Pair of kings episode meet the parents cast

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pair of kings episode meet the parents cast

"Pair of Kings" Meet the Parent (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Pair of Kings is an American television sitcom that premiered on the Disney XD cable channel Brady and Boomer win the competition, and Mikayla tells her father that Hibachi tried to blind them, and that is why Mason previously lost to him. .. a third season with actor Adam Hicks to join the cast, replacing Mitchel Musso. Ryan Ochoa. The Kings and Mikayla are in Chicago and meet Boomer's girlfriend. Kelsey Asbille in Pair of Kings () Add Image Episode credited cast.

James Hong as Timothy Kalooka-Khan - Kinkow Island's head elder and shaman who learned everything from Kinkow Community College and is the go-to guy for the kings, though he openly dislikes them. In the season three episode "Mysteries of Kinkow," his real name is revealed on the Mysteries of Kinkow TV show when he was interviewed by Candace. His wife throws him out in the first part of the series finale after he makes fun of her cooking on TV. In the third part, he abandoned the island and left for Las Vegas to become a cab driver.

Brittany Ross as Candace - Candace is Mikayla's pretty, but naive gossip-loving friend. She was the most popular student in Mikayla's school, and has her own TV show called Mysteries of Kinkow.

pair of kings episode meet the parents cast

Candace is arrested by Mikayla in the series finale after nearly causing Kinkow to be destroyed. Martin Klebba as Hibachi - A dwarfish bully with 6 toes on each foot, Hibachi was the Kahula of Shredder Beach before Boomer and Brady defeated him in a surfing contest over who would be the Kahula.

It was discovered that he cheats in order to win. Shredder Beach is a dangerous beach in Kinkow where the best surfer rules, and not even the kings have jurisdiction. He also makes an appearance on Boomer's Junga ball team, and as a bouncer in Brady's club. Logan Browning as Rebecca "Awesome" Dawson - Boomer's crush in school who thinks she said yes to going to prom with him. They wind up dancing anyway. She also comes to the island for a date with Boomer.

When she visited Kinkow in "An Ice Girl for Boomer," she was taken away by a jealous caveman yet was rescued by Boomer and the caveman's girlfriend. She eventually dumped Boomer because he was too childish "and due to the fact that he sent her a painting of his butt". She then reappears and they get back together in the season 3 episode "Bond of Brothers".

In "Meet the Parents," it is revealed that Rebecca's father was an exiled shaman of the Tarantula People who was part of a group that did not agree with their people's violent ways. Rebecca's father sought refuge with Boomer's parents who helped them escape to Chicago. In order to keep her safe following a fight against the Tarantula People, her father and Boomer used amnesia powder to make her forget everything about Kinkow and dating Boomer.

The Bat Medallion ends up dragging Rebecca to Kinkow. The amnesia powder wears off on Rebecca when she leaves Kinkow and she jumps off the balloon. Rebecca decides to stay to help the Kinkow army to help fight the forces of Kaita the Bat-Rider.

Following the fight with Kaita, Boomer and Rebecca rekindle their relationship. Eric Petersen as Catawampus - Lanny's second-in-command in the third season. He is well aware of Lanny's true nature, but follows him nonetheless even being determined to accept his abuse so he will one day respect him.

Catawampus gains his wish in the series finale after saving Lanny and he becomes good. They mistakenly think he is a cannibal, but he turns out to be vegetarian. After the kings apologize to him, they are still unable to stop Mason from blasting him who still believed he was a cannibal.

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He later develops a crush on a Dirt Fairy named Priscilla. About Kinkow[ edit ] Kinkow is a fictional island in the Pacific Ocean. Kinkow has a light side and a dark side because of a centuries-long power struggle. There are many fictional creatures living on the Island of Kinkow. There were some known locations in Kinkow: Squonk Caverns - A series of underground caves where the Squonks live.

Ice Cave - A frozen cave from "An Ice Girl for Boomer" where two cavepeople were originally frozen before a heat wave thawed them out. Lightning Grove - An area on the dark side of Kinkow that has thunderstorms at midnight. Mount Spew - The island's volcano. Jungle -The jungle surrounding the palace. It is home to tribes such as the Tarantula people as well as a large array of wildlife, among them insectsparrotscrocodilestigerssnakesrhinoselephants and monkeys. Kinkow also has some islands that help to make up its island nation: Cornea - An island that is inhabited by Triclopes.

Lakuna - In "Pair of Geniuses," Mikayla mentioned that it was building a university. Mindu - The island of Boz's origin.

It sank into the sea following a storm and most of its inhabitants moved to Kinkow. Sununu - An island that is ruled by twin queens Hesta and Desta. The waters around Sununu contain a gigantic octopus. Kinkow and Sununu have never spoken to each other. It was once affected by a stupidity curse until Boomer and Brady broke the curse. After the second season, Mitchel Musso was dropped from the main cast, [6] and was replaced by Adam Hicks, who portrays the twins' long lost triplet brother, Boz.

In Canada it premiered on September 17, on Family. It previewed on December 19, and premiered in February in SingaporeMalaysiaand the Philippines.

pair of kings episode meet the parents cast

It premiered in India on June 11, In South Africa it premiered on May 13, There must be a catch. Why did she say something?

A Mermaid's Tail

That finger thing I do, that's way rude. You'll never guess what we found in the jungle and hint: Go play with Mommy. This was my only way to get girls, man, I can't go back to playing the flute. We just found a wild animal in the middle of the jungle that we know nothing about. Of course we're keeping him. If I can't be a Jaguar then neither can Tristan. That is why we are declaring an island wide national holiday. No, check this, holi-month. Well there's one thing worse.

This is the King's castle. You can't just show up here uninvited. I don't think I can handle any more bad news. Aren't you a little over dressed? We're about to get hosed down with orange juice.

Well, since we're Kings and we aren't obligated to go to school I think we should ban the "s" word. Thank you ground for not killing us.

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I'm like her whole world. I'm gonna become extreme. Why not raft the Mata Chow Chow river. But I'm not sharing any of the sea shells I collect! Well that sounded cooler in my head. You know they're always getting in my way? Since I've been working with the team I'm the screamer. I'm so glad we're holding hands. I'm not good with numbers. Shapes and colors, I'm your man.

No I love you. Put that on your next video. No seriously, that's, like, the most athletic me and my brother have ever been. Bring humor to the island. So let us say it, so let it be - seriously when is this gonna wear off. You got me Boomer. My throat's closing up! I think it's the squeak berries! Let me help you.

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We use him all the time. Prepare for an invasion of hilarity. Hey why are my fingers stuck to the buttons! You took my thumbs! Thanks to your tree sap my fingers were crossed together.

We're just getting started. Or is that just more seaweed? You're loving my sense of humor right now, right? Dude, what do girls like best about guys? A sense of humor. Fly away you demon bird. Yeah, well I saw that coming.

pair of kings episode meet the parents cast

It's messier than you think. We're gonna go with sea scum. I've rigged this baby to my crown with a fishing line. Is that like that moldy buildup you get behind your knees? I thought you couldn't get that twice. You should probably go apologize. Oh, and take your crown. You don't wanna look weak.

By ruining our pool table? Hey, ah, I need to talk to Mikayla. Have you seen her? Hey Mason, me and Mikayla are getting married. How do you know when it comes around?

pair of kings episode meet the parents cast

Someone get the Royal slingshot! By royal decree you guys can play jokes on us between the hours of two and five, seven and nine. Oh, and stay away from the money maker. We are Kings of thieves. You really think we're gonna fall for that? You know, my beautiful mind invented that prank. You had to start with the practical jokes! My feet weren't even in 'em.

The Chime" "Oh they'll listen. I'm King Brady, the all powerful. I can command anything, in fact I command backwards day.