Tf2 meet the team order under armour

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tf2 meet the team order under armour

Here's why you buy the Meet the Medic taunt Team Fortress 2; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming There are two guys under the bridge. If you have saved a uniform and want to revisit it, select MY MOCK-UPS and you can pick-up where you left off or move efficiently toward placing your order!. Buy Now - $ / £ / € Your chest meat is at ease. Das Metalmeatencasen was contributed to the Steam Workshop under the name " Heavy Defender". This armor was issued in conjunction with a Stirnpanzer helmet (The Das Naggenvatcher in Team Fortress 2) to German sentries, snipers .

Coving his head and slightly obscuring his vision was a military helmet known as the Head Hedge. With leaves glued in an attempt to camouflage itI.

This man was the deranged, highly explosive and volatile patriotic Soldier. The true blooded American trooper! Be warned Communists, for this insane fellow is skilled in the many ways of fighting and shouting! His lanky body stood at centimetres, his clothing matching the same colours as the rest of his team.

His forearms and legs were covered with spacesuit gloves and padded overalls, the look called the Final Frontiersman. Along with the Down Under Duster, a brown leather coat with long flaps that covered the rest of his body, he wore a red shirt and white singlet. A leather belt with a holster held up his pants and his weapons; an SMG and a Bowie knife known as the Bushwacka.

Attached to his back was the weapon of his namesake; a wood stock, single-shot bolt-action sniper rifle with a massive telescopic scope and laser sight attachment to boot. His face was set in a permanent scowl, with a pair of yellow aviators to shield his eyes from the Badlands' scorching sun.

Perched atop his head was the hat, the Trophy Belt; a light brown slouch hat with five crocodile teeth wrapped around the crown. The camper and sharp-shooter from the great land of Australia, The Sniper! A professional at his challenging work, he always has the high-ground and never faces his enemies unless they are 10 metres away. Instead of grabbing the clipboard and wishing Engineer a good day, the worker decided to scream at the board before bolting towards the gates of the compound.

Engineer was left gobsmacked at the dust trail left by the survivor. You don't have the-" Beep-Beep What followed after was a beautiful display of ammunitions firing, fragmentation rounds exploding and gore flying, partnered with a chorus of deafening explosions and a blood curdling cry as the worker was torn to shreds by Engineer's turrets. By the end of it all, what remained were bullet holes, craters and a single foot.

Engineer looked at the clipboard in his hand before throwing it over his shoulder. Scout gave a shrug to the hard-hat wearer and helped him with the truck.

As Engineer and Scout made their way towards the parked truck, Spy and Sniper joined them. Is it what made you all giddy ever since last month? Engineer fished his wrench from his belt, "The latter? With a mighty swing Engineer struck the handle and lock of the trailer door, releasing the doors in one smooth action. He grabbed hold of the broken handle and yanked the door upwards, exposing the contents within. Stacks upon stacks of wooden crates labelled 'Mann Co.: Engineer and the other three Mercs leaped into the compartment.

Standing next to him, Scout snickered. Your collection of Johnny Cash albums? Or maybe-" Crack Smash As soon as the lid fell to the floor of the trailer, the compartment was lit with a vibrant golden light; silencing Scout and forcing everyone to cover their eyes.

Sniper winced, slowly opening his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden glow. Is that what I think it is?! He traced his finger over the top of the glowing bar, feeling the engraved the iconic Australian boxing a Kangaroo emblem.

It was at this time when the other RED Team members saw the golden light emanating from the trailer and came to investigate. When they reached the entrance, they witnessed their teammates' flabbergasted response at the golden bars each of them caressed.

Medic's face twisted into a sadistic smile as he snatched a bar from Scout's hands. These-these crates must be full of them" This comment made everyone raise an eyebrow. There had to be at least twenty to forty crates in the trailer. Spy rubbed his chin in thought, "Still, to zink zat ze Administrator would allow you zis much" Spy looked to Engineer for an answer. He was meet with a mischievous grin from the Engineer.

The entire team, minus Medic, found that the logic was sound and had a good chuckle at the thought of super whales. Engineer shook his head to clear the nonsense around him. The Badlands, New Mexico A week after the delivery, another morning bought the scorching sun to the Badlands, burning anything under its rays and raising temperatures above the fifties.

Luckily for the REDs nestled within the canyons, the blazing light and heat from the sun was bearable thanks to the massive overhanging rocks that provided shade to the industrial structure. Within the main complex, beyond the many storage rooms and crumbling hallways, was the REDs' communal kitchen. The kitchen reflected the RED team perfectly: The massive bile of dishes worked as a makeshift curtain, the broken cabinet doubled as a seat and all the unused pots and pans kept the fridge from falling over Seated at the large industrial steel table were four of the nine REDs, all of them doing activities to pass the time.

Soldier's face showed a mix of concentration and pure joy as he used his crayons and glitter to work on his 'Animals Around the World' colouring book, He had already burned through several blue, red and white crayons in the process of covering a hedgehog in the American flag and he was doing everything in his power not to colour outside the lines.

Scout was on the other side of the table, blushing at the magazine in his hands. His excitement aroused the attention of everyone else in the room, who all looked concerned and confused. Scout sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck and averted his gaze. Scout went back to reading his lewd material, trying to ignore the looks he was receiving. The other REDs were all considering getting him to Medic, because if Scout was blushing and giggling like a girl to 'Prostate Exams for Dummies', then he needed help.

The only person not bothered by Scout's disturbing laughter was the chef at the helm of the stove; Demoman. With a spring in his step and a bottle of liquor in his hand, he cooked up a storm of assorted breakfast foods. Despite Demo's constant drunken state and limited coordination, Demo knew how to cook some fine meals.

He was the only thing keeping half of the REDs from eating straight out of cans of bland, cold food. Across the kitchen was Sniper, who was busy utilising the coffee machine, quietly brewing his morning caffeine hit. His dishevelled state and sluggish movement made it seem like he was possessed by one of Merasmus' spells.

He wasn't in a thinking state yet, but he would be once he consumed the sweet nectar of straight-black caffeine. A rumbling noise came from the machine as it spewed the thick black sludge that was coffee into his ' 1 Sniper' mug. The steaming liquid slushed around unnaturally as Sniper brought his mug to his lips. He took a testing sip and, as if he used a medkit when he was on fire, his expression changed.

Gone was the walking corpse and instead rose a happy camper, however something still seemed off. His usually grumpy demeanour changed to a look of frustration. His brow knitted in confusion as he looked around. He took another sip. Flexing his muscles and running his hands through his messy hair before donning his hat, Sniper grumbled his first sentence for the day, "Som' thing weird's gon' on".

Somp'n is wrong" Demo slurred, swinging his bottle around while the eggs he was cooking cracked and popped, "We's runn' out of me favourite Moonshine! Demo lifted the steaming plate of food and placed it on top of Soldier's colouring book. That Moonshine will gleam like the naked polished head of a bald eagle in the warm American skies" Soldier said as he wiped a tender tear from his eye.

As long as I get some good brew in me. Now eat up" Demo patted soldier's back. Sniper shook his head at their antics, "No lads, that's not it. Think about it for a sec'. When was the last time we went on a mission? Jumped into my trailer and rolled down the road or got shipped off to some other country?

Tired of the silence from his team, Sniper was about to give the answer when Scout butted in. I think that was…five? Sniper shook his head side-to-side, "Our last mission was two weeks ago! Deep in thought he said "Something's happening". Sniper fell silent, letting the others absorb what he said. He wasn't wrong, the others thought.

They normally had missions daily, jumping from place-to-place, satisfying the Administrator and Redmond with their swift and exact action. One of them however might have had a clue to lean on; Scout happened to eavesdrop on Miss Pauling during one of her conversations with the Men in Black with the TVs tapped to their chests. She and another woman were talking about something big coming up.

Something about the future ofAustralium and some operation called Merge? Perhaps, however Scout lost interest halfway through the conversation and stopped listening after he heard discussions about robots being modelled after him and his team sounded pleasant to him. Just the thought of the world being graced by a beautiful, though inferior, version of himself made him giddy.

How the ladies would bask their desire and want on his metallic doppelganger and dream about climbing into the arms of the real man. Scout's dreams of grandeur were cut short by the garbled voice of Demo, "Could it be w'at Engie is doin'? Sniper took another sip of his coffee before pondering further. Might be" he thought out loud. Everyone, including Spy in his personal library and Medic subduing his latest test subject, paid attention to the small speakers located in the ceiling of each room.

It was so quiet that Sniper swore he heard the screams of the prisoners from the basement again. Ten minutes went by before a familiar whine returned. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity over here! Not only will this revolutionise teleportation, makin' it faster and easier to build a teleporter, but this might even pave the way to something beautiful. Fellas, the possibilities are endless". The Mercs could hear Engineer salivating at the other end of the line.

Everyone continued with their own activities, until several seconds of silence later, the PA crackled to life again with Engineer's sombre tone.

At the words 'killing people', Soldier flew into a fit of rage and excitement, jumping out of his chair and tipping the table over. We got some Commie bastards to kill! The remaining Mercs stood speechless at the scene, all while letting Engineer's words sink in. Sniper quickly downed the remnants of his coffee. With that, Sniper and Demoman exited the kitchen and entered the maze of hallways in order to attend Engineer's experimentSeptember 30, The Badlands, New Mexico Of the many rooms and hallways that comprised the bulk of the RED complex, the garage was the largest and most structurally unstable of them all.

With dimensions of 30mx25m, it wouldn't be a stretch to call it a warehouse rather than a garage.

tf2 meet the team order under armour

Row upon row of rusted steel support beams were the only things holding the massive chamber together. Between each row of supports were parking spaces for trucks to unload their cargo, some spaces contained cranes, lifts or dugouts, allowing engineers and mechanics to tune-up or fix any vehicle. Only three of these spaces were occupied; one housed Sniper's camper; an old camper van with the hideous colour palette of dusty brown and sickly green, the second contained the teams communal ride; a white van with a state of the art vault, but no doors or bonnet, and their civilian logo on the side: Lastly, at the far end of the garage was their newest addition; the FED-UP truck, currently being painted by Pyro who had decided to colour the truck and its trailer in every colour imaginable.

Paint ze damn truck RED! Spy, accustomed to dodging lethal projectiles throughout his career, jumped back just in time to avoid the splatter of paint hitting his suit. He glared at Pyro, and Pyro returned his gaze with soulless eyes. This stalemate went on for several minutes, creating an atmosphere of deepening anger and rage.

The air between them was thick enough to be cut. Eventually the stalemate ended with a giggle from Pyro. The two went about their ways, Pyro continuing to paint the truck while Spy turned to face the four new arrivals, Soldier, Demo Man, Scout and Sniper, with a scowl.

Ya' bloody cheap wine? That was all Demo was able to say before Spy put his knife, Black Rose, to the arrogant yank's throat. Before the two of them killed each other, Scout leaped between them, "Whoa-whoa!

Scout's plead stopped Spy from digging his knife further into Demo's neck and Demo from drawing the Eyelander from its scarab. I know we haven't stabbed or beheaded anyone in over two weeks, but can we please not stab or behead each other now?! The silence between the It was a long time, but finally the two broke their stalemate. Their weapons were holstered and apologies were swapped. It was at this time that Sniper decided to come from the shadows and state his presence.

Spy gave a grumble as he lit a cigarette. How much did Engie pay you to do that? Spy looked down in shame "He threatened my entire wine collection". Spy let out an amusing hum, "A man after my own heart". Behind them, Scout shuffled in silence, trying his best not to breathe in too much air. Scout always hated it in the garage; the stench of oil, gas and stale air permeated the air and stung his nose every time he inhaled. Further away from the group Soldier was frantically searching around.

Where in the blue and white stripes is that damned teleporter! I've got BLUs and Commies to kill! Zztz The walkie-talkie within Spy's jacket crackled to life with the voice of Engineer. Bring the guests over" Zztz Spy just stared at his chest with a scowl before turning back to Soldier. The rest of the Mercs followed suit. A few steps later, Demo asked a question of the backstabber, "Why t' hell does he want all this for?

Spy took another drag of his cigarette before answering, "Zis fanfare? He wants to feel like he's presenting to a real board-of-directors, engineer or scientist community? For the sake of my wine". As they walked towards the trailer, Heavy decided to make his appearance, stepping out of the trailer holding a crate of, what is assumed to be, Australium.

I see Engie's got you workin'" Scout greeted Heavy. Heavy grunted in return. Slavery is more like. Heavy, here for week, Engineer order: Orders Heavy not to leave! Stupid Baby does not know that Heavy needs plenty of rest, time with Sasha and Sandvich! But no, he says dis is important! Now I am stuck here! All because of stupid Teleporter! Engie looks like he's finished with his teleporter". No one questioned how Medic managed to sneak up on them, especially Spy and Sniper, the two most perceptive people in the RED Team, Instead the RED Team shrugged it off and followed the bloody Medic and with all eight members present, the Mercenaries stood in front of Engineer's latest invention, one that caused them to gasp at the display.

Occupying four truck ports and standing over a litany of electric cables entwining each other to look like a bile of rope, was a large golden teleporter. It was a mirror image of Engineer's common teleporter; the only difference being its size and the golden framework. The more investigative members of the REDs followed the cables connected to the teleporter, tracing them back to two locations.

One group was connected to the building's main generator; a bunch of gas generators biled onto each other and jerry-rigged to a silo filled with gasoline. The other group of cables tracked over to a makeshift computer setup, equipped with several monitors and a portable server. Standing behind one of the monitors was the hard-hat himself.

Ignoring the 'fuck you' Spy gave back, Engineer's smile came back just as fast as it had left seconds ago, "Now don't let that denture you boys, just…stand there and enjoy the show".

If not I'll personally remove that hat on your head and shove it up your-"… "It'll be worth it Soldier boy! The last thing Engineer wanted was an angry American, with serval restriction notices from various mental institutions all around the United States, attacking him. As the entire team got as comfortable as they could, with some taking a seat on the ground and others leaning against something, Engineer started the system.

Engineer typed on the console like a mad man, his fingers nothing but a blur as he typed command prompts. For the rest of the RED members, who were worried about missing important details about the start-up sequence, Engineer talked through his steps.

With a quick prompt and a loud groan from the giant teleporter, the machine came to life. Slowly, the rotors started to spin, the spinning action gradually gaining speed. It wasn't long before the familiar hum of Engineer's teleporter echoed in the room. It was going at such incredible speeds that, to the REDs, reduced the sight of the rotors to fuzziness. The whine of the teleporter increased ten-fold and the sound was climbing.

Engineer looked back at the computer screen. He started the next sequence. Crackling electricity was heard from the teleporter, followed by a deeper hum and a high whine of the machine. It was at this point that everyone started to panic a little, what with the stand of the teleporter rocking side to side violently, the noise coming from it reaching deafening levels, the wind it was generating and what looked like duct tape flying off of it.

The only one heedless of this was Engineer. Uh, it's probably not a problem, probably, but it's showin' a small discrepancy in God, I'm hopin' it ain't gonna blow…" Engineer looked back and met the scared faces of the REDs, who had been listening to Engineer's monologue and were now regretting it. Nothin' to worry about! Engineer took to the computer keyboard again and the sequence came to the final stage. Hope that this teleporter would bring a new age of technology, the evolution of everything.

The anticipation was over, it's now or nothing. Once the blinding light dimmed, everyone bore witness to the most amazing thing they had ever witnessed.

Above the large golden teleporter was a giant orb of pure light. Not an intense blinding light, but a soft dim glow, like the light coming from a cosy camp-fire. The light was a mix of red, gold and white, with each colour swirling around the other in harmony.

The orb of light gave a low relaxing hum, almost like the smooth base from a guitar; everyone felt the teleporter sing to them. Several minutes passed as the Mercs were hypnotised by the teleporter's beautiful light. Only two people dared move and disrupted the show; Engineer and Spy. Engineer moved to take his hardhat off and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

He had done it, his prototype worked. The world was ready for the Conagher's to strike yet again with a brilliant new invention.

Das Metalmeatencasen

Spy moved to stand before the Mercs, slowly clapping as he did so. With a final, loud clap, he caught the attention of everyone. And his marvelous invention, named after his late mother, The Mable: Everyone congratulating Engineer in their own way, from Demoman swinging his bottle around chanting his name in praise, to Soldier firing a few rounds of his shotgun into the roof.

Engineer's smiled beamed with as much brightness as his teleporter's glow. I couldn't have done it with-" Beep! Engineer's speech ended abruptly when the console started to sound an alarm. His smile disappeared in an instant as he rushed to the screen. The console's screen flashed with an urgent message. Engineer tapped it, bringing up lines and lines of code. Engineer skimmed through a few lines. A lot of them were fluff, just the computer recording energy spikes and other sorts of readings that were wasting Engineer's precious time.

No, those were ones that Engineer didn't bother with; however there was one line that got Engineer's attention… Alert! Resonance level of Element Australium reaching critical levels Failure to shut down would result in the Particle Shield collapsing and the Anti-Mass Spectrometer collapsing on itself.

This can result in a Resonance Cascade. Engineer gave a sigh, depressed that the experiment ended so early, yet again it was just the first trial. Still, all that Australium down the drain for a measly five-minute presentation.

Several groans came from behind him, "We do not get to jump in big teleport? This Teleporter is kinda' unstable and in the prototype phase. Plus, I ain't got an exit port set" Engineer explained as he pressed the shut-down button.

tf2 meet the team order under armour

A beep was heard from the console, right before it emitted a loud snap. Everyone's attention was drawn to the white sphere slowly becoming visible. Its milky body encasing the golden red light in the centre of the teleporter, said the golden red light flaring and sparking as it was encased. Low hums were heard and vibrations were felt as the white sphere, the shielding, was bubbling and braking apart. There was a sudden shift in the air, something pulled the Mercs towards the teleporter, dragging them with little resistance at first.

A few of them lost almost lost their balance as Engineer was forced to the console by the phantom forces. Looking towards his experimental Teleporter, he could see the violent sphere of red and gold pulsating and flaring, its pulling forces increasing with each pulse. Waves of panic flooded the Mercs "Engineer! Engineer held onto the console for dear life, the force of the Teleporter's portal dragging everything in the room into it.

Iron barrels of nuclear waste, empty shipping crates and even the steel beams that supported the roof were bent and pulled as the force of the Teleporter grew. The other REDs were holding on to anything heavy or bolted on the floor. Sniper and Medic ran into the cockpit of the truck, slamming the doors shut and locking them for safe measure. Scout grabbed hold of the nearby railing, interlocking both his arms around it.

Pyro dove behind Heavy in the trailer, while Demo, Soldier and Spy leaned upon one of the steel pillars situated around the garage. Engineer was forced against the screen on the console as another wave of power pulled again, the screen cracking with the pressure of Engineer against it.

The screen flashed error and warning messages. My eyes, my eyes, my eyes…! Hey eyelids were growing heavy but she beared with it, her duty as a CPU Candidate had the highest priority, she had to keep them safe. The titan swung his axe, his lack of vision completely his accuracy. Piles of junk were knocked by his trashing which then littered the area around, Compa even tripped on them but Nepgear quickly help her get up. They blinded him, they took away his ability to enjoy their fear.

He will rip out their eyes so they'll be blind like him right now, except forever! The robot vowed to get a bloody revenge for this insult towards him.

But right now all he could do, was to swing his axe with hopes of hitting anything fleshy. By the time girls' vision fully returned, they were away from where the CPUs were captured. They were hidden inside a small cavity made out of old tires, completely hidden from sight.

Nepgear has found them a temporary sanctuary to hide and bide their time until it was safe to leave. Once her vision was clear, the brunette looked around and found her savior, a heavily-panting-feeling-sleepy lilac-haired girl. It was a struggle just to keep her eyes open. Compa had similar thoughts like IF, but the state of Ge-Ge concerned her. Ugh…" Leaving this question hanging in the air, Nepgear closed her eyes and again went back to the deep slumber.

She fell, but Compa caught her before she hit anything. Th-This is no time to pass out again! The person who Compa was now carrying was different-yet-similar-looking girl. She had a less brighter and bit shorter hair than her predecessor, purple eyes and an outfit resembling a school uniform, consisting of a white jacket-dress with purple lining. Did she seriously lose consciousness now, of all times!?

She can hear him, he was close. Once my retinal system come back online, I'll kill you all! Maybe even right above them. But they found out his weakness to remember for later, IF needs to make a mental note to take flashbangs in case they encounter him ever again. Nothing more can be done now. It's hard to admit it, but they were horribly unprepared for this kind of mission. Their Sharicite has saved only 1 out of 5 goddesses, they had no information about someone guarding the captured CPUs, and the girls had no countermeasures or even Plan B.

It's honestly a miracle that they even saved anybody. Let's hurry up and get Gear out of this place! On her left she could see the CPU Guardian running havoc on a pile of trash, but judging by his words, he was still blind.

Maybe if they moved fast enough they could get away from him before his vision came back online. After taking like… nineteen, maybe twenty alien parts from Robo-Engineers, Heavy began to wonder what kind of building their Engineer was creating.

The texan ignored everything else but the Robo-Engineers, even scrap metal didn't catch his attention. Which was amazing on its own, the tiny man built everything out of scrap. Their weight wasn't any problem for the Russian, but when he had to hold so many of those itty-bitty things, it's a wonder none of them are slipping through his arms. Looking at the small green circuits he's carrying. It's those that make Robo-Engies teleport anywhere, we're gonna use their tech against 'em.

Those tiny things are why Robo-Engies are constant problem on the battlefield?

Das Metalmeatencasen - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

Heavy wouldn't be able to guess, he always thought that they had a teleporter built somewhere. But now it all makes sense. The texan led his temporary assistant to his workshop, a shack built away from the road and the main robot's route.

Because of that it was far less affected by the invasion than the ones they used in their defense. They could see Miss Pauling standing there, looking through one of the windows. The assistant jumped in fright and faced the mercenary.

The source of her momentary fright had to actively hold himself from laughing out loud, opting to let Heavy in so Miss Pauling won't see his face. Just watch for cables, don't trip on them. Being a curious and a bold person, Miss Pauling peeked through the opened doors. Her eyes widened once she saw it. In the center of the room was a Control Point, even surrounded by the yellow-and-black striped tape that the assistant often saw on the battlefields.

Surrounding it were many strange metal cylinders, each of them about only slightly bigger than Demoman's pipe grenades. Each of those was connected to a dispenser of varying levels standing next to a wall with a thick black cable.

For what purpose, only Engineer could know. Protecting the cylinders and the Capture Point was Mann Co. It had no ceiling, and there was a huge raygun above the entire construction, aimed at the centre of the Control Point. There were more than few things that she needed to ask about it, like how did he get a Control Point here? Those things were strictly guarded by both Redmond and Blutarch. There's no way either of them would give out such an important object. Did the Administrator pulled some strings without telling her?

It can transport everything at once, no exit needed. Y'all need to do is just put whatcha want moved into the chamber, put in some coordinates and you're good to go. If this works like he said, then they'll gain a significant edge against Gray Mann. They'll be able to instantly transport mercs anywhere they want, with no warning. Hell, with that they could even make an assault on Gray Gravel's HQ and end this war right here and now.

But how he got the Control Point… Those were built to remotely control the facilities. You can control doors, signs, and even the local Re: Who would give him such a dangerous device? Why he's even using it? There were many questions surrounding the teleporter, but before she had a chance to ask anything Medic gave an announcement through the speakers. Zhis is time for zhe usual check up. Unlike anything else, it was located under the ground. It wasn't anything impressive, just few plastic chairs, a ticket dispenser, "Now Serving" sign and a some blast doors.

You know, nothing special. The walls and ceiling were pained red, grey and white like in the Process base. This was where Medic is conducting his questionable experiments. They even gave him few 'volunteers' and endangered animals to work on.

His results were pretty amazing. He was shirtless and restrained but still in a great mood, the presence of many sharp things and his limited movement also sent 'DANGER! Don't vorry… You're in good hands. But this was Soldier so… he believed it. He still have his helmet to reassure him that everything is going to be alright. Armed with scalpel, Medic attached his Medi-gun to the ceiling and turned it on. This'll make sure that Soldier won't actually die while Medic played the real-life-version of Surgeon Simulator, complete with needlessly ripping out all organs out of Soldier's body.

First cuts posed no problem, getting into Soldier's cavity was as easy as stealing an unguarded intelligence briefcase. Zhe Nano-Machines seems to be vorking fine. This was a foundation of the bionic enhancements that Medic helped to invent. The Nano-Machines improved blood efficiency, making the cells capable of carrying more oxygen to the muscles which in turn improved stamina, regeneration, strength and vitality.

They also stop the blood from leaking out by acting like an improved platelets and physically stopping the bleeding. But most importantly, they collect information about the person, his physical and even mental status is recorded and then sent to the designated implant. For an unknown reason, they also greatly reduces the damage taken from long falls. No one is sure why, they weren't designed for that. He said that as casually as person could, if not a little bit rushed.

Zhis all going to be fine. Without hesitation he shoved his hand right under Soldier's lungs. Getting an immediate reaction from the patient. Soldier struggled to draw even the slightest breath to no avail, he just couldn't, whatever his surgeon was doing it was suffocated him. But that quickly ceased to be a problem once the german uncaringly ripped his american's heart out of its proper place. Attached to his beating heart was a strange device, bigger than the heart itself.

Without that, all of them would have to wait for Re: Spawn, while robots were marching through their dead bodies. Dropping that very important organ onto the table, as if it was just some rubbish, Medic continued his work of dismantling the mercenary piece by piece. This time he went lower where his intensities were located. Medic had no interest in Soldier's digestive system, but he pulled out another tiny device out his body, which was attached to Soldier's spine via needle.

It didn't take the surgeon to find out what was wrong with it, all it took was his short glance.

Team Fortress 2 / YMMV - TV Tropes

This little thing was just a supplementary implant, but pretty useful one. It allowed the user to land Critical and Mini-Critical hits with their fists or melee weapons. It usually worked only under certain conditions, but sometimes it will randomly activate on its own. Those were commonly known as 'Random Crits'. A situational but very powerful advantage, especially against other enhanced people. Critical Hits wreck havoc on the poor Nano-Machines, causing them to explode and obliterate everything nearby, bloodstreams, tissue, nerves.

Critical Hits, or just Crits for short, aren't only limited to close-quarter combat, there are special Critical chips to use on guns as well.

Attach one to its barrel and you'll gain the same results but with bigger range. Medic hammered the nail-like implant into Soldier's spine, right between the vertebrae. It hurt him like hell, and there was an off-chance chance that Soldier will be permanently paralyzed from waist-down.

But that was just a minor detail. Ve are nearly done. All that's left is to check on an implant so important and sensitive, that it could be destroyed by just looking at it the wrong way. On this critical moment that Medic had to take few deep breaths to calm himself before he could continue working.

The next cuts weren't in patient's torso, but on his neck, where the last enhancement was hidden in Soldier's body, the Re: It works like a processor which collects and processes all information it receives from the Nano-Machines, and then sends them to the Re: Thanks to that, the system will know when someone dies so it can bring him back. Looking at the fragile chip, Medic released a brief sigh of relief. Time to put you together. Wrong, getting him healed is a easy a very easy process.

All you need to do is just put all organs more-less where they were supposed to be, and the Medi-Gun will take care of of the rest. Easy peasy, no need for medical license. By the way, that immerse pain that Soldier was talking about, it was just the acid eating his body.

Don't worry it's nothing serious. Medic unfastened Soldier's restraints and let him out of the room. It's an Agility Amplifier located in his thighs.

It allowed him to jump mid-air and sometimes even run as fast as cars. Thanks to that he's the most mobile mercenary in the group. His speed is earned, no other merc have their legs as firm as his. Not even a hour has passed and Medic already checked three out of eight mercenaries, himself included. Nothing major occurred which was boring for the German. No one felt any unreasonable pains, there wasn't any blood mysteriously leaking from their skulls, their hearts still struggled to beat with the Heart Implant attached to them.

It was all boring procedure that you readers wouldn't even want to read more than one time. Engineer already went through that procedure before the fight even started, this gave him some free time to work on his long-range Teleporter. I'm sure all of you knows how this will end. Piles upon piles of random objects and streams of yellow liquid was there is.

The brunette began to wonder why someone named this place 'Gamindustri Graveyard' while this is all just a gigantic garbage dump. Maybe she should put a request in the Guild to change its name, a Gigantic Garbage Dump sounds nice enough. But on the bright side, that maniac with axe was nowhere to be found. Maybe he has already given up searching, or he just went the wrong way, it didn't really matter.

Compa, exhausted from carrying Nepgear this entire time, fell onto her knee and panted heavily. But the blonde is by no means athletic, she can't run even a kilometer without panting and running with an unconscious body on your back is way more tiring than it sounds. Not to mention there may be something really wrong with Ge-Ge… it would be best if they had a professional to check on her once they come back to Planeptune.

IF sighed, feeling down by their failure. If they just prepared better than they could save all of them With the Sharicite gone, they have lost the only any chances of rescuing other CPUs. It officially marked the end of their operation. And even that was just by sheer luck.

They just walked ahead, hoping to get out of this place unnoticed. But there was this one person who wouldn't allow them to stay depressed like this, especially with such an achievement. Saving Nepgear is a very critical accomplishment. Initially the Guild agent wanted to lash out on her, to ask why she sounded so happy when they failed to save the rest of the CPUs, when they had an opportunity to do so.

But she ceased this thought, getting Gear back was a huge deal, yes. Things might get a little better even with just her around. So instead of screaming like a madwoman, the brunette just sighed. Besides, I must learn what transpired three years ago, even if her memories are painful for her to recall…" Regroup, reorganize and plan their next step. IF easily understood that.

Taking the unconcious girl off Compa's back, the group continued their slow return to their home. And IF had to admit, Gear really was way heavier than she looked. The team wasted no time packing things up. Clothes, weapons, food and other munitions were all stuffed into wooden crates or, like in case of Scout's drinks, other containers like coolers or bags.

The only thing that they weren't taking with them was bread, mercs either ate it on the spot or just threw it out.

They didn't want another rampaging Bread Monster. While Medic was busy tearing other mercs apart, Engineer finished replacing the burnt Teleporter Cards with new ones, those will take everything standing between them to anywhere he wishes. All that's left was reprogramming them and punching in the coordinates. Miss Pauling wasn't the only one who was confused by Engineer's newest invention, his team were also puzzled by its strange look.

When the bostonian heard words 'A new teleporter. To him it didn't matter how it looks, but he doesn't want to lose his limbs because of some slight miscalculation or to suddenly find himself in a Spook's body. He knows how dangerous some of his projects can be, like that Repair Node or the Guard Dog. Poor doggy… that good boy never deserved the fate that Medic and Engineer brought on him There weren' any problems when I was testin' it back at Bigrock.

Make sure no one touches cylinders though. One by one, the crates were loaded onto the pedestal, even Spy, who usually avoided menial labor, was working Luckily, Engineer has prepared a lot of space to work with, it helpful because other mercs had a lot of stuff to move.

The crates were heavy and enormous, requiring even 4 people to move them.

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Half an hour has passed, then a full hour, but the crates kept moving with no end in sight. The doors were open at all times, so that mercs could enter without much trouble. Their constant, loud footsteps were distracting Engineer at first, but he quickly got used to it. He should fini- Something crashed and Engineer rose his head from the terminal, the texan saw a furious Soldier standing over the fallen Scout.

The former was wet with an unknown liquid, it didn't take a genius to figure out what happened. Were we in a shoot out right now, you would be dead faster than your momma can mail you your clean, white panties!

I'm sorry, I just tripped. Jeez…" Scout picked some scattered backpacks and suitcases, rolling his eyes as and Soldier sniffed his coat. He made a face at the strong smell of BONK! Not only he has pissed off Soldier, but also spilled the rest of his favorite drink all over one of the cylinders. Scout winced when sparks appeared from the wet device. Other cylinder was doing just fine, only this one appeared to be broken. After finishing the last command, a smile grew on Engineer's face.

Just stand still on the point while Miss Pauling activates it. He saw that the guys were kind enough to pack his stuff too; all of his blueprints, unfinished projects, scrap metal, clothes, everything that belonged to him was neatly packed into a crate and waiting on the pedestal. However they didn't take Miss Pauling's belongings, but that was okay because she said she will go report to the Administrator once she sends them to the Coal Town.