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roswell meet the dupes music

Black Toast Music - A Walk On Cloud Nine In the Crashdown - Meet The Dupes Linkin Park When the Sheriff stops the Dupes at the Roswell city limits. Meet The Dupes is the 8th episode of Season 2 on WB sci-fi series Roswell. Summary. Walking through the streets of New York, we see what looks like punk . Description: Dupes of Michael, Isabel and Tess come to Roswell. But not . RATH: They don't wanna meet with just the three of us. .. Album: Chamber Music.

Song is by Phil Collins. Euphoria - "Delirium" TV song is the same Played: At the beginning of the episode, when Maria and Liz are talking by their lockers. In the very beginning of the episode when Maria is talking to Liz about sticking together unknown song, unknown artist TV song is Bis - "Detour" Played: When Maria and her mom were talking in her bedroom.

When Michael arrives at Maria's house in the rain. When Michael is hitchhiking.

roswell meet the dupes music

In the Crashdown in the beginning of the episode when Liz drops the bowl of strawberries. When Liz is talking to Maria about seeing images when she and Max kissed. Maria and Liz are riding in the Jetta and discussing what Liz and Max were doing at Michael's apartment before Maria interrupted them.

Addict - "Youth" TV song is the same Played: At the end of the episode as Max and Liz walk back to the Crashdown to find their parents waiting for them.

Angela Via - "Picture Perfect" Played: In the very first scene of the episode in the Crashdown when Max meets Liz. At night in the jeep as Max and Liz are making out.

roswell meet the dupes music

During the Michael and Maria scene where they are in Michael's apartement on the coach making out. Tess walks up to Alex and Isabel's table at Crashdown. During the scene when Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria were leaving for their date.

During the very beginning scene in the Crashdown when the Sheriff comes for coffee and then Tess walks in and Max starts staring at her. When Max is daydreaming of Tess in science class. Unknown Song - Instrumental Played: When Max says that Liz is the only one at the Crashdown in the rain at night.

When Max, Michael, and Isabel are at the Crashdown discussing the camera that they found in Michael's apartment. In the background during the scene when Michael comments on Tess being "Max's new girlfriend". In the Crashdown, when Liz and Maria are talking about how Max needs to be kept under constant supervision.

Upon arrival in Roswell, the Dupes are pulled over by Valenti. They convince Valenti they're going to a New York theme party, and trick him into leading them to the Evans home where they go inside and search Max's room. There they find a picture of Liz, and realize she must be Max's girlfriend. Later when Rath goes to the high school, he confronts Liz and kisses her. Meanwhile, Max approaches Isabel to find out what she knows about being Vilandra.

Meet The Dupes

Isabel hides what she truly knows, as Max then calls everyone to a meeting at the UFO Center to discuss the signals Brody told him. When the Dupes show up, Michael realizes the Dupes are the four from the missing pods Summer of '47and asks where is their Max. The Dupes tell them Zan had an accident, and reveal they came to Roswell to find the rest of their crew.

The Dupes also reveal their protector told them about them although he disappeared years ago. The kids then break off into groups. Rath explains to Max how they were contacted by the five ruling families of their star system who want to hold a summit in New York. He explains they need Max to represent their family because with Zan dead, Max is the King, and the families are unaware there were two sets sent to Earth. Rath tells Max the stakes are high.

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There are wars on their planet, and they want peace. Millions of lives hang in the balance, and Max now needs to step up. Michael questions Lonnie about what she knows, and she tells him that when their planet was taken over by a hostile race, their people were overthrown and their mother arranged for them to be created from a mix of alien and human DNA and sent to Earth.