Meet the skylanders voodood series

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meet the skylanders voodood series

In the third of our “Meet the Skylanders” posts, we look at the final Earth element character, Dino Rang, and break the seal on the Fire element. This article is about the character from the Skylanders series. . Here, Spyro met the Skylanders squad and swiftly agreed to join them in battling all things nasty. .. of Skylanders, Boomer, Ghost Roaster and Voodood, had disappeared while . There are three types of Series 2 Skylanders. Series 2 Skylanders are new versions of a character that appeared in one previous Skylanders game. All Series 2.

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Any Orcs who fancied signing up had first to retrive a pebble from deep within the trouser-wettingly terrifying Cave of Trials. One such wannabe was Voodood. Down he went, into the dark dirty depths.

meet the skylanders voodood series

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared ahead, Voodood stumbled forward into a chamber containing the skeleton of a dragon. In place of the dragon's heart lay a gleaming gem with an axe sticking out. Voodood stepped from the cave with something far better than a pebble; he had the magical Axe Reaver, along with the skull of the slain dragon which he would later adapt into an outlandish hat.

meet the skylanders voodood series

The Ooga folk made Voodood their leader at once, and he became a great Orc hero. But even the Ooga could not defeat the dreadful Darkness.

meet the skylanders voodood series

The whole tribe marched to meet this new threat, but only Voodood returned alive. So, as you might have guessed, he joined the Skylanders. Upon getting ambushed by Spell Punks lead by Spellslamzerthe SuperChargers were suddenly defeated and knocked unconscious by Voodood, Boomer and Ghost Roaster, who were now working for Spellslamzer.

Boomer, Voodood and Ghost Roaster celebrating the capture of the SuperChargers with Spellslamzer With the three SuperChargers imprisoned, Spellslamzer announced his plan to raid the Mabu Radiance mines of its rare and powerful minerals, controlling the crystal supply to become the supreme power in all of Skylands.

meet the skylanders voodood series

Voodood later caught Spitfire, Stormblade and Nightfall when they attempted to escape, and Spellslamzer had the three SuperChargers strapped helplessly to the front of their own vehicles as the evil Spell Punk and his army rode out towards the Mabu mines. During their attack on the Radiance Mines, Voodood and Boomer turned against Spellslamzer, revealing that all three Elites were pretending to be evil from the start.

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However, Ghost Roaster remained on Spellslamzer's side, holding onto the belief that he and the Elites would simply be tossed aside and forgotten even if they turned in Spellslamzer. The remaining Elites and the freed SuperChargers would then engage Spellslamzer, his minions, and Ghost Roaster in battle.

His people were skilled hunters in a world far away from the realm of Skylands. As he slept one night, a freak portal suddenly opened beneath him.

Unsure of how or why he arrived in Skylands, Dino-Rang set out to explore the world that was suddenly his new home.

Eventually becoming a Skylander, he now fights with his own brand of dino-justice, while seeking out the fabled Twin Diamond Boomerangs, which he believes could hold the clues to his greater destiny. Story History Dino-Rang came from a tribe of skilled hunting dinosaurs from a faraway world. There, he had been the first to twirl the legendary twin boomerangs and was top of his tribe. But his fortunes changed one night when a portal popped open beneath his bed and sucked him into a strange Skylands temple.

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He was surrounded by sinister wizards, whose spell had gone askew. Dino-Rang broke out his boomerangs and, before the wizards could say 'boo' or even 'bo'they were blasted to the remote Outlands. Threat averted, he began searching for the fabled Twin Diamond Boomerangs which he hoped could take him home. He is yet to find them, but he did find Master Eon - who promptly made him a Skylander.

meet the skylanders voodood series

He can also use the surrounding dirt to form traps that spring up from the earth when an opponent gets too close.