Meet the sniper jarate uniform

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The Great Flame War of Pyro's Gender Meet the Scout at Mysterious Place. In " Meet the Scout" .. The Wizard Hates Jarate And Loves Milk. In Medieval Mode. Feb 15, The Fancy Dress Uniform is a community-created cosmetic item for the Soldier. It is a paintable military style team-colored collared shirt and tie. Jun 27, Everyone sees the same sniper bullet that Tracer dodged hit an Omnic monk and his .. Omake: Night Raid watches Meet the Series . a red military uniform with two grenades strapped across his chest and wearing a helmet "He also use those jars to throw it at enemies and calls this technique: Jarate.

But first, I'm feelin' pretty hungy, if only there was some sort of amazing service that sent boxes full of food and recipes straight to my door Akame and Kurome was instantly glued as they listening to what Blue apron has to offer while everyone are deciding on who would win.

Tracer is a very good hi and runner with her time manipulating abilities to annoy her enemies and her Pulse Bomb could give her the ultimate finish to them, but she has to carefully use her Chronal Accelerator or else she would be powerless and vulnerable.

Scout seems have some decent skills and his Bonk would help him a lot, but he can be reckless and he has a cocky ego that would bite him in the ass soon. They settled in and waited for the battle to start. Helicarrier - Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Inside a building, an alarm is being immediately set off and the group sees the Scout running and looks around before he leaps over a couple of obstacles before kicking the in front of him.

The bright light blinded him for a bit before he clearly sees himself being in an area under heavy construction. The Scout notices Tracer running with a blue briefcase in her custody.

Tracer freezes up and she mentally cursed for being caught already as Scout slowly walks up to her with his Scattergun ready.

Scout froze in shock as he stared at Tracer's ass and he instantly fell in love. All the girls just scowled at Scout gazing at Tracer's ass while Lubbock just enjoyed the view. Tracer turns and sees Scout smoothing his hair down and casually walks up to her a few good feet.

If I told you you had a great bod, would you, uh, hold it against me? Everyone couldn't help but facepalm at how badly the flirting was. I was just leaving. Tracer turns around and tries to leave, but Scout interrupts her again. Oh, sure thing, come back anytime. Just, uh, put that briefcase back before ya go. Overwatch needs this mooooore than you do! Everyone were now leaning a bit as they were interested and excited to see which of these fighters is the best hit and runner around.

Scout quickly makes the first move by rapidly firing his Scattergun. Tracer uses her Blink ability to easily dodge all of the shots as she's bouncing, leaping and hopping around with such agility.

As Scout continues to fire his gun, Tracer blinks to a massive pallet pile and starts firing her Pulse Pistols at Scout, forcing him to back away for cover. The Scout dashes forward and vaults over a couple of obstacles to try and recover a bit, when Trace blink behind him while making a fake yawn as a way of taunting him.

Scout sees this and fired but he missed, Tracer blinked again doing the same thing and dodges another shot and the third time was the same thing. Seeing his opponent very quick and nimble was irritating and confusing the Boston mercenary to no end. How you doing that?

meet the sniper jarate uniform

Tracer blinks and front of him and slowly walks towards him, Scout pulls out his Force-A-Nature and fires two shots but the Overwatch agent quickly dodges them and gained a small air time. Tracer throws her Pulse Bomb at Scout's feet as the Boston mercenary just looked at it in annoyance.

Oh, that's just great But to her shock and surprise, as the smoke cleared, Scout was completely unharmed as he took a drink from his Bonk! Atomic Punch to survive the blast. Atomic Punch to even the odds. Supposedly this stuff'll liquefy your esophagus after just one can, but, ya know, it's also very handy when feel like, not getting blown up.

Scout tosses the Bonk! I never play fair. Cues Max Anarchy OST - Mortified Tracer quickly unleashes a rain of bullets with her Pulse Pistols while doing some acrobatics, The Scout is unfazed by the attacks and quickly sprinted towards the Overwatch agent and starts swinging his bat and Tracer dodged all of it while charging her Ultimate Meter in the process.

Tracer blinks away to go for another assault, but her Chronal Accelerator suddenly short circuited. Scout uses this advantage to rush and and unleashes a relentless attack on Tracer, who tries her best to fight back but fails and was being beaten badly as the Scout hits her multiple times.

Batter at the plate! The Scout charges up his swing and literally sent Tracer flying, making her twinkle in the distance. It's outta the park! Meanwhile, Tracer crashes through several objects before she hits another wall of pallets and she was badly injured and bleeding from the side. Scout manages to find her and walks towards her as the Bonk effects wore off, he pulls out his Winger and aims it at her head.

Tracer grabbed her injured side and smiled as she can hear her Chronal Accelerator booting up. As Scout fires the Winger, the Chronal Accelerator instantly becomes active again and Tracer uses her other ability to get back on top. The Overwatch agent uses her Recall to rewind back to the part where Scout sent her flying, and she was one hundred percent combat ready and she blinks towards Scout's position to finish the job. Before the Boston mercenary could react on what to do next, Tracer blinks behind and started to kick him multiple times in the air with quick and brutal efficiency.

As Tracer kicks Scout into a wall and crash through it, Scout tries to drink another sip of Bonk! Atomic Punch to try and gain the upper hand again, but tracer was prepared and blinked close to Scout and grabbed the can. Not this time, yankee! Tracer blinks away with the can and then warps back to place a Pulse Bomb on Scout's back. She quickly warps out of the way as the Bomb activates on Scout's back. The bomb blows up and kills Scout. Tracer warps back to review the damage.

Well, that was fun! Tracer instantly blinks away as both her mission and battle is over. Afterwards, Tracer decided to open the briefcase was completely amazed by its contents and quickly close it, while The Medic's pet Archimedes suddenly fly out of Scout's cap. After the battle was over, everyone were clapping at the good fight as it was a pretty decent one. Those who rooted for Tracer congratulated her for her amazing performance while others that rooted for Scout couldn't help but give some sympathies for him losing but he did a good job trying though.

Now it's time to check the results on why Tracer easily beaten Scout. Cues Overwatch - Overture Wiz: Scout was fast and tough, but Tracer's unique arsenal and evasiveness pulled her ahead.

Scout's greatest feat was potentially surviving an assault from three rockets at once, however, the rocket's point of impact is never directly shown, and since direct hits from rockets regularly obliterate far tougher mercs, it's unreasonable to assume this was any different.

Scout could sprint up to seventeen miles an hour for an extended period of time, which is slightly faster than the average humans fifteen miles per hour, but Tracer's natural reactive instinct gave her the edge. For example, avoiding that sniper round from thirty feet away, means she can react twenty five times faster than the vast majority of other human beings.

Atomic Punch, Scout still had no chance when Tracer beat him around like a ragdoll. Cues Overwatch - Victory Theme Boomstick: Which means Tracer could avoid almost anything Scout threw at her, even when she couldn't, her Recall ability not only helped her survive, but effectively ruined any of Scout's elements of surprise. This allowed Tracer plenty of opportunities to take him out.

Everyone all nodded at that since it is completely true. And just like that, Scout was gone, without a trace. Everyone already groaned at the pun while Najenda let out a chuckle. The winner is Tracer. The episode was very interesting as it shows two hit and running specialists that are born into worlds that have very violent conflicts and they were chosen alongside others to either save the day or gain control of property.

Tracer and her world was most interesting as it shows a large variety of heroes from the Overwatch organization and the advanced technology that they had, while Scout's world may seem dull with the fighting but he's been through a hell of an adventure from all the crazy and wacky stuff he and his fellow mercs have been through.

Now for the next episode. Next time on Death Battle. The group sees two men fighting each other with a lot of martial art skills, these two have a couple of things in common, and that is: The first one was wearing a red sleeveless training gi while the other one wore a white tank top with a red sleeveless vest, red and white cap, jeans and brown boots and fighting gloves.

The title of the next episode appears. Mine was about to press play, but she noticed something poking out of the box and went to grab it. It was a DVD case with the called, "Meet the Series" and it has The Scout and eight other red-clad mercenaries huddled together with their weapons out as if they're ready for a fight.

Mine quickly removed the Death Battle disk and put in the disk for Meet the Series and pressed play, she then went back to her usual sitting spot and everyone were getting ready to learn more about the Mercs of Team Fortress. A Sniper scoping out the area with his sniper rifle, a Spy smoking a cigarette, a Soldier juggling rockets and an Engineer making defensive preparations with a sentry turret.

As Scout quickly runs ahead, the blue sentry turret starts firing at him, but he's too fast for the bullets to hit him and he fires back while he kept running and jumping.

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And when he was being chased by a BLU Soldier and Pyro, a speeding train appears and crushed the both of them and the Scout manages to avoid the speeding locomotive and quickly headed to the capture point. So we have to hope he matures through time. The title card of Meet the Scout appears, and suddenly, Scout appeared off-screen and standing in front of the title card.

I don't even know where to start with you. I mean, do you even know who you're talkin' to? The scene cuts back to the Scout in the title card background.

D-Do you have any idea, any idea who I am? We already know this.

meet the sniper jarate uniform

The scene cuts back to Heavy and Scout, who are in a fistfight while yelling. Cuts back to Scout. Then the scene cuts back to Scout flexing to impress. The scene cuts back to the fight and Heavy now has the struggling Scout in a headlock. Scene cuts back to Scout again. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha'. I'm a force a' nature!

If you were from where I was from, you'd be fuckin' dead! The scene cuts back to Scout imitating an excited sound. The closing theme starts playing as the camera zooms out of Scout's face and into a whole group shot of the mercenaries. After that clip ended, a few has some words about it. The scene cuts to a BLU Demoman until another rocket blew him up just like the Pyro, another scene shows a BLU Heavy finger banging at the viewers before he met the same fate as his comrades.

Soon the title card named "Meet the Soldier" appears and the scene starts with a man wearing a red military uniform with two grenades strapped across his chest and wearing a helmet was seen talking to what look like recruits. If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight! The Soldier paused for a bit before continuing. Sun Tzu said that, and I'd sya he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it.

And then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor. Cues The Art of War - Team Fortress 2 As intense battle music starts playing, everyone sees The Soldier unleashing an aggressive war cry while holding a collapsible shovel before charging into battle.

The scene cuts back to The Soldier continuing his speech as he pulls out his two grenades. Then, he used his fight money to buy two of every living animal on Earth, and then he herded them onto a boat, and then he beat the crap out of every single one. The scene cuts back to the intense battle that Soldier was currently fighting in. The scene cuts back to The Soldier chuckling before finishing his speech to his "recruits". And from that day forward, anytime a bunch are together in one place, it's called a zoo!

The camera changes and everyone was shock and disgusted when it revealed that Soldier was actually talking to a row of severed heads of the BLU team wearing soldier helmets, and the severed head of the Medic slowly fell to the ground with a splatting sound. Stylish recoiled in disgust while posing dramatically.

The closing theme starts playing with the camera zooming out of the Soldier's face this time and into the group shot again. A short scene plays as The Soldier puts in a few extra words to the severed head on the floor. Unless, it's a farm! After that was over, everyone decided to speak about it. Unfortunately, the next mercenary will definitely shock them to their core.

The title card instantly burned away and everyone sees a person wearing a red flame-retardant suit with three flame grenades strapped across his chest and has a large oxygen tank on his back and wields a homemade flamethrower and he slowly walks across the littered ground to destroy his latest victims.

The scene cuts to The Heavy talking about the Pyro while his face was covered by the shadows. I fear no man. The Heavy leans closer for the group to see a worried and slightly scared look on his face. The scene cuts back to the Pyro marching towards a town where a bunch of BLU mercenaries quickly hide inside the buildings in fear, and a BLU Scout was locked out and tries to get inside as he sees Pyro coming closer.

The group couldn't help but feel a bit anxious when they heard the Pyro's heavy breathing inside his rubber mask. The scene cuts to The Scout who refuses to talk about The Pyro in panic. No, I-I ain't, I ain't talking about that freak. The Scout tries to take off a microphone from his shirt, but to no avail and begins to panic. He's not here, is she? The Scout continues to tug the microphone as he stands up and knocks over the camera in the process.

But, it wouldn't hurt to try and find out what's underneath the mask. The scene cuts to the Pyro breaking inside one of the buildings, with the BLU Demoman quickly hiding away. As the Pyro surveys the area, the scene fades to The Spy smoking a cigarette as he talks about the Pyro in the interview room. One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask The scene changes as The Pyro shoots his Flamethrower and set the whole town on fire.

Soon the camera zooms into the Pyro's mind to give everyone what his perspective is like. What they found is truly shocking as once the vision has cleared, they see Pyro's vision as a colorful, happy and magical fantasy world and his Flamethrower was spraying rainbows and sparkles all over while a happy song was playing.

Sniper (Team Fortress 2)

Seriously though, he probably just stood next to his dispenser and took a deep breath. The guys don't even really flinch with an arrow through the skulls if they survive it, so cutting your hand off is kinda easy to shrug off.

Simple, he built another robotic hand, used that one to replace his original hand, and used it to attach the new hand. He had it all along. After pulping his right hand with an oil drill in his youth, his then-alive and still taciturn grandpa installed a basic prosthetic without much explanation. He didn't understand what really made it tick and couldn't afford to take it apart without being able to put it back together, so it slowly fell into disrepair until it couldn't really do much except hold things and pull triggers.

Discovering the blueprints let him fix it up and reveal it with battle modifications, since with his current mercenary career he didn't have to bother with things like "not freaking people out" anymore. The Medic doesn't need to understand the blue prints.

He could probably keep the wound healed with the same machine he used on the heavy. That would be more than enough time for the engineer to work, even sans hand. Sometimes I suspect that Dell's grandfather cut it off himself when he was young. Dellgineer Okay, for a few weeks, a number of places have listed the Engineer's name as Dell Conagher. Now, all of a sudden, it's Delmond. Can anybody tell me where this came from?

It's not in the Loose Canon comic, which only confirms his surname and the shortened version of his first name. Was there some blog post on the official site I missed or something? The name isn't as serious as you seem to expect it to be. They gave the Engineer, who builds the blocky, square, unsafe machinery, the name Dell right after releasing the comic for the Mac update, which gives the unnamed Dell line of weaponry that the Team uses a foil in the form of Mac.

Dell is also probably short for Delmond. You guys missed my point. Everybody called him Dell the first few weeks after Loose Canon came out because the comic explicitly spelled it out. Now all of a sudden, his official name is Delmond instead, and I'm wondering where it as in where the name "Delmond" came from because I cannot find an official source for this change.

I get the joke and understand Dell is short for Delmond, it's that nobody explained where the name "Delmond" came from. I think somebody got fooled by the old TF2Wiki.

Since when have people started referring to the Engineer as Delmond? I haven't seen that name used. Because so many of its achievements are based on using it, and a few of those that aren't take time, like the ones for hauling buildings or picking up metal from dead buildings. So it makes sense for the Wrangler to be second rather than last, because doing all the non-Wrangler achievements to get the Frontier Justice and the Gunslinger would A: Also, you can get the Wrangler before the achievement by a random drop or crafting.

This is set in the 50's's-ish timeframe? Where the hell did the Scout get his earpiece? Forgive me if those existed back then, I was born in the early '90s so I wouldn't really know The same place they got teleporters and invisibility watches. Which is to say, probably Australia By the late 60's transistors were already widely used in all kinds of electronics, making possible the existence of small portable intercom devices such as the earpiece, which is most likely a mere hands free walkie-talkie.

Because it's only the tenth century. Jarate hasn't been invented yet! Specifically, Saxton Hale hasn't invented the Jarate pills yet. Presumably, the Sniper's kidneys receded to their natural size. What, and there was such a thing as radioactive cows then? The Sniper has a melee weapon that crits on anyone who would normally take minicrits. They don't need to be even more powerful. Ironically, Mad Milk is made in the Humboldt dairy in the town of Rottenburg, so you shouldn't really have that either.

Handling Medigun Handles This doesn't really bug me, but I do find it a little odd that Medics have to push the handle of their mediguns away from themselves rather than towards themselves in order to heal people. Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems like it might get a bit awkward. I'm not sure why fire hoses are designed that way nor whether the reasons are applicable to a medigun but I'd hazard a guess that it was the original inspiration.

My guess regarding fire hoses: Those things fire a lot of water with the consequently large recoil, so you need to be stand and aim properly before firing. Forcing you to push forward means you can't accidentally open the valve by, say, tripping. Also, the mediguns are modified fire hoses, so they'd have the same handles.

Actually, you pull back the handle when opening the stream of a fire hose. Maybe he disassembled a hose and then accidentally put it together backwards, but figured it was a waste of time because it is just as functional. Or the scar on Sniper's face? Or Medic's own vision problem given that he wears glasses? It could have something to do with the Demoman's eye no longer belonging to him.

Remember, it was possessed by the Bombinomicon when he was seven. And having your eye removed from your head via magic might not actually count as an injury. A simple explanation might be that the beam greatly enhances natural healing - mending bones, replenishing blood, creating new skin, etc - but cannot do anything about wounds that have already scarred on their own and thus are now considered "natural state" by the body.

On this video, someone posed a similar question; if the Medic's gun can heal people to the "peak of health", then why can't it make Heavy less fat?

Someone else proposed the magical theory about Demoman's eye, and compared Heavy to Kingpin. Well, your immune system is not familiar with the protein in your eyes, so if your eye is injured, your immune cells will attack it. Or Demo could just be too drunk to realize it's healed and take his eyepatch off Finally answered by the comic in " The Naked and the Dead ".

It actually has been regrowing underneath Demo's eyepatch. This has happened eight times thus far, and the Medic theorizes that the eyesocket itself is haunted. Medic has given Demoman Laser-Guided Amnesia by way of scooping out the relevant parts of his brain every time it happened so that he'd stop asking about it. Another Headscratcher in regards to the Medic's primary weapon; if the Medigun can heal injuries, what makes it unable to heal the Demoman's leg when he has the Bootlegger equipped, or the Engineer's hand when he is using the Gunslinger?

Perhaps the gun can only heal if there's nothing too solid in the way. There's already a replacement foot or hand for those two items. Then againhow can canon explain equipping then removing the Bootlegger, assuming the Engineer can wear his glove over the Gunslinger? It's viable that the gun reinforces a saved state. The Engineer and Demoman have two states, which the medic switches out as needed.

Since the Demoman lost his eye as a child, the saved state has no eye. Ubercharging constantly reinforces the save, locking it. Also explains why ribs and teeth grow back. As for the sniper, he probably thinks it looks cool. Maybe that one isn't canon. I don't mean as in what gender, but in terms of gameplay, what are they supposed to be? Everyone can do that, the Pyro just makes it noticeable. Spies and Scouts have them beat in every way, are much more inconspicuous, and Pyro doesn't even have a decent way of getting around the map.

Really too uncommon to base him entirely on that. A friendly Engineer's best friend, and an enemy Engineer's worst nightmare? Spies have the nightmare part down and other Engineers can handle their friend's stuff just fine. A self-sufficient walking fire-ball? Well that's what he really should be, but Valve has rarely released Pyro weapons that go towards that play style. Every single thing I just mentioned regarding the Pyro exists in the forms of many different weapons of varying quality.

Every other class has their role down-pat. Their unlocks branch them off to playstyles that they are suitable for, but not ideal for with standard unlocks. But the Pyro feels like a novelty class that exists only for Valve to throw silly stuff at and seeing what happens.

Because even they don't know what the Hell the Pyro is. Short range combat specialist. Well Heavy has that covered what with all of the buffs he's gotten. Hence why I choose Pyro when I intend to do lone wolf attacks, and Heavy when the team is expected to be with me. The Pyro is an ambusher. Someone that jumps out from around the corner, or out of some cover, and fills the area with flame.

Doesn't need the level of stealth or the mind games of the Spy. Just hide somewhere, and surprise an enemy. Even if the Pyro dies, the flames will stick around for a bit unless some water, a source of health, another Pyro, a Sniper with Jarate, or a Scout with Mad Milk is nearby, and those flames can eat a significant chunk of health, potentially enough to kill someone that was caught unawares enough to get a couple seconds of flame burn.

The Pyro doesn't need to be anything, the Pyro merely is. On the other, more serious hand, maybe he's supposed to be the true Mario of the game- easy for beginning players to use with potential in all sorts of areas. I play the Pyro to annoy the other team. I support the above theory that Pyro is The Mario. Sure, other classes can do one or two of the things he can slightly better, but what other class can very effectively Spy-check even the Dead Ringer stands no chancedestroy Sappers Homewreckerreflect projectiles like rockets and arrows, extinguish burning teammates and toss enemies around compression blastpotentially Back Stab quick one-two with the Axtinguisherand pretty much cause a Total Party Kill with a stream of crits all by their lonesome self?

It helps that he has the highest balance of Speed and Health of every class. The compression blast is the very most important of his abilities. His fire can make the enemy run backwards to save themselves with water. That's a very useful ability, too. Pyro is quite a Mario, excluding long-range combat long range harassment still works, flareguns can make snipers bugger off for seconds a time.

The flamethrower is pretty strong in close-range, and he has maneuverability over the heavy and his minigun, can be used as a makeshift smoke grenade though I cannot confirm the effectiveness of this strategyand it's the single best way to spycheck in the game. One puff and a spy is screwed. The shotgun fills out medium range combat. Some of the melee weapons mostly the Axtinguisher help with the role of an ambush class, but the most multi-functioned of all is the airblast.

Not to mention he also occasionally blasts people into huge ravines and off cliffs. Speaking as someone who plays pyro the majority of the time, the pyro is a powerhouse when it comes to support defense. If paired with a good engineer, the pyro can expose any pesky spies, destroy sappers, reflect rockets at anyone trying to blow the turret, interrupt an uber, go around the attacking force, come back, and kill them all with the mighty backburner.

Obviously, the Medieval Mode time-travel screwup flung various objects from TF2's present into its past. Demoman also has a Scottish Resistance at one point in the video, and a couple Soldiers are wearing more recent hats. None of the updates were necessarily released in in-game chronological order.

The Engineer Update could very well have been before the events of "Meet the Medic", in the game universe. There are still two rockets left, so there is a chance that some other classes will get some space-goodies too.

Also, the weapons were designed by WETA Workshop for the Soldier- basically they asked Valve "hey, we designed some cool weapons, wanna use them? Silenced Revolver Why does the Spy use a revolver? Those things are far from silent — IIRC, there is exactly one kind of revolver that can even be silenced. Probably because the spy relies on disguising, cloaking, and backstabbing more.

The revolver is probably in case he gets discovered. And it's entirely possible to get kills with the revolver and sneak away scot-free. Revolvers are more reliable and less prone to jamming than semi-auto handguns, which would be valuable to a spy, who would be undercover for long times. Revolvers retain casings, rather than ejecting them. That means no evidence of the shooting except the bullet itself gets left behind.

And that is a very handy property for someone like the Spy. Invulnerable Train Tracks In Payload, why doesn't the defending team just destroy the train tracks to prevent the bomb cart from moving.

Yes, I know its a game and if they wrecked the track there would be no game, but is there any attempt to lampshade this? I think there actually is some lampshade and the level designs, like Goldrush I believe the starting area for BLU is a gold mine.

If RED destroyed the tracks, it would stop the bomb, but it would also stop the flow of whatever resources were being moved along those tracks before BLU put their bomb on it.

So the tracks are vital to both sides, gotcha! I think the tracks are made of Australiumthus are indestructible! I was going to add 'why don't the RED guys destroy the wheels of the BLU cart then throw it from one of the convenient high places, then? Probably the same reason that they don't cover up the huge bomb hole in Mv M mode. Melee crits are accompanied by a special animation, right?

Heavy's uppercut, Pyro's horizontal chop, Soldier's backhanded swing, etc. So why don't the classes always swing their weapons that way for guaranteed crits? Ranged weapons only crit when their projectiles are covered in lightning aura, but the melee weapons don't have this restriction; it's just a different motion on the user's part.

The Heavy and Engie both have Ph. Ds, they should be able to figure this out. It's alleviated somewhat by the fact that most of the melee weapons have very high crit rates compared to the others, hinting that they're aware different motions have some kind of unique, lethal effect.

Besides, the Heavy's degree is in Russian literature. When crit-boosted by for example a Kritzkrieg or winning a roundall weapons will have the user perform the special animation. However, the crit damage can still fail to apply, for example when hittin an enemy under the crit-negating effect of Battalion's Backup. Video game Critical Hits in general are meant to simulate a lucky hit, so just doing the motion may not be enough for the characters.

A horizontal axe swing can get lodged in your ribcage and puncture your heart, or it can just graze your arm. So even if the Pyro always did horizontal swings, that would not guarantee him crit damage. In-universe, they don't do that because they are smart. In a real fist-fight, you can't just throw the same punch over and over and hope that the opponent won't figure that out. If the Heavy is capable of carrying and firing a minigun without any problem, why must he use his fists to fight?

Where's his giant war hammer? He likes using his fists to fight. He's good with them anyway, and a war hammer would add extra weight. He's also got experience in boxing. Because only babies need weapons to help with melee combat. Can you imagine the amount of damage a giant war hammer swung by a hulking man like Heavy would do?

Heavy has an entirely different persona, he needs different weapons! Wasted Education So why does a man with eleven PhDs who is also skilled in building a variety of deadly contraptions run around a battlefield with a wrench constructing the same four things over and over, while getting shot at?

Seriously, he has eleven PhDs. Anyone who can say that should not choose a job with any sort of physical danger involved. Exposure to Australium is known to mess up the brain. And many sources imply that these mercenaries are paid a LOT! Plus, remember that every person on the team is insane in one way or another. Perhaps this is the Engineer's insanity.

Cue one of the Halloween TF comics where Heavy gives a crying child half a dozen large wads of money to get him to stop crying. My theory is that he does it because he HAS to do it.

Saxton Hale suggests that these Merc take the Administrator's jobs because they seriously fouled up at some point and can't scout around like other Mercs - the Administrator has something on them, or they need something from her. Trying to keep them fed. Or taking them trick-or-treating. Knowing the mental age of Soldier is about 8, I'd say he was out trick-or-treating with them, and he too wanted candy.

It is the law! It seems the only purpose of the righteous bison is to allow the Machina to fire tracer rounds. Why wouldn't the Sniper just leave that out? The purpose of the Bison is to let the bullets go through multiple targets, not make tracer rounds. Yes, but how often does he get the chance to headshot two people at once? Seems like an unfair trade-off. If the Righteous Bison was left out, then it would just be an ordinary Sniper Rifle. By the logic of crafting, urine can be crafted into marble, soda can turn wood into aluminum, and food, wood, and animal hides can be smelted to make metal.

Very few of the crafts make any logical sense. To me, only the Soldier and Pyro seem to be truly insane. The others are just a bit casual about killing. That doesn't make them insane. He's more like the Least Insane Man. I'd argue the Pyro may not be insane because we don't know what he's thinking, but the Administrator has stated in the comics that they're all psychopaths.

Now that Meet The Pyro has been released, the Pyro looks like it may be the most insane out of all of them. Insanity has many meanings. Engineer only seems less crazy because he's friendly and soft-spoken in his video, but the guy's still an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist workaholic with a touch of paranoia. It's just that he's solidly a Defence class and doesn't usually kill with his hands.

Just because you aren't violently delusional like Soldier or deeply sadistic and lacking in any kind of ethics like Medic doesn't mean you aren't severely mentally unbalanced.

Holy Hunter - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki

You can still be polite and courteous. You can still appear like you could fit seamlessly into society. It's called sociopathy of which there are many forms and results in a total lack of empathy for anybody, and that's Spy. As for the Scout, he's a complete narcissist.

And like all the other characters, he kills for money on a daily basis.

meet the sniper jarate uniform

What bothers me is that people talk about the mercenaries as though being psycho keeps them from being likable characters. I love every single one of these characters, and I'm not psycho. Otherwise he would have little role on offense for Payload. I'm pretty sure the question asked how the Scout can push the cart with the strength of two people.

The cart itself is a little confusing - all we see is a cart with explosives or a vehicle with teethbut it acts like a dispenser, providing ammo, metal, and health to the BLU team. It can also roll backward on its own, if unattended for a while. So it must be a magic cart that responds to Scouts better in the same way control points do. You're assuming Scout is physically weaker than other classes because he's a Fragile Speedster.

With the right technique, he could actually be very good at pushing carts. He's wearing cleats, and can get a better grip than Heavy or Soldier, with their flat-souled boots. However, the Scout and Spy here are on the same team BLUmeaning Scout should have seen the Spy, with a paper mask with the kid's face on it, if it were the Spy. However, he must've just saw the kid, no masks involved, because the kid wasn't the Spy, so he wouldn't have confused them. What's up with that?

The masks may be only for players to know if the Spy's on their team, while in universe his disguises are perfect to anyone. May or may not be a choice on the Spy's part. Scout could also just be dumb, and think it's really Spy, even though he should've known he should be able to see the paper mask if it really was Spy. Does this mean that the RED and BLU Soldier are either the same person, or that the two Soldiers are so eerily alike that they even have similar roommates?

The comics were made by different artists so I'm pretty sure it was just a mistake by the artist of the Smissmas comic. Kind of like how "Meet the Director" had a lot of errors when it came to the mercenaries' uniforms.

They share the same appearance so them sharing the same type of roommate as well isn't so odd. Maybe Merasmus can split himself into two people or he has his own double. They're just considered part of the class as a whole. Take, for example, the Spy. It's "The Spy is sleeping with the enemy Scout's mom".

He's just the Soldier's roommate. One opinion is that Scout's mom is a slut. In-Universe it's never explained if there are two of each class.

In the Mann Co. What Do You Say, Shovel? Why do noticeably enough fans posit that the Soldier talks to his shovel? Sure, he's used it for more than a decade, but it doesn't mean he must get that attached to it.

Fancy Dress Uniform

I'm being pedantic about canon here, I know, but is there any source for this assumption? As far as I can tell, it's that a there's a predecent for this sort of thing by other characters in the game read, Heavy and Sashab Soldier once had a tea party with several cardboard cutouts and chatted to them and c It's Soldier.

Medic's 2nd Opinion When Demoman claims to have shagged the Medic's wife, does that mean the Medic is actually married? Or does Demo just think he is for some strange reason? What sort of woman would want to marry an unlicensed Mad Doctor who's off being a mercenary all the time, anyway? Is she even a normal person? Or maybe she's The Baroness and way scarier than he is and he's totally whipped. Or is Demo just implicitly calling Heavy a woman, if you see what I mean?

Although that would tend to backfire a bit; it would be a little odd for a s mercenary to brag about shagging a man twice his size Anyway, it seems most likely that Medic is in fact a bachelor, but Demo doesn't know that and figures that if he were married, that remark would offend him. You seem to have answered your own question. We may never know whether or not the Medic is married, though this is a domination line, so it's meant to insult in a Your Mom sort of way.

This will probably open another can of wormsbut I remember reading a fanfic that said the Medic does have a wife, and they're in an open relationship. They don't see each other much anyway. There was also a statement along the lines of "but, he thought, of all people, she could've chosen someone better than the opposing Demoman". All fanon, but amusing to think about.

Your 'most likely' possibility seems to hit the nail on the head nicely. Alternately, Demoman is constantly drunk. He could just be sleeping with Scout's mother and got confused. Adding to the Your Mom theory: Part of why "Meet The Spy" is so funny is because it's the one time out of maybe a couple hundred that the person has actually slept with the person.

Most of the time, it's just a stock easy way to piss people off. They usually have never met the person's mother, or their mother turns out to be a kind of woman that person would never want to sleep with. With another mercenary who's presumably only off the job at the same times her husband is Or she's just as crazy as he is. From what we've seen of Mags, Helen, Zhanna, Yana, Bronislava, the mercs' moms, and even Pauling, "women aren't on the team because they're too sane" is no longer an excuse.

The entire universe the game is set in is insane, and that includes the women. Airblast Jump Kinda had a moment of fridge logic here: The magic, not quite understood system called game balance.

If the Pyro could use the flamethrower's compression blast in a jump, players could theoretically get jumps before landing. I know that its obviously for game balance I'm simply point out the fridge logic involved. On another note the airblast seems to defy Newton's Third Law for every action there is an equal and opposite reactiononce again if it can knock back the Heavy of all people, shouldn't the Pyro suffer more recoil then what he seems, woo more fridge logic.

Well, there you go. There are a lot of game elements can't can't be explained. Equal and opposite reaction doesn't necessarily mean the pyro has to be blasted backwards every time he uses it. It just means the pyro is hit by the same amount of force. By using the blast at a certain angle, or having boots with a very strong grip, or some other technique, the pyro can still blow away other people and not get blown back as well.

Or supporting the robot theory, pyro is so heavy it can take that amount of force and still not be moved by it.