What should eat the day of a track meet

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what should eat the day of a track meet

I HAVE A COUPLE AFTERNNON MEET AND I USUALLY ONLY EAT 2 WHITE MILKS IS THIS OKAY TO EAT THE DAY OF A TRACKMEET. I always eat to much or to little the day of a track meet and end up having stomach problems all day what should I eat the morning of a track. Be Prepared For Your Track Meet The meal you eat the night before the meet should be one-third protein (chicken, fish) and two-thirds starchy foods (rice.

If your event is 2 -3 hours or more after breakfast, this should be a substantial breakfast.

what should eat the day of a track meet

If you find you are unable to eat a large breakfast at one time, eat half and then the rest the next hour or so. What if I am too nervous to eat? Studies have shown that getting "something" in can improve performance. Anxiety can affect gastric emptying and cause stomach distress, so choose foods that are liquid or semi-liquid vs.

What should I eat the day of a track meet?

Yogurt, Gel or Gu, honey, applesauce, banana, pudding, sports drink, or liquid supplement like ensure or boost chilled if possible. What if my event is early in the morning, and I really don't have time to eat breakfast?

Have your breakfast as a late night snack the night before.

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The day of your event, wake up and drink oz sports drink, try a packet of Gu or gel washed down with water, or drink a glass of juice. Aim for calories if you can.

what should eat the day of a track meet

Give your body carbohydrates to maximize blood sugar and glycogen stores, get rid of hunger feelings, and provide a psychological edge to help you think clearly. The challenge is deciding what foods you can tolerate and when. The foods at this time should be high carbohydrate, low-fat, low-fiber, moderate protein. General Rule of Thumb: Snacks hours before competition - Bagels, toast, yogurt, graham crackers, dry cereal, pretzels, trail mix, fig newtons, energy bars, animal crackers, rice cakes, canned or fresh fruits, juice, oatmeal cookies, etc.

The closer to competition, rely more on liquids and small snacks - Gel, sport beans, pudding, juice, sports drinks, honey, etc.

what should eat the day of a track meet

I usually eat 1 raisen bagel. I usually drink Propel throughout the day because for some reason I find it somewhat filling enough to the point where I can feel good while I'm running. My other events are the openand triple jump. I have a senstive stomach as well as no appetite before or during meets and if i do not constantly eat i get very light headed throughout the day.


I found the best thing to do is to eat oatmeal for breakfast. It starts the day off with a decent amount of calories as well as carbs and protein and since it has a low glycemic index it will not raise your blood sugar level and cause you to crash and feel tired later on. Then an hour before and after each race i drink an "ensure", or a "boost". It seems to satisfy my caloric needs and doesnt leave me feeling hungry or lightheaded.

what should eat the day of a track meet

They are only 8 ounces, easily to down quickly, taste ok, and cause me no GI stress. Just make sure you have a something solid in you stomach as well so you are not running ot the bathrom every 5 minutes.


The following is a breakdown of what to eat before a track meet and when to eat it. If you want to be successful in a race, then the days before a track meet are crucial for you. You can delay the onset of tired legs, the biggest problem during a race, by eating properly during this time period.

The meals you have days before your track meet should be low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates.

what should eat the day of a track meet

Since dehydrated muscles tend to get fatigued soon and hamper your performance during the race, therefore it is important that you drink at least 12 to 16 ounces of water per meal. Keep the same diet that you have consumed for the whole training season to keep your energy levels even and don't try new foods a week before the race. The Day Before a Track Meet As you are approaching the big day, eating the right foods and refraining from the bad foods become more important: The meal you eat a day before the track meet can include food items like angel food cake, toast, oranges, bananas, jelly and peanut butter sandwiches, potatoes, noodles, pizza and pasta.

Eat a meal that is two-thirds starchy foods like potatoes, rice and pasta and one-third protein like chicken and fish the night before the race. You should avoid nuts, too much meat, gravies, butter, candies and sodas.

Make sure to drink plenty of water with your meals stay away from any kind of sports drinks. On the Day of the Track Meet Here comes the big day! Follow the suggestions below to get the best scores: