The person i would like to meet essay

What person from the past would you like to meet?

the person i would like to meet essay

Essay submissions should be between words. Include your full I would like to meet Martin Luther King Jr. because he changed the way people live. He helped My famous person is Thomas Alva Edison. He was a. Person: Assuming that you are talking about people of our generation who are healthy and alive, then I would like to meet a certain Mr. Jimmy Wales. Reason. You are given a chance to meet a very famous person. I would like to meet the "King of Bollywood",the second Richest Actor in the World, Shah Rukh Khan.

I'd like to know his thoughts and opinions on many things and would like to spend some time with one of my favourite writers. Describe a famous sports person you know about. Describe a famous celebrity in your country. Describe a person you want to spend time with. How to make a good first impression informal situation Answer: Today I will talk about how to make a good first impression.

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I will talk about why it is important, and what you can do to help create a good impression when you meet someone for the first time. This is true and that is why it is important to make a good first impression. If you make a bad first impression it can be difficult to change in future.

When you meet someone for the first time they will form an opinion of you based on how you look, how you behave and what you say. Lots of people are nervous when meeting other people for the first time. If you remember this it will help you to be more confident. Body language is very important. If you smile and look friendly, then most people will smile and be friendly in return.

Who would you like to meet?

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What person from the past would you like to meet?

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the person i would like to meet essay

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the person i would like to meet essay

Descriptive essay famous person Can be famous failures from their work ethic. Are you ever wish that means of should they were once accomplished ncaa athletes. Should be lots of them very famous person. Video you should also read all the sophism that. But, Being in such a poor condition he couldn't afford to go there.

Shah Rukh Borrowed 50 rupees 1 Dollar money from friend to go there and now he has million dollar Property. In an Interview he said - " When everyone sleepsI am awake and practice acting.

Finally, he got break through. He started his career with TV Serial named 'Fauji'.

the person i would like to meet essay

Impressed by his performed and Dedication, when he decided to move to movies, he immediately got 4 contracts. His film debut was in Deewana, which was released in June Shahrukh Khan sleeps only 3 hours a day and works for 18 hours a day, even at night.

He is the object of a sometimes fanatical following, with a fan base estimated to exceed one billion. In he was declared "the biggest movie star you've never heard of According to a popularity survey, 3.

Which one person from history would you like to meet? Give specific reasons for your choice.

In a poll by the magazine Eastern Eye he was named the sexiest man in Asia. Khan has a significant following in Asia and the Indian Diaspoara worldwide. Comment Link Tuesday, 20 September If you ask anyone about Shakespeare's most famous quotes or quotations, he or she will say "To be, or not to be" and if you ask him or her about his play they will certainly mention "Romeo and Juliet". Comment Link Wednesday, 13 July Everybody knows him because he is the best football player in the world and he might become the greatest player ever.

Messi has an amazing career ahead of him. Many football experts compare Messi to the legendary Pele and Maradona. In many football matches he proved to people he is really the best. His skills on the ball, ability to get past defenders and his goal-scoring are spectacular. In short, Lionel Messi is like a PlayStation.