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meet the sloths episode list

Meet the Sloths (TV Series ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, Patrick Brazier motion graphics designer (8 episodes, ). Meet the Sloths Poster. Meet the Sloths (). Episode List Follow a year in the life of five slow-moving residents of the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa. Find out when Meet the Sloths is on TV, including Series 1-Episode 8. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand.

His motives and past are currently unclear. Tsubaki commanded a sizable force of Subclass vampires until Lawless of Greed massacred almost all of them during their attempt to kill his Eve during a concert.

His animal form is a fox. His primary weapon is a Katana. The name given to him for his contract is Snow Lily or simply Lily. He is the second youngest of the eight known Servamps, and has a tendency to strip no matter the occasion. After Mikuni killed his mother to protect Misono years before, Lily manipulated Misono's memory so he won't remember the reason behind Mikuni's banishment from the house out of fear that Misono would reject him for being the representation of lust.

When Misono finds out Lily's manipulation without knowing the truth, the bond between him and Misono becomes strained for a moment, giving Otogiri the opportunity to destroy his pocket watch that was also the source of his power, greatly weakening him.

Since then, Lily is mostly bedridden and lost his tendency to strip as his body becomes weaker. His animal form is butterfly. His primary weapon is a conjured Scythe that can cut the "spirits" of its victims, rendering them unconscious. Kenjiro Tsuda anime [6] Japanese ; Christopher R.

Jeje is the third eldest Servamp, and possesses a quiet personality.

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He rarely speaks and often mumbles when he does. Jeje used to serve Mikuni's mother and has been protecting Alicein family together with Lily for generations.

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However, seven years before the start of the manga, Jeje's power started to corrupt Mikuni's mother, leading her to kill Misono's mother. Jeje erased any evidence of the murder.

meet the sloths episode list

She eventually tried to kill Misono himself but the attempt was stopped by Mikuni who killed his mother and took Jeje with him when he left the house. His animal form is snake. Jeje's primary weapons are a pair of conjured fully automatic guns that are mostly hidden by his massive sleeves. This is despite his tiny stature, being no taller than 2'6.

Hugh's most notable personality feature is his childish sense of pride, such as how he claims that Tetsu's blood is absolutely gourmet.

Out of all the Servamps, Hugh has the most Subclass, to the point where they are practically his information network; he often uses them to gather intel on Tsubaki or indulge in his obsession with other people's love stories. During the group's attempt to rescue Licht and Lawless, Hugh fell into Tsubaki's trap and lost his power after being defeated. The result is the total change of Hugh's character, going from being childish to a personality of an old man, having walking and memory issues.

Lawless' personality is extremely unstable, as he has no interest in the value of human life and is often prone to brutally slaughtering anyone in his way. According to the Servamp of Pride, Lawless has a habit of killing his Eves if he gets bored of them. Licht, however, is an exception as Lawless enjoys his naive personality and his habit of calling himself an Angel.

He used to be a Servamp of a princess named Ophelia, and fell in love with her. He was heartbroken when she married a prince from neighbouring country and was then executed, refusing to escape with Lawless because she wanted peace between both countries. Lawless' condition worsened after he had a falling out with Kuro who decided to kill their own creator himself, leading Lawless to become the way he is now. After Licht helped him realize his true wishes, Lawless abandoned his previous view on life and finally reconciled with Kuro.

She always looks frowning, making people mistake her as being angry, though she's only trying to act cool.

meet the sloths episode list

She was married to her Eve and together they owned an apple farm. She was later confined in C3 Tokyo HQ along with her two Subclass, Gil and Ray, though she didn't make a move nor had any intention to escape from confinement until Licht and Lawless free her.

That's Some Friendly You-nity! Meanwhile, Haruna tries to help Yuki practice to be a backup dancer for Sarasvati's concert, only for the dance to turn out to be a curse. With Sarasvati threatening to send Yuki back to her village if she doesn't perfect the dance, Ayumu helps her get some last minute practice. Come the concert, the dance becomes a super curse that forces everyone to dance til they drop. There, Ayumu is thrown into a challenge in which he must try to bring out the 'dere' side of five waitresses for a free dessert, with a large price to pay should he fail.

After getting past Yuki, Sera, Haruna and even Eucliwood, Ayumu struggles against Kanami, but manages to win when Orito makes a confession to her. Afterwards, Ayumu discovers that his classmate, Anderson, is from the underworld. The next day, Anderson explains that Eu's symptoms came from eating too much tangerine pith, which is considered poisonous to denizens of the underworld, and resort to bizarre remedies to get her back to health. Afterwards, Haruna catches a cold from overworking herself so Ayumu and Eucliwood look after her instead.

On the day before the festival, Ayumu encounters a curious man who gives him a ring. After Ayumu spends the evening working on preparations with Taeko, he returns home to find that Mystletainnn has returned and uses it to remove everyone's memories of that unfortunate incident.

Yuki asks Ayumu to accompany her in accordance to a letter she received, only to get hit by a prank and ends up summoning Mysticore again. The man from before appears, telling Ayumu to put the ring he received onto Yuki, which surpresses Mysticore so Yuki won't become a weapon anymore, although she mistakes it for a wedding ring when she wakes up.

Afterwards however, Haruna starts to experience an intense headache.

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As the second day of the festival goes underway, Haruna throws her mana-absorption device away while Yuki has her ring confiscated by the teacher. After launching the entire class into the sky, she manages to beat Ayumu before escaping with everyone's mana. As Dai-sensei gets word of Chris's revival, Kyoko offers to make a deal with her. She agrees to tell Ayumu about Chris's weakness, which she heard from the King of the Night, on the condition that he entertain her.

As such, she asks Ayumu to organize a mixer event, inviting all the other girls.

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As Kyoko doesn't seem too impressed when Dai-sensei shows up, Ayumu decides to take Kyoko to the graveyard and allow her to do whatever she wants to him in exchange for the information. She suddenly stabs him but at the same time embraces him and confesses that she loves him. As Kyoko laments about how everyone will lose their memory of her when she returns to prison, Ayumu says he will still remember her.

After leaving, Kyoko sends Ayumu the details of Chris's weakness, which turns out to simply be that she is ticklish. After agreeing to attend one of Saras's concerts, Ayumu meets up with Naegleria and ends up having to help her draw her doujinshiwith the others later joining him.