Reba tv show meet the parents soundtrack

"Reba" The Wall (TV Episode ) - IMDb

reba tv show meet the parents soundtrack

The Parent 'Hood is an American sitcom that aired on The WB from January 18, to July 25, The series starred Robert Townsend and Suzzanne Douglas. The show took a different turn at the beginning of the – season. While in a coma, Robert meets a guardian angel named Max (Barry Sobel) and. "Reba" Meet the Parents (TV Episode ) Steve Howey as Van Montgomery. Reba's parents (guest stars Barry Corbin, Northern Exposure and Dorothy Lyman , The Bold and the Beautiful) are celebrating their 46th.

Anything besides having to work on the ranch, I was for that. I would go to the National Finals Rodeo every year with a bunch of my friends down in college.

"Reba" Meet the Parents (TV Episode ) - Steve Howey as Van Montgomery - IMDb

We had a great time. So I asked [famed rodeo announcer] Clem McSpadden if he could get me a job, and he said yes. I started that in After the rodeo one night, we went to a Justin Boot party at the Hilton. They called it a guitar pull, and a lot of cowboys were there. Red Steagall was there playing his guitar and then he would pass it around.

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Mama asked Red if there was any way that he could possibly get Susie, Pake and I into the music business. You had some success with Mercury, but what changed when you switched to MCA?

reba tv show meet the parents soundtrack

I appreciate everybody at Mercury who stayed with me, taught me, molded me, guided me. They could have dropped me after the first album and the first single that entered the charts at 99 and stayed there. They stayed with me and they nurtured me. I appreciate that more than you can ever imagine.

reba tv show meet the parents soundtrack

You need to make another step. I wanted steel guitar. I wanted more country songs.

Steve Howey: Van Montgomery

I was one of the very first people to ever do a video in country music. I knew there were huge country music fans in the Northeast because in my fan club I had more members from Pennsylvania than any other state in the union. I knew we were loved up there. So we did this song about New England and it really did broaden the appeal, broaden my audience — not only on stage but on television.

People could watch this video. And they also saw a different side of me acting and being a different character than Reba McEntire.

I think it did great things for my career. Watching this video, you were able to be sad but not broken. I think ignorance is bliss. I think we had our biggest arguments about how long my Wranglers were, because I wanted to wear my boots and I wanted to wear my Wranglers.

I think I had my cowboy belt buckle on. But it was fun getting to work with David Keith. Faizon Lovewho was a recurring character in season one, became a regular in season two. In the fourth season, Kenny Blankwho played Michael Peterson, left the series; his character was explained to be off to college. Blank's departure also saw the exits of Nigel Thatch and Tasha Scott. Thatch played Shakeim, Zaria's militant but lovable boyfriend, and Scott played Theresa, who was Zaria's friend and the lead singer in Michael's band.

Season three ended with a cliffhanger that was never explained, with Shakeim leaving to start Morehouse College early and Skye played by Shyheimanother member of Michael's band, confessing his feelings for Zaria. Shakeim decides to stay and attend NYU in the fall instead. As Zaria and Skye began to discuss the situation, Shakeim walks into the room, with Zaria running upstairs.

Tyrone Dorzell Burton was introduced as a street wise kid named T.

Meet the Parents

The episode focused around him and his situation. Hollywood Insider reported that the series was slated to be cancelled by WB in Mayleaving another cliffhanger, but the network gave the series a last-minute 13 episode renewal for midseason. Faizon Love left the series at that time; he was replaced by Kelly Perinewho played Robert's brother, Kelly. Van mocks the keychain, but when he hands her his own handmade gift she's equally as unimpressed. Brock stops by to say hi to Reba's parents and their reception is pretty cold at first.

Just as they're starting to warm up to Brock again, Barbra Jean pops in the house with a pie she's made. They manage to get invited to the anniversary brunch where the conversation's tense at best. Barbra Jean doesn't seem to notice the cold disapproval around her, as usual.

When Reba's mom discovers that BJ's an outlet mall bargain hunter they decide to go shopping together.