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'Meet the UKippers': It seems we already have | Asian Image

meet the ukippers review online

Hot on the heels of Channel 4's The First days of UKIP', came The BBC's ' Meet the UKippers'. Last month, BBC2 screened a jaw-dropping documentary, Meet The Ukippers, in which former Ukip councillor Rozanne Duncan outlined her. The UK Independence Party is a hard Eurosceptic, right-wing to far-right political party in the .. Consequently, at the emergency meeting of UKIP's NEC, it was decided that party members would be balloted on whether "Ukip manifesto for General Election Key points, policies and summary". .. Wales Online.

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Rozanne confided quite candidly that she has a irrational hatred for 'negroes'. She did not know why, she couldn't reason with herself but she did not like the way they looked she said.

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  • 'Meet the UKippers': It seems we already have
  • BBC documentary Meet the Ukippers was an eye-opening look at party members in South Thanet

She couldn't handle their 'negroid' features the 'wide nostrils' and the 'curly hair'. She couldn't pinpoint why she had this aversion she just didn't like them. She said she needed a course of hypnotherapy to find out why, must be something they had done to her in a past life she said. And that was really all we wanted and needed to know about UKIP and its members. The programme could have started and ended with just that and a fellow called Martyn Heale.

meet the ukippers review online

He was the chairman for the area and was a member of the British National Party for one year and two months. He had no idea why people wouldn't let him forget about his past as he no longer held any views commensurate with the aforementioned he assured us all. It was a mistake of youth.

meet the ukippers review online

We have all done something we regretted when we were young, was his defense. He couldn't understand why people kept on bringing it up and kept calling him a Nazi.

BBC Two - Meet the Ukippers

He also had just escaped the time threshold for ex BNP members joining UKIP, he told us they had since changed their policy and no longer could.

In all the programme told us nothing new about Farage and his acolytes. The little Englanders were for all to see, Heale's right hand man Trevor Shonk getting pilloried by a Labour activist on the street about why they had issues about a tweet they got wrong mistaking Westminster Cathedral for a Mosque whilst at the same time another two from Labour telling him they had no chance of doing anything.

None of that bothered the UKIP man much. No one seems to worry this might split the vote in a way that helps Ukip. There is no sign of Farage all night: Ukip denies all knowledge, spluttering that the leafleters are fifth columnists and impostors. They are golf club bores with a former NF candidate leading their local campaign.

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On another freezing night, we join a protest outside the Pavilion; again, Farage is expected. What is he afraid of? I turn up with a local journalist, Jane Wenham-Joneswith hopes of scoring a press entry, but when she tries to get in to question Chris Wells, Ukip councillor and father of 11, she is taken by the arm and firmly escorted outside.

meet the ukippers review online

Another activist stalwart at these gigs is Christine Tongue, film-maker and editor of Thanet Watch magazine.

Several older people join our protest, thinking we are waiting to get in. Some younger people mistake us for the queue for the cinema next door.

meet the ukippers review online

My feet feel frostbitten. There is a lot of waffling, none of which seems particularly relevant to Thanet: But, all told, nobody comes close to the clammy glamour of Farage. He wins without even turning up. Bulletins from inside mention the merchandising: There is no manifesto.

meet the ukippers review online

Their faces are either covered in England scarves or contorted into ugly fury, spitting their rage in our direction. One, in a car, just seems perplexed: