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Meet the Team ( / ). Men's Squad | Women's Squad | Management. Felix Stocker. Hooker. Andrew Abraham. Scrum Half. Ollie Adams. Lock. Charlie . Meet our teams, view fixtures and results Unversity RFC v Croatia, Saturday 5th April, KO – , Venue: Iffley Road – OURFC Stadium. In the first of our 'Meet the Captains' video series, Oxford University Men's Blues captain Fergus Taylor discusses this year's OURFC squad, his.

On top of this, he is a talented Sevens player, and has represented England both at an U20 level and in a senior capacity. Will combines his physical presence in the pack with a silky boot, being the reserve kicker for the Varsity Match. Not all forwards can boast such dexterity! Will has demonstrated time and time again that he belongs with the best rugby players in Oxford.

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However, it has not been easy. Will has overcome a very serious injury, dedicating time in the gym to ensure that he can put on that jersey in front of the Twickenham crowd he adores so much. Indeed, this financial support is hugely beneficial in keeping Will performing to the best of his ability. Being at the centre of the action has never been a problem for Conor. A utility back, he is capable of playing any of Centre, Fly-Half or Fullback. Not that this bothers him.

OURFC announce Kevin Moggridge and Luke Cozens as new women's coaching team - The Varsity Match

Conor is a remarkably approachable guy whose thirst for rugby knowledge and marginal gains mean that he really sets the standard for the team around him. When asked what his greatest achievement is, he replies without hesitation. The winter months have been brutal for the squad, but the team is in its final stages of preparation, ready for the big day on Thursday.

ourfc meet the team logo

The final stop — New York City. Although we stayed in a somewhat unfamiliar burrow of The Bronx, we all gained a great appreciation for the New York Subway system! However, without doubt, the most satisfying aspect of the whole tour was the victory against Old Blue.

ourfc meet the team logo

Stacked with American internationals, they were expecting a certain outcome, which turned out not to be the case. In another hard fought game, we came home with the win — Some incredible performances on the night and a real will to win, saw us through.

It was evident that the squad had been unified through the trials and tribulations of the previous two weeks.

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The differences that we left with faded in the light of what we had gained and what we had become a part of. It has been a truly unforgettable experience that I believe will be a determining factor in the success of season ahead and the Varsity Match.

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ourfc meet the team logo

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ourfc meet the team logo

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Chinnor to play OURFC Greyhounds in Cup Final

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ourfc meet the team logo

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