped his head up to kiss her nose.

i never dreamed id meet somebody like you

Love you… Save you…" He dragged his knuckles down her cheek. I was completely in love with you, and equally terrified of both having you and losing you. You did it because you wanted to help Walter, because he was nice to you, and you stayed because you knew you could do more good…" He shook his head.

I don't know who I'd be. But I don't think I'd like him. I wouldn't be better. And I know if I have any chance of being happy in this life, it's going to be with you.

It doesn't have to be me. Although I'd like it to be. But don't think that I'm your only chance, because anybody would be lucky to love and be loved by you. They were wrapped together so tight she couldn't tell whose legs from whose.

It was just a tangle of skin, hips moving just enough to send those shocks of pleasure through her. They made love exactly how they fell in love, slowly, passionately, and with all the consuming intensity that simmered beneath the surface. He pressed her back against the bed and sunk into her quicker and faster, her knees lifted up and pressed back, his teeth grazing down her chin. And then he found her hands, squeezing them tight as he pinned them to the bed above her head.

Her legs wrapped around his waist, encouraging him as he chased the light right into the fire, triggering her own breathless climax. He panted her name against her chest, where he laid his cheek as he came down. His fingers slowly unfurled from hers and she stroked her own down his arms, rubbing and kneading soothingly.

It took him a few minutes before he had enough strength to climb off the bed and walk to the bathroom, throwing away the condom and cleaning himself off. When he was finished, she traded off in using the bathroom and, after brushing her teeth and putting her hair up into a half-way decent ponytail, joined him in her bed.

He was under the covers, his arms crossed behind his head on the pillow, looking the picture of satisfaction, and somehow like he belonged there, in her bed, though it was the first she'd seen him in it.

She didn't bother with her pajamas, climbing in beside him, equally exposed, and pressing snugly against his side, her head resting on his chest. He wrapped an arm around her, his thumb rubbing circles on her shoulder. She wondered if he was right, that they were in love long before they ever said it or acknowledged it to be true. She wondered if she hadn't slipped off that precipice a long time ago. Maybe from that first, surprised smile he gave to her and her alone, or when she turned around to find him in the back of her car, entrusting his life in her hands, or one of the many times he'd swooped in and saved her, or maybe it was a thousand other moments, big and small.

What she knew was that they were going to try, they were going to be happy, they were going to keep each other and love each other and save each other. She fell asleep with his name a quiet sigh on her lips, and he answered with hers back. A million declarations in one word a piece. The loudest of them all being I love you too.

But I thought she was really fantastic. She's a great actress. She pretended to like me. I mean, we didn't know each other, and I always feel like I have to explain to people: She wasn't having sex with me, she wasn't my girlfriend, but she put that energy out so much so that people always come up to me, to this day, guys will come up to me and they go: You're the guy… who's the girl in the video?

I was in it, too, but that's who you want to know. She was a very good actress, a very beautiful women. When you think of like a beautiful supermodel, you think of people that are, you know, "I need another hour for my hair! I never remember her holding up anything for any reason.

Did Ritts' preferred setting — beach with ocean backdrop — present any challenges? It looks romantic in the video, but in real life, we're on a beach… if you look at [Christensen's] body, it has goosebumps on it. They were throwing buckets of cold sea water on us to keep us wet. And there was a little bit of wind, and she was freezing, I mean she was just shivering. When I'm holding her close to me, a lot of times I was just holding her feeling like, "you poor thing, hold on to me — you'd be warm at least.

What was your reaction when you first saw the finished video? We shot the whole video and afterwards, I remember they showed me the rushes and stuff, and they said we want your comments on the editing and everything.

And I had the stupidest comment. People laugh at it, but it's actually my comment. I said, "I love it, I don't think they're going to play it. So every time I was in it, and they were showing me, I was thinking "that's just boring and bad.