5 people you will meet in hell

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5 people you will meet in hell

I love parodies. I love the book that this book attempts to make fun of. I have read other parodies of this book and laughed and laughed. With this one, I was. The 5 People You Meet In Hell is a 6-episode series. E6 The 5 People You Meet In Hell | VRMP Radio, In the final episode, we find out why Will he survive ?. The Five People You Meet in Hell has ratings and 25 reviews. Heaven can catchsomeair.us the meantime why not go to Hell?Every once in a while a little book.

The Blue Man became blue because he drank silver nitrate poison in an attempt to help him with stomach problems. Over time, the poison changed the color of his skin! The Blue Man tells the story of his death. One day, The Blue Man borrowed a car to practice his driving. Eddie was a young boy and was playing baseball in the yard. Eddie missed a ball and went to chase after it in the street.


The Blue Man nearly hits Eddie, but swerves and keeps driving. The Blue Man is bothered by the event and stressed out. He has a heart attack and crashes in a nearby alley while Eddie is safe. The Blue Man goes on to tell Eddie the lesson to be learned from this event. That we are all connected. That you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind.

We may not realize it, but someone will be affected. You never quite know what the impact of a simple good deed will do for someone else! While in Vietnam, Eddie and his fellow soldiers were captured. For months, they were held in captivity and forced to work in a coal mine. Finally one night, Eddie was able to distract the guards with his juggling skills and the rest of the men took out the guards.

After the escape, the soldiers burned down the village with gas and fire. As the village was burning, Eddie thought he saw a shadow in one of the burning huts. To get him out of there, the captain shot Eddie in the leg and they got out of their safely.

5 people you will meet in hell

The captain then shares his story. Once Eddie was discharged due to his leg injury, he returned home.

5 people you will meet in hell

The captain kept going with the team and one day, he was driving down a path and came to a gate. He went to open the gate and walked around. On accident, he stepped on a land mine and was blown up. Ruby explains to Eddie his relationship with his father. Eddie had been so angry with his father because he thinks his father has ruined his life. He blames his father for all the bad things that has happened to him.

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It eats you from inside. At this point, Eddie realized how great a man his dad was, even with his quirks and felt sad he showed anger towards him. Marguerite was the only woman Eddie ever loved.

5 people you will meet in hell

But I've always felt that each of my attacks was justified and honest with the exception of Adam, who, duh, I'm just teasing, you silly people. In print and in real life, I've tried never to engage in wholly invented smack-talking. And while everyone falls from grace every now and then, there are some people who will say just about anything at any time. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Maybe they slander co-workers for their own gain.

Maybe they slander exes to make themselves look better. Some people just see the truth as an unnecessary boundary to the sprawling expanse of bullshit they want to create.

So now I'm up to the point of the entry where I say that in Hell they meet everyone they've ever slandered, right?

5 people you will meet in hell

But I don't think that's enough. I know liars are not necessarily child molesters and axe murderers, but, somehow, I just don't think they'd be very moved by such a confrontation.

I'm pretty sure if I met up with an old boss of mine and confronted him about laying off hundreds of people while simultaneously publishing a press release claiming that no layoffs had occurred, he wouldn't be the least bit embarrassed.

Probably watching his material possessions burn or being told by anyone who ever made the mistake of letting him crawl inside that he was a failed and pathetic lover. Even better, watching him find out about every miscalculation he ever made that prevented him from making even more money.

The Five People You Meet in Hell

Because it really all comes down to that for those people. Even in the midst of searing rectal pain and violation, they'll be consumed by how they had the chance to invest in Apple at 15 cents a share and just blew it. Getty Only 15 cents and Some of us bring it upon ourselves, while others are seemingly fated to suffer.

But if you're fortunate to make it through, it seems one of two things can happen to you: Continue Reading Below Advertisement Take some of those purporting to be people of faith who throw hatred at scared young women finding their way into abortion clinics. How many of those devout have had abortions themselves earlier in life? This is not the time or place to debate the validity of the pro-choice or right to life movements -- only to address those people who feel that overcoming their own adversities has given them a free pass to rain abuse and judgment down upon anyone who reminds them of who they once were.

For some, there is an unspoken belief that each scream of "Sinner! Or let's go another way. Many years ago, for a very short time, I worked for an incredibly politically and religiously conservative, straight-laced organization.

I found it overwhelmingly oppressive, and hated every moment there and the games I was expected to play.

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But of all these uber-white, ultra conservative men, do you know who had the least sympathy for my grumblings? Who was the hardest on me? One of my gay, liberal bosses. Even though she never said a word, I knew what she was thinking: You think you got it bad?

I'm a woman in an old boy's network. And not just a woman, but a huge lesbian! That's right, I go out and have sex with women, and I deal with these guys and their polished hair, three-piece suits and homophobia. So if you have to dress right, pretend to support beliefs you hate and suck ass all day in a non-gay waythen do it.

I may not be as pretty as Soren, but I can read the minds of lesbians everywhere. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Or how about those people who overcome their physical addictions and spend their sobriety not counseling the afflicted or feeling their pain, but turning their noses up?

Screw those guys for not getting through what I could. They've actively rejected the life lessons taught to them and traded empathy in for self-satisfied arrogance.