Mortals meet the seven fanfiction harry

Mortals, Meet the Seven! Chapter 11, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

mortals meet the seven fanfiction harry

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. nevertheless, Annabeth was eventually told to deliver the news of the seven, plus Nico and Thalia, meeting in the Big House. "Like mortals for us, I suppose?. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Hi Wizards, Meet Demigods! Or will the Seven plus 4 others stop the Dark Lord? Harry POV which apparently means her parents are non-magical, or mortal. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination That's because the Seven is scattered, Annabeth is in Boston, Percy is in But I don't own Percy Jackson and his friends or Harry Potter and his friends. Hazel controls the Mist, the magical veil that keeps magical elements from mortals, and she.

We just thought you we're Death Eaters," Hermione apologized, but Percy waved the comment away. I want to show you what we can do," Percy said with a mischievous grin. Harry shouted Relashio, Hermione shouted Flipendo, but Ron didn't say anything.

Percy spun his blade, sending Hermione's spell flying in a different direction. He sidestepped Harry's spell, and repeating the actions, as both Harry and Hermione sent spells in his direction. They looked awestruck at Percy's mobility and skill. Eventually, I joined in on the fight, blowing away the jinxes too.

But Ron came in with from the back, firing two spells at Percy. I watched, horrified, as both hit their mark. One gave him a bad burn, while the nearly blew him up.

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He went flying, while Ron smirked. I started screaming Ancient Greek swears at him, and begun trying to attack him with my dagger. He flung hex after hex at me, but none hit. I glanced back at Percy.

He was staggering around, standing up. But he was on fire, and was bruised badly. Hermione looked horrified, while Harry was blinking rapidly, as if he couldn't fathom what happened. But Percy, being the Seaweed Brain I know and love, got his sword out and with a defiant yell, plunged it into the ground. A crack spread, and the entire floor shook. I stood fast, but Ron wasn't so lucky. He stumbled and fell into the crevice. He grabbed the ledge at the last second.

Hermione and Harry got up, but they fell again. They crawled over to the ravine and pulled Ron out of it. They all looked at Percy, who was bruised, scarred, on fire, and bloody. We should just go back to America, then.

We'll let you win this war on your own then. When you die to Voldemort, and he comes to America, we'll destroy his army, and kill him, but you will still be dead!

Literally, he restarted the quake. Ron whimpered, "I-I'm s-sorry. But he was turning pale from the blood loss and the fire. Oh gods, Percy, you're still on fire!

I ran over, and tried to pat the fire out. Gods, a little beat up, but it doesn't hurt much, after Tartarus," he whined. That place is literally hell! Nobody has ever survived going down there! But I apologize for being jealous, it's just that you seemed so happy, so carefree that I couldn't believe that you could've been though more than me," Harry told us, looking down. At that, he turned pale. Percy narrowed his eyes, "I'm watching you Ron, but you're ok for now," Ron looked relieved at that.

Percy lifted his hand, and the water obeyed, forming ball.

mortals meet the seven fanfiction harry

He did a circular motion with his hands, and the water spun around him, dousing the flames, and healing the scars and bruises. The wizards watched in awe. Also energizing," Percy announced. They-" Hermione started, before Ron interrupted her.

He can control water! Blimey, that was cool, even if it nearly killed me! I forgot to mention that. I'm a son of Poseidon, Annabeth is a daughter of Athena,-" Percy started, before Hermione interrupted him.

I thought Athena and Poseidon are rivals? She obviously knew what that meant. Piper replied this time. It makes the bearer invincible, save one choice spot, which is their link to the mortal world. Then, Percy… well, he did the most Percy thing he could do at the time. He… held told me afterward that he had to concentrate on the one thing that made him want to stay part mortal, and that that thing was me. For some reason, Hermione just looked jealous.

mortals meet the seven fanfiction harry

Annabeth went on to explain how, mere months later, Percy had been taken from their Camp by the goddess Hera Who I understood Annabeth didn't likesent to Camp Jupiter where the Roman demigods were, and his invincibility was washed away by a river called the Little Tiber.

Weasley gripped the table. His fatal flaw is loyalty to his friends. The gods told him he would destroy the world for one of us.

She stifled a yawn just then, and I realized how tired they all looked. I was exhausted too. Weasley said, tears brimming in her eyes. Ron, Hermione, Ginny and I started towards the doors, preparing to show the demigods up. Each one smiled thankfully and I was about to lead them all up the stairs before I remembered Percy. He pulled out his wand and started toward the sleeping hero. The rest of the demigods stiffened and Thalia started forward before Hermione touched her shoulder and said: He bobbed after Mr Weasley as the wizard began climbing the stairs up to our rooms.

With our odd lead in front, I showed the demigods up the stairs after their floating friend and into their rooms, casting curious glances at Annabeth as she wrung her hands behind me.

mortals meet the seven fanfiction harry

Our room had had extra beds magically added in preparation for the demigod's arrival, so with the sons of Poseidon, Jupiter, Hades and Mars on one side of the room, Ron, Flame-boy and I on the other, our place seemed pleasantly crowded.

It always seemed too lonely before the half-bloods got here. They told us that was another term for them, and it fitted with the wizarding world words, too, so they wouldn't really be lying to anyone who asked what blood type they were. Suddenly a shuffling noise sounded from the bed next to me and I flickered my eyes to the right. In the gloom, I could make out Leo sitting up on his bed, fiddling with some things in his hands that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

I sat up too, and looked at him curiously. As if he could feel my eyes on him, the son of Hephaestus slotted the pieces of metal into his ever-present tool belt. Then he looked at me.