To meet the rapidly rising market demand

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to meet the rapidly rising market demand

This interference with the operation of market forces has a disincentive effect on to meet rapidly rising import demands generated by accelerated development . Option C says suppliers are growing fish twice as fast as growing them naturally. Suppliers can't grow something which goes fish grow naturally by. To meet the rapidly rising market demand for fish and seafood, suppliers are growing fish twice as fast as their natural growth rate, cutting their feed allotment by.

The sentence has a list as shown in the meaning analysis. This list is not parallel in this choice.

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The list per this choice is: Meaning Error — This choice changes the intended meaning of the sentence and in fact while doing so renders the sentence illogical. Remember that the original sentence states that suppliers are growing fish faster than the fish grows naturally. Thus, two different rates of growth are being compared. Rate at which suppliers grow the fish Rate at which fish grow naturally. Now the two rates being compared are as follows: Rate at which suppliers grow the fish Rate at which someone grows the fish naturally.

No Errors Choice E: As discussed in Choice B.

To meet the rising marketing demand

Thus, Choice D is the correct answer. What are the key take-away messages? Rate is not fast; rate is more or higher.

to meet the rapidly rising market demand

Correct sentence should communicate the intended meaning of the sentence. Consider complete sentence and not just the underlined portion of the sentence to determine the correct answer.

Rising demand for attractive color and taste in local dishes is further fueling to market growth. Essential oils are beneficial for blood circulation stimulation and have excellent soothing effects on the central nervous system. Various health benefits have also fostered product application in massage and aromatherapy sectors.

to meet the rapidly rising market demand

The industry is probable to progress further with pioneering niche applications along with increasing demand from developing countries such as Brazil, India, and China. Other applications include, but are not limited, to insect repelling, pet care, room freshening, odor repelling, sports equipment disinfection, and personal care.

Rapidly growing personal care industry and rising demand for natural essential oil-based products are projected to boost market development over the forecast period.

To meet the rapidly rising market demand for fish and seafood, suppliers…GMATPrep

Other applications may also comprise bathing, compresses, Jacuzzis, steam inhalations, floral waters, and vaporization or diffusion in public places and individual residences. Regional Insights Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing regional market which accounted for The region is expected to reach Increasing production of essential oils along with growing demand from various crucial user industries are probable to increase the demand for different types of essential oil products across the globe.

Innovative extraction techniques along with technological advancement in the production process are likely to surge the preference for products. North America accounted for approximately The region is expected to witness a high growth owing to increasing medical applications with growing consumer interest and awareness regarding health benefits associated with essential oils and natural ingredients.

High geriatric population coupled with rising prevalence of diseases and epidemics has fostered regional development across the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Increasing demand for natural ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products is also likely to boost demand in the U.

To meet the rapidly rising market demand for fish and seafood, supplie : Sentence Correction (SC)

High level of integration both in distribution and raw material is likely to be witnessed. Technological advancement and colossal price competitiveness is a significant trend followed in the global market. Some of the companies engaged in the development and expansion of this industry include H. High entry barriers owing to advancement in technology and cost of capital are likely to maintain low competition among industrial participants.