Total drama world tour meet the cast of counting

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total drama world tour meet the cast of counting

Total Drama World Tour is the third season of the Total Drama franchise that began with Total Drama Island and Total 2 Voice Cast; 3 See also; 4 External links So, let's meet our players! . Harold: I'm no surfer, unless you count the Net. Total Drama World Tour is the third season of the Total Drama franchise that began with Total The original cast from this and past seasons do not compete in the next season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as there is a new cast. Total Drama World Tour Alejandro | Kissing and Total Drama World Tour Total Drama All-Stars Characters | Meet the Cast | Cartoon Network Star Character.

This is the first season to feature an odd amount of contestants competing from the start, as Total Drama Island had twenty-two contestants, and Total Drama Action started with fourteen contestants. This is the first season in which someone had to leave because of medical problems. This is the first season in which a previously eliminated contestant is brought back into the game without being an actual contestant.

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In this case, Ezekiel was brought back to aid in challenges in I See London This is the first season where Duncan isn't the highest ranking member on his team. This season features the highest amount of irregular eliminations. Only se ven co nt es ta nts were voted off via the normal process.

This season features the latest merge of a season, with the merge happening in the nineteenth episode. This is one of only two seasons to have its main promotional image be a moment from an actual episodethe other being Total Drama Island. This is the only season where Izzy competes and does not rejoin the game. Gallery Chris announces the name of the season.

total drama world tour meet the cast of counting

All of the contestants in the intro. The cast ends their first song.

Total Drama World Tour

Ezekiel loses his team's stick to a crocodilecausing them to lose the challenge. The contestants sing Before We Die. Bridgette falls for Alejandro in the Yukon. Alejandro begins to manipulate Sierra in New York. Bridgette and Geoff "make up and make out. Team Victory finally wins a challenge. Lindsay loses the fashion challenge against DJ and ends up eliminated. Alejandro gains DJ's trust in Newfoundland.

All-Stars has him reduced from a puppeteerchick magnet to Crazy Jealous Guy. Who spends the entire season trying to woo Heather. Though unlike most of the other contestants, he does retain his cunning should he choose to use it. The first one is "Sisters"which is about Leshawna signing about how she's going to get her revenge on Alejandro for messing with her head and causing her elimination.

The second one "Versus" is both a Villain Song and "The Villain Sucks" Song at the same time since it's about him and Heather singing about how they are going to win and taking constant jabs at each other while doing so. He really doesn't like being called Al. It all comes to a head in the season three finale, where it's revealed his deep hatred for being called Al is related to the fact that his older brother bullies him.

Of course, after finding this out, Cody uses it to torment him. His weak stomach when eating foods that are disgusting or unhealthy. Some of the girls have commented on his eyes, and he even exploits this trope.

One episode of the fifth season gave the audience a close up on his face. Alejandro is knowledgeable in pop culture and trivial facts, and is greatly concerned for his personal health by staying away from nasty foods, often worrying about his body image. Will They or Won't They? In the All-Stars season finale, they finally do, though they still retain their competitive natures. Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Despite the heinous acts he's committed in the past, nearing the end of All-Stars he has so much go wrong for him after doing little to deserve it.

Such as being rejected by Heather, sent to Boney Island Twice, losing his boot, and having everyone turned against him. It becomes difficult to not feel sorry for him. Not to mention the fact that his brother's bullying has been implied to have had a huge effect on his self-esteem. He acknowledges that she's a formidable adversary and enjoys competing against her in challenges, he also doesn't take it personal when she out-gambits him. Heather even invokes this to get Alejandro to help her out of a hole.

You and I have been the greatest adversaries this game has ever seen! Is this how you wanna win it — because I got jammed into a pit by a stupid rock? Is that the victory you want!? In All-Stars, after being released from the robotic body, Alejandro's legs don't work properly at first. They eventually heal and regain their strength but he still pretends to be injured to make Heather feel guilty and to keep the other Villainous Vultures from seeing him as a threat.

total drama world tour meet the cast of counting

Blaineley "What's wrong with you people?! Carla Collins Arc Villain: She often tries to shoehorn her way in the Aftermaths.

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In "Aftermath Aftermayhem", we see some of her entourage. They are manacled to each other. She is revealed to secretly have one of these in "Aftermath Aftermayham". Becomes this in "Hawaiian Style. Because of her diet she's had to avoid cake for years, so when she falls into a wedding cake during one of the "Niagara Brawls" challenges she's both horrified and ecstatic.

Later she is seen eating a wedding cake with her bare hands in the confessional.

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By World Tour, she had descended into Chris-like levels of selfishness and sadism. In "Chinese Fake Out" she make an alliance with Chef. With Chef's help, Blaineley easily completes the racing challenge after Chef pulls her to the finish line faster than the others. During the eating challenge, she has Chef secretly serve her decent food as opposed to what the other contestants had to eat.

Eventually, Heather catches her in the act and she is forced to swap meals with Sierra. Because of this disadvantage, Blaineley loses the challenge and is eliminated. Geoff even uses that exact word to describe her, and for good reason. She sheds a few of these when Owen is eliminated to make herself look good on TV.

The female version of Chris. Do Not Call Me "Paul": She dislikes being called Mildred. She tries to act like one, but it comes off more as Large Ham. She can fart and burp at the same time with enough force to shake her bloated stomachthe room and the camera to the point of breaking. Sings about her " Blainelicious " frame in her song Blainerific, though her real frame is anything but.

After her elimination, she was pushed out of the plane before she could secure her parachute.