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In , Henry complained to Thomas the time that the Viaduct had gone the express when Gordon slipped on the icy rails and befriended Pip and Emma. After the race, he met up with the other engines and informed them that he came in fifth. .. and talking; discontinued outside Asia); TrackMaster (normal and talking). Pip and Emma are the kindest diesels you can ever meet. After Gordon breaks down on the way back from London, Emma comes to his rescue. Percy's favourite job is to deliver the mail and he works on Thomas' Branch Line to the mainland, but the two friends were certain they will meet again someday. . Thomas and the Twins - Scrambled Eggs (does not speak); Thomas and the .. chocolate-covered; discontinued outside Asia); TrackMaster (normal, talking, .

In the end, Percy's statement and the twins' excellent performance was enough for Hatt to take pity on the twins and keep both.

He demonstrated this intent with an offer of a fresh coat of paint for both engines, as well as giving them both nameplates to avoid any more confusion. By their request they were painted NWR blue, in honour of their Caledonian heritage. InDouglas helped save OliverIsabel and Toad from the prospect of scrap.


The Fat Controller soon found out and arranged for the three to be repaired and painted in Great Western colours. Toad asked to be Douglas' brake van as a show of gratitude.

Since then, the twins have, by all accounts, "transformed" goods traffic on the main line. Such is their versatility that they regularly see service on the Little Western and Edward's Branch Lineas well as duties as station-pilots at Tidmouth.

A turntable has been provided for them at Arlesburghalthough briefly decommissioned after Oliver was pushed into it by some trucks. When discovered, the duckling became friends with Donald and his crew and eventually settled down at Haultraughwhere a small pond was nearby. She was named Dilly by the stationmasterbut she is known to everyone else as Donald's duck.

Such a demanding work-load has begun to tax them however and in the Fat Controller borrowed a navy saddletank named Wilbert from the Dean Forest Railway to deputise for them on the Arlesburgh branch, with the intention of obtaining another engine of Wilbert's class to permanently fill that role. Donald accused Douglas of pushing him into the cart while Douglas accused Donald of pulling him.

The twins refused to speak to each other. While Douglas missed his twin and was ready to make up, Donald began to experience lapses in competence and demanded an apology. Eventually, Donald was not looking where he was going and crashed through some buffers into a ditch. As soon as Douglas heard from Duck that Donald was in trouble, he immediately rushed over to help his twin and the two engines made up.

The two argued whether or not the monster inside the lake existed or not. Unfortunately for the twins, a landslide occurs and the two became stranded.

The Fat Controller promised help, but soon night came. The twins saw a shape moving towards them on the causeway. Soon, the twins got their equipment to the castle on time and Lord Callan called them Really Useful engines. The plan was carried out and the points were fixed; Gordon thanked the twins for helping him. Afterwards, Harvey was sent to help the twins after a tree had been knocked down.

Thomashowever, misunderstood the situation and accidentally sent Harvey the wrong way. Thomas was proud of himself for being so helpful until he saw that Donald and Douglas were stuck and needed Harvey's help.

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He found Harvey and gave him the correct directions needed to help the twins. Thanks to Thomas and Harvey, the line was cleared and the twins were on their way. The twins later helped with the construction of the Harwick Branch Linedelivering most of the heavy construction materials. When Douglas went over the unstable track bed that hides the tunnel into Calles Cavern it began to crack and the workmen only just stopped Donald from going over it. They later attended the branch line's opening ceremony.

Once, they were to clear snow from the tracks during winter, but they kept arguing over which tracks to clear next. Douglas was accidentally separated from his tender and left behind by Donald, who eventually found him in a siding with some help from Toby.

tomy trackmaster meet the twins emma

Another snowy day, they had to take a large shipment of pipes to Vicarstown and Emily came along to help. During the journey, Douglas told Emily about some of Donald's accidents and she began laughing, which Donald could hear echoing through the pipes. Irritated, Donald stopped the train and got Douglas to take his place at the front. As they continued, Donald began telling Emily about Douglas' accidents, until Douglas stopped the train on Gordon's Hill and demanded that he and his brother swap back.

Donald and Douglas

With both twins uncoupled and busy squabbling and bumping each other, Emily was left holding the train on her own. They did not notice till too late that Emily and the train were slipping back down the hill - to make matters worse, a lump of coal shaken out of Donald's tender by a bump from Douglas had formed a giant snowball, which knocked Emily off the rails. After talking with his new friend Gator, he understood what being brave is like and later used this courage to save James from a huge landslide.

He later learned that the monster was really a dinosaur a long, long time ago, which had now become a fossil. He also understood that the footprints Thomas saw, were also only fossils left from the dinosaur. Percy later said goodbye to Gator, who had to return to the mainland, but the two friends were certain they will meet again someday.

In the eighteenth season, Percy was starting to miss Gator and tried to forget him by working hard and not think about him. He thought about Gator and his advice of how to be brave.

Percy goes into the mine and rescues the trucks. Percy reunited with Gator at Christmas. In the nineteenth season, he was to take the Mayor of Sodor to the Search and Rescue Centre to present a new alarm bell to celebrate their one thousandth rescue. Diesel overheard Percy talking about it at the Docks and he played a trick on him, sending Percy to the Old Quarry which resulted him ending up on a badly flooded railway line and after Diesel unsuccessfully attempted to pull him out of the flood, he too also ended up getting stuck in the water after it badly damaged his generator.

He was once giving the job of transporting Farmer McColl 's ewes to a fair at Maithwaitehowever he was late delivering that nights mail. Rushing to get back on time, he bashed his livestock wagon into a flatbed and unknowingly created a hole in it. He collected the sheep from McColl Farm, but every time he stopped some of the sheep escaped.

By the time he had reached the fair, all the sheep had escaped. Fortunately, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel arrived shortly afterwards with the sheep, much to Percy's relief. Once, he saw some painters at Knapfordtalking about the Fat Controller "leaving". He told Thomas and the other engines and they came to the conclusion he was leaving Sodor because of them, so they decided to create no confusion and delay until he decided to stay.

By the end of the day, it appeared their plan was successful, though Percy still had his doubts. His suspicions were seemingly confirmed when he saw the painters clearing out the Fat Controller's office. Now believing the Fat Controller was being forced to leave, the engines decided to go on strike until he was allowed to stay. After much confusion and delay, the Fat Controller explained to the engines that he was just moving to a temporary office while his was being redecorated.

With the misunderstanding cleared up, Percy and the other engines worked hard to get the railway back on schedule. In the twentieth season, he had the job of taking the Christmas Mail to Vicarstown for Hiro to take to the Mainland and onwards to the North Pole. Harold offered to help, but Percy refused, determined complete the job on his own. After he left a bag of letters behind at DryawHarold chased after him, but Percy, believing he was mocking his speed again, refused to stop and crashed into a snowdrift at a tunnel.

Stuck, he reluctantly agreed to let Harold deliver the Mail. The following day, he heard from Toby that Harold had not returned to Sodor that night, so he raced off to the Mainland to find him. He found him stuck in a field and out of fuel.

tomy trackmaster meet the twins emma

Not wanting Harold to spend Christmas stranded and alone, he fetched his fuel and the two returned to Sodor. Later, Percy was taking the Mail Train at night, when he came across the Watermill bridge and heard a moaning sound which gave him a fright. Percy later told Thomas and Toby about it and remembering the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, he thought it was a troll that lives under the bridge. The three engines reluctantly crossed the bridge and discovered it was only a lost cow. He was also the only engine to be nice to Hugowho was being shunned as the others though he had come to replace them.

He would then see a Zeppelin in the sky and question how Hugo could be in the sky as well as on the rails. However, Thomas managed to make it to the Mainland after all and Percy dropped out of the competition so his best friend could compete and because he did not want to compete in the first place. In the twenty-first season, Percy became confused because of the new P. Because of this, he ended up taking a delivery of pigs to Lord Callan at Callan Castle. He was also told by Dowager Hatt to pull Gordon's Express instead of Gordon doing so, but because he was not strong enough to pull it, he got stuck on Gordon's Hill and ended up severely delayed.

Conductor talking in his sleep. Conductor and conclude that he travels on Sodor to the magic railroad. Thomas told Percy about the missing truck and realised that the buffers leading to the magic railroad and told Percy to guard the buffers to be a brave engine. Sometime afterwards, Percy found Splatter and Dodge at the magic buffers and raced to warn Thomas, telling him to get Lily back to Muffle Mountain before Diesel 10 destroyed the magic railroad.

Percy was last seen pulling a goods train during a scene of the chase between LadyThomas and Diesel 10 when the three engines passed over Bulgy's Bridge. Personality Percy is a rather cheeky, but kind engine, who normally behaves well, except when he is getting into mishaps from being over eager.

He loves teasing the others, especially the bigger engines, such as Gordon and James, but is always brought down to earth in due course by anyone who gives him the moral to learn, especially the Fat Controller.