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Most of the time, they are portrayed as the most troublesome and naughty kids in the universe who sometimes cause trouble just for the heck of it. Half subverted and half played straight with Barney. In some videos, Barney is an utter jerkhole, and in other videos, there are two Barneys. Their parents are not much better, as most of the time they are unreasonable Jerkasses regardless of how nice or lovable they are in canon.

Caillou's dad Boris, in particular, is just a hair's length away from being straight up evil. Pretty much any non-human character from Dora the Explorer. Even Diego hasn't been seen in very many videos. This is possibly justifiedin that Boots and the others are not human, and non-humans are pretty difficult to translate into any of GoAnimate or Vyond's former themes.

Not that people haven't tried, however. Meanwhile, Dora being much more well-known and popular — and thus more hated tends to be far more of a target than Diego, making Diego Gets Grounded videos less widespread Though that doesn't really explain Diego's absence in the many videos involving his cousin outside of the odd few. Baby Bop, BJ, and Riff are almost never seen in the grounded videos. The children are only seen in videos where Barney is killed by other characters; even then they are generic children rather than specific ones who appeared on the show.

Still, some people have attempted to put in these three characters. Many videos involving Little Bill ignore the existence of the majority of the supporting cast and only feature Little Bill and his immediate family. In some Grounded videos, many of the adults seem to be sometimes willfully blind to what the kids usually the troublesome "baby show" ones want or need. At least until they start acting out.

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Sometimes a trouble-maker will realize that they screwed up horribly and run to an adult figure, their parents, or the police for help. As soon as the trouble-maker reveals that they caused the mess they instantly get arrested or grounded without being given a chance to explain themselves further.

There are a number of videos that attempt to hand out social advice, such as this one but wind up unintentionally falling under this for numerous reasons. Usually this is because what the user deems as "awesome" still comes off as somewhat socially awkward, among various other reasons.

The Errors are extremely smart and will prevent all attempts to get rid of it, including powering down, installing anti-virus programs, upgrading your computer and unplugging your computer. Some videos depict Caillou drinking beer. One video displays Caillou picking up a bottle in front of a night club, drinking out of it assuming it's Dr. Pepperand getting drunk. He proceeds to shoot a bartender, get Dora drunk, punch a random old guy off a building, and finally start driving drunk.

They crash into the house, and Boris is shocked, and implies this has happened before by asking "I smell beer Did you get drunk again?

Later, Caillou is arrested. Other videos may depict Caillou going to a bar, killing the bartender for beer, going home and into his room and chugging away. He wakes up and pukes. Boris rushes in, but smells something familiar. All Crimes Are Equal: Any sort of criminal act or misbehavior can be shown to be grounds for the trouble-maker's arrest or even execution in extreme cases if so chosen by the trouble-maker's authority figures, regardless if the misdemeanor was accidental or something as petty as littering, losing a library book, or breaking a sibling's belongings.

All Just a Dream: Videos can wind up being this, whether for a fairly sensible reason such a series of random, non-grounding related events that lead to the lead character being killed or just at the whim of the user. See also Dream Sequence below. All of the Other Reindeer: The plots of some " Character Misbehaves at Store " videos are kickstarted by the main character being the only person who doesn't have a certain object which can range from a hot new electronic device to a Rugrats "Tommy Troubles" VHS tape and being made fun of by all their peers because of it, leading to the main character asking their mom or dad to take them to the store to get one.

From the shows they are featured in. Many users count this as well. The Movie was supposedly made in That show didn't exist until The grounded videos hint on how bad that their troublemakers' actions are, by how much backlash that they receive from their parents and often extending to many other charactershow long that they are going to be grounded for, and how serious that their punishments are.

It also applies to those where the troublemaker commits much less serious actions, or even those that are innocent. And There Was Much Rejoicing: Rarely is anyone shown being upset over a trouble-maker being grounded, arrested, or even killed in some way. Sometimes a video will show everyone celebrating the fact that the trouble-maker is out of their hair with parties and trips to Chuck E.

Cheese's and the like.


Tropes Are Not Goodhowever: The execution videos take this trope up to levels that are beyond disturbing. Lil Peepz also features animesque hairstyles and Cartoon Classics has a few anime expressions like sweat drops and anger veins. The parent characters in "Character Misbehaves at Character's Funeral" videos.

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Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Throwing a tantrum over not getting what they want for lunch may come the troublemaker killing someone then punching a teacher. Some videos have characters having inexplicable if outright nonsensical side-effects from some injuries they get, such as needing an oxygen mask for a year when they only broke their leg, or lifetime oxygen tanks and paralysis from a stink bomb.

Even if you needed an oxygen mask from breaking your leg or taking in the scent of a prank-strength consumer stink bomb, you probably wouldn't need one for that long. See also Made of Plasticine below. Many videos show the jury being composed of the accused's parents, siblings, teachers or colleagues, regardless of not if said characters had witnessed the actions the accused had done. The jury's information usually consists of Parrot Exposition galore, spending more time belittling the accused character's personal life rather than giving actual evidence against them.

The sentencing also takes a few hours, when in real life, lawsuits can take up to many years, and at the shortest, months, to finish. Thomas the Tank Engine is so popular in Japan that not only did they get merchandise that isn't available in other countries including two sets of Happy Meal toysthey got a theme park in Mt Fuji.

The franchise is also big in North America, where the toy sales alone add up to one billion dollars annually, and the United States also got a similar version of the Mount Fuji theme park in at Edaville.

In Canada, up until the rights to Thomas went to Treehouse TV inthe show was a staple of the TV Ontario schedule which had happened ever since Shining Time Station premiered inand there wasn't a day where the station didn't air the show, since Thomas, along with the Canadian-produced Arthur and PAW Patrolwere the three flagship shows of TV Ontario.

When it moved channels to Treehouse, it's popularity didn't fade, as it became the second most-run foreign show on the channel after Peppa Pig. There are many Norwegian pages about the show on the internet. The Ladybird books from the UK even got translated there.

It was also the first country to get the show on DVD. Also in that country, Pinkey is the most popular character other than Mumfie, when Scarecrow's usually the most popular. Mumfie's also more popular in the US than the UK. They got the entire Mumfie's Quest arc and series first on VHS and Hulu, respectively, and the White Christmas special was the highest-rated program in its timeslot.

It too was popular in Japan - the first video of the series was the third-top selling anime video when it came out, and its soundtrack was the fifth-top selling anime CD of the week in Japan.

Despite this, the episodes after Mumfie's Quest weren't dubbed. It doesn't help that Scarecrow's Japanese voice actor had died of pancreatic cancer 3 years before, making Scarecrow his last role. According to Britt Allcroft, the show was very popular in Germany as well, gaining high ratings in its timeslot and lots of praise. There are also many Spanish fans of the show.

The Facebook page was flooded by so many of them, that they did a comic series telling the story of Mumfie's Quest just for them alongside an English version. It was also popular in Greece, since a lot of "Children's TV Favorites" CDs use the theme song as a track even including an instrumental version of the song.

A recurring joke there is that Mumfie is said to be the story of Benjamin Blumchen's childhood. It is also popular in Sweden and could be considered their equivalent of The Wizard of Oz since it airs around Christmas each year, just as Oz typically airs in the U.

It's also worth noting that the plots of the two films share vague similarities to each other. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was extremely popular in India to the point where it was the most popular cartoon on Doordarshan.

It's fondly recalled in some Spanish-speaking Latin-American countries as well.