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the senate meet

Typically, a congress is divided into two annual sessions of the Senate, convened On any given day, however, the Senate may meet in a variety of designated. Since the Senate's initial meeting in March it has occupied numerous chambers located in three different cities: New York, Philadelphia, and finally. The University of Victoria Senate, in accordance with the University Act, Senate meets in open session, and may meet in closed session when it is necessary.

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The amount of a senator's pension depends on the years of service and the average of the highest three years of their salary. Far more senators have been nominees for the presidency than representatives. Furthermore, three senators Warren HardingJohn F. Kennedyand Barack Obama have been elected president while serving in the Senate, while only one Representative James Garfield has been elected president while serving in the House, though Garfield was also a Senator-designate at the time of his election to the Presidency, having been chosen by the Ohio Legislature to fill a Senate vacancy.

Seniority in the United States Senate According to the convention of Senate seniority, the senator with the longer tenure in each state is known as the "senior senator"; the other is the "junior senator". This convention does not have official significance, though seniority generally is a factor in the selection of physical offices.

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The most-junior "senior senator" is Bill Cassidy of Louisianawho was sworn in January 3,and is currently 79th in seniority, ahead of senator John Neely Kennedy who was sworn in January 3,and is currently 95th in seniority.

With the th CongressJon Kyl of Arizonawho was sworn in on September 4,will become the most-junior "senior senator", ahead of senator-elect Kyrsten Sinemawho will be sworn in January 3, Expulsion and other disciplinary actions[ edit ] The Senate may expel a senator by a two-thirds vote. Fifteen senators have been expelled in the Senate's history: William Blountfor treason, inand fourteen in and for supporting the Confederate secession.

The Senate has also censured and condemned senators; censure requires only a simple majority and does not remove a senator from office. Some senators have opted to withdraw from their re-election races rather than face certain censure or expulsion, such as Robert Torricelli in Majority and minority parties[ edit ] The "majority party" is the political party that either has a majority of seats or can form a coalition or caucus with a majority of seats; if two or more parties are tied, the vice president's affiliation determines which party is the majority party.

The next-largest party is known as the minority party. The president pro tempore, committee chairs, and some other officials are generally from the majority party; they have counterparts for instance, the "ranking members" of committees in the minority party.

Independents and members of third parties so long as they do not caucus with or support either of the larger parties are not considered in determining which is the majority party.

the senate meet

Seating[ edit ] A typical Senate desk At one end of the chamber of the Senate is a dais from which the presiding officer presides. Above the presiding officer's desk at the rostrum was the press gallery. Here, reporters are able to observe and cover the proceedings of the Senate.

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Inthe chamber was used for a presentation of a narrative poem "The Sleeping Sentinel" about a Union Army soldier, William Scottwho had fallen asleep at his post and was sentenced to be shot.

Among the audience for the performance was the then-President of the United States, Abraham Lincolnwho had actually pardoned the sentinel months earlier.

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He quickly noted the poor quality of the air in the chamber, arguing that the premature deaths of 34 serving senators over the previous 12 years were caused by the overly hot and poorly humidified air, which he blamed for the spread of common illnesses during the winter and the general discomfort of the chamber during the summer. In Junethe Senate voted to adopt a measure by Copeland to improve the "living conditions of the Senate Chamber.

On May 16, however, Copeland requested the indefinite postponement of his proposal in light of a new ventilation system that received the endorsement of experts in public health.

the senate meet

The "manufactured weather" ventilation system, designed by Carrier Corporationwas completed in - the Senate's first air conditioning system.

In place of the chamber's original cast-iron pilastersnewer red Levanto marble pilasters were installed.

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The wooden rostrum was replaced with a newer, larger version made of marble. The iron and glass ceiling, including the skylight, was replaced with a ceiling of stainless steel and plaster. This redesign, in addition to improving the acoustic properties of the room, was to update the room's mid-nineteenth century decor, which was then out of date.

the senate meet