Can make ends meet anymore any more

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can make ends meet anymore any more

If you have more month than you do money it is possible to turn your situation around. Here's how to make ends meet even if you feel like giving up. Before you can make any progress you have to stop feeling sorry for. Focus on what you do have, and this will give you some perspective and .. Can't make ends meet The questioner may need much more help than this, but it. How Not To Deal When You Can't Make Ends Meet I am no longer late on payments for my car, rent, or utilities EVER and spend a great deal.

That usually means an evening or night job as a gas station attendant or a grocery re-stocker.

can make ends meet anymore any more

Those jobs are fairly high turnover because many of the people doing it are high school students and college students who are just seeking a quick buck in their pocketso there are usually slots available if you look around. Most employers will be happy to give you a part time schedule that works for you. Look into self-employment opportunities.

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Perhaps you could open a very small-scale home daycare, where you take in just a few children during the day. A small number of kids would provide companionship for your own children without taking away too much from the focused time and attention you give to them, plus it would bring in some additional income.

Find a family in a similar situation as yours and work cooperatively with them.

can make ends meet anymore any more

For example, you could share a warehouse club membership and take advantage of the low prices there by buying bulk items together and splitting them among the families.

You could also get into a routine of potlucking dinners together so that you can make your meal dollars stretch a little further. You might also want to consider reciprocal free babysitting with that family to further cut costs. There are lots of ways that you can share and reduce costs with another family — just sit down and talk about it. Talk to your close friends and family about your situation and see if they have any ideas.

Unsubscribe at any time. Find another job, know your worth and get a job with a higher salary, Get a part time job. Create your own side hustle. Need tips on how to start your own blog?

not making ends meet and can't cope

Read my guide create your own blog website. Hope you win the lottery. If this is your way of thinking you will just have to suck it up and enjoy the struggle.

In today’s economy, even two-income families struggle to make ends meet

Think about your skills set and talents What do your friends and family always compliment you on? Do people come to your house and say wow your house is so organized? You know organization is a skill that you can be paid for right? Do people always comment on how stylish you are? Are your friends always calling you up to ask if you can help them create vacation outfits? That is a skill that you can charge for. Maybe you love giving out relationship advice.

The perfect advice for anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet

People are always writing you on Facebook asking what would you do if you were me? This is a skill that you can charge for. My point is every day we are already using our God given skills and talents for free. We are doing things free for our friends and even using free platforms to spread our ideas.

Even your knowledge can be turned into a package that people are willing to pay for.

The perfect advice for anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet

You know kind of like colleges who make billions by the way selling knowledge. You have valuable skills. If you are using free platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all day I suggest you get your own website to offer your advice on and then use your social media to bring people to your own website.

Once you have your own website be sure to create an email list. To help me save money automatically I now use Rize. I also get to set up multiple goal buckets.

Unlike Digit you get to set a specific target goal and choose how much you can commit to save each month.