Meet the ukippers reaction ball

Ukip manifesto launched ahead of Election as it happened - Telegraph

meet the ukippers reaction ball

Ukip leader said it was a 'remarkable audience even by the left-wing standards of the BBC' after comments on immigration were met with jeers He was offended by the reaction and turned on the BBC, accusing the .. scrap the non-dom tax status, a video emerged of Ed Balls explaining how such a move. Nigel Farage tells me, he is meeting with party chair later but his .. Farage says Ukip's opponents will play the man, not the ball, .. Your reaction to the McBride book will depend in part on where you stand: for or against?. Meet the Ukippers is a British documentary that first aired on BBC Two on 22 .. the election, senior Labour shadow cabinet members, notably Ed Balls, .. they have said that their decision would depend on critical reaction to the film.

But the Prime Minister does not have to take part in debates and with the exception of Gordon Brown, all prime ministers previously have refused to take part in any at alland feels himself entitled to call the shots. It is the connivance of the media that grates a little, frankly. In other words, it is not the regular Tory voters who Farage has won over, but the distrait floaters.

My suspicion is that Ukip has taken just about all that it can from the Tory vote and that its most profitable target now is northern Labour voters.

meet the ukippers reaction ball

That is why Ukip held its last party conference in Doncaster. But, as I say, that was a few months ago. The Ukip vote has contracted and contracted. The Liberal Democrats, for whom rumours of a wipeout were hugely overstated, will end up with about 25 seats from roughly half the Ukip vote, which hovers at about 14 per cent, the consequence of a quite deliberate policy to starve them of publicity unless it is very, very bad publicity.

meet the ukippers reaction ball

UKIP have scored some high votes nationally off the back of the disgusting scapegoating of migrant that mainstream parties and the media have also been engaged in.

Paterson traces its development from its origins in as the tiny Anti-Federalist League to a party which, on the eve of the General Election, boasts two MPs, three members of the House of Lords, 24 MEPs, some local councillors and a membership of 40, In the course of the book Paterson reminds us that UKIP is a racist party whose one clear, unwavering principle is its hostility towards immigrants. She is far from the only UKIP member to express these warped ideas.

UKIP is also a party of misogyny. Paterson convincingly argues that UKIP has benefited from a general disillusion with mainstream politics. The expenses scandal, the cash-for-questions disgrace and the general sleaze associated with mainstream politics have sent people looking for an alternative. The lights have gone, music has stopped and it's generally a scene of chaos. Lights out for Nick Clegg.

UKIP's Suzanne Evans quits party over Tommy Robinson appointment

Power outage at the manifesto launch. GE — Peter Dominiczak peterdominiczak April 15, He mispronounces "hug a husky" as "husky hooding". And his microphone is broken. Nick Clegg launches the Liberal Democrat manifesto You can just about see our man Christopher Hope under the mike. He's the one wearing glasses.

meet the ukippers reaction ball

When I was growing up in Scotland I never guessed that one day I'd see Salmond's face on billboards all over Essex pic. You can't trust a word Nick Clegg says.

Nigel Farage says we want our country back, Ukip manifesto launch: as it happened

He has broken all his promises and backed the Tories all the way. I think this is a very interesting pivot from Clegg. The focus is not so much Con v Lab, but asking voters who they'd like as the junior partner: It is not a shopping list of pie in the sky ideas, but a set of proposals that builds on our record of action in government.

Ed Miliband has been making an appearance Woman's Hour, where he's been confronted about claims he "stabbed his brother in the front" He admitted that it had been "hard": We [myself and David] offered different things to the Labour Party. In the end the Labour Party made its decision and yes it was hard, absolutely it was hard.

My mum's a pretty stoical person, she had got through much harder things than that.

meet the ukippers reaction ball

We're moving on, David and me. He's got a great job in America. This is about her and what she wants to do. The people I feel sorry for are the people I've been out with in the past, because I'm a public figure and they're not.

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Opening his address, Nick Clegg rehearses the "gutsy" arguments for going into the Coalition at a cost to Lib Dem popularity - rather than taking the "easy way out" and remaining in opposition. It could be Alex Salmond. Or it could be me. He says he will give "heart" to the Tories and a "brain" to Labour in a coalition.

Nigel Farage lays out Ukip plans for schools and taxes | Politics | The Guardian

Nick Clegg is stumbling a bit, unusually - he garbles the words "gay or straight". He begins by defending the Liberal Democrats' decision to go into coalition with the Tories. He says he knew it was a risk, and that he was aware voters would punish him for it, but it was the right and brave thing to do.

Matthew Holehouse checks in: Some extracts from the chunky page manifesto. There are five front page commitments that the Lib Dems will not surrender during coalition negotiations.

On Trident, the Liberal Democrats restate they will "step down the nuclear ladder" by cutting the number of Trident submarines and only putting nuclear missiles out to sea during times of international crisis - rather than a Continuous At Sea Deterrence. Nick Clegg arrives at his manifesto launch G The Lib Dem manifesto is 33, words long. Don't have time to read it all?

Ben Riley-Smith has summed up the party's main policies here. In it, the Prime Minister will say: I want every child in our country to have a great start in life and to have opportunities and security as they grow older. That means making sure that everyone can get a great education. It also means making sure that in our country, we protect the vulnerable and reward those who work hard and do the right thing.

But above all it means keeping that strong economy, and our ability to fund the vital public services, like our national health service, that we want to see protected and expanded.

Now Labour would put all of these things at risk with their plans for more borrowing, more debt and more taxes.