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movies like meet the feebles full

Critics Consensus: Dark and vulgar, Meet the Feebles is a backstage comedy . Jun 10, | Rating: /4 | Full Review If you've seen my Eraserhead review, or my other reviews you'll notice that I like bizarre movies. The whole gang is here, for now, in Meet the Feebles. Meet the Feebles is kind of like if A Chorus Line met The Muppets in a dark, dirty alley. Nevertheless, Meet the Feebles is one of those movies that you have to see to. COMMENTS: Like Dead Alive (), Meet the Feebles is another as whole— especially for something hastily re-written late in the game.

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There are animals of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities? This film is rude, gross, demented, and hilarious. The end is really cool, and when Peter Jackson made this, he must've been on something.

movies like meet the feebles full

The voices and the lighting were probably the main producers of the major headache I received while watching this phenomenon of a movie. I mean, ordinary people just don't make this, and then wrap up one of the best trilogies off all time! This guy is a genius, pure and simple. I really hope Jackson goes back to his gory film making roots. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. It's an ultra-perverse, ultra-absurd, and sometimes really ultra-stupid take on a variety show where puppets are preparing for the night's performance, only everything that could go wrong- or more precisely anything that could be unexpected to go wrong- does every which way to Sunday.

movies like meet the feebles full

It's actually the kind of movie when I was watching, for the most part early on, I almost couldn't really laugh. I just had a look on my face like 'what am I watching? Let me try to sort through some of the varied story lines- there is Robert, a newcomer to the Feebles gang and gang I mean in literal and figurative termswho wants to impress a certain poodle-dog type of girl who really has him going to lengths to impress her.

movies like meet the feebles full

But meanwhile, a really nasty rodent- also a porno director as well as the boss's assistant- decides to use her in his next porno flick by drugging her. This rodent also has to deal with some other low-lifes in the group, like a junkie lizard who has one big story to tell Robert at one point about his crazy, violent trip to Vietnam including a 'why not' homage to Deer Hunter.

There's also a rabbit who may or may not be dying from an STD of some sort I think it was an STD anywayand has a pestering fly always in the most uncomfortably close of close-ups trying to get the scoop on his condition. There's even the overly-annoying stage manager who can't wait to put on his God-awful dance number of his own. But the main center of attention and star of the Feebles shows is Heidi, a hippo who loves to binge on junk food, and is also suspecting a femme-feline of stealing away her previous man- the boss.

Disney insisted that the sprawling trilogy be compressed into a single feature film. Jackson firmly believed this abridgement would be another betrayal of material treasured by millions of readers around the world.

After trying every other studio, Jackson finally found a backer in New Line Cinema. New Line was ready to support a daring scheme of Jackson's to film all three books of the trilogy simultaneously. Filming the entire cycle at once would enable the filmmakers to use the same sets in all three films without tearing down and rebuilding.

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It would also avoid the potentially crippling salary increases the film's mostly unknown stars would demand if the first installment proved to be a success. The savings of shooting all three pictures concurrently would be substantial if the films were successful, but if the first part failed at the box office, the second two parts might well go unfinished and the losses would be enormous.

It was a tremendous gamble, but New Line had faith in Jackson's vision for the material. Jackson insisted on shooting the entire trilogy in his native New Zealand, to take advantage of the country's spectacular scenery and the special effects production capacity he had built up in his previous films.

While a more modest motion picture might complete principal photography in a month or two, The Lord of the Rings shoot kept an international cast on location in New Zealand for a year and a half. The first part of the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, was released in It won an enthusiastic reception from fans of the books, who saw their story brought to the screen with unmistakable respect and affection. The film's appeal extended far beyond the core audience of Tolkien enthusiasts, winning widespread critical acclaim and a massive international audience.

The film received 13 Oscar nominations.

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The second part, The Two Towerswas another box office smash and received an even more enthusiastic critical reception than the first. Expectations for the third part of the trilogy were raised to an almost unbearable level.

No one could imagine how the third film of the series could possibly meet the standard set by the first two. No one but Peter Jackson, that is. When The Return of the King was released init not only met expectations, it exceeded them. Audiences found a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the long tale, and critics acclaimed it as the strongest entry in the series, the finest fantasy film ever made.

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The film won in every category in which it was nominated, 11 Oscars in all, tying the records set by Ben Hur and Titanic. The trilogy as a whole is the highest-earning film series ever made. After eight years of continuous work on The Lord of the Rings, Jackson might have been expected to take a long break, but by the time the third installment was released, he had already thrown himself into realizing a lifelong dream: Again, Jackson chose to create his fantasy world in his native New Zealand.

Unlike a previous remake, Jackson kept the action set in the s, but he employed an army of computer animators to make the film's spectacular monsters utterly believable and to make the giant gorilla of the film's title into a fully developed character. The actor Andy Serkis, who had provided the movements for the animated character Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, performed the same duty for Kong, through the process of motion capture, in which electrodes placed at various point around the actor's face and body relay his movements to computers, where they are reproduced exactly by the computer-generated character.

Jackson's King Kong got off to a relatively slow start at the box office, with a disappointing first weekend in the United States, but within a few weeks it had found its audience around the world.

movies like meet the feebles full

It became one of the most successful films of the year, and its DVD and home video sales are among the highest ever recorded. After ten years of nearly continuous work, Jackson finally allowed himself the time off he had so long postponed. The New Zealand film industry has grown considerably since Peter Jackson began making movies in his parents' back yard.

Inonly four feature films were made in New Zealand; a decade later, as many as 20 films were produced there in a single year.

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Jackson's Weta Workshop and Weta Digital are leading providers of special effects and animated characters for films all over the world. The Wellington complex includes three vast sound stages, post-production facilities, design studios, and warehouses full of specialized props and vehicles. From this stronghold, Jackson enjoys long-distance collaboration with the world's other leading filmmakers, including James Cameron and Steven Spielberg.

Jackson provided special effects for Cameron's 3-D science fiction epic Avatar and oversaw post-production of Spielberg's film version of the classic Belgian children's comic strip Tintin. Jackson plans to direct the second Tintin feature himself, with Spielberg producing. Jackson produced the film and financed its initial development. After overcoming a series of contractual delays, Jackson is also producing and co-writing the film version of Tolkien's The Hobbit, to be directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Despite these extensive production activities, Peter Jackson continues to direct as well. Jackson and Fran Walsh have adapted the best-selling novel The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, in which a murdered girl looks down from heaven and recalls her life and death, while watching her family and friends go on without her. The film's release in December demonstrates Jackson's directing talents once again.