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Nashville is brimming with musical talent that hasn't quite broken into the mainstream. Emerging Artists with host, Kane Harrison, brings you a weekly show. Growing Pains (–) Ben is punished for taking the car without asking. Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, Kirk Cameron. MEET THE SEAVERS Present show #20!!! Gather the little ones because you don't want to miss Mizz KT & Friends Catherine Mai Holder and.

In the process, I found that I liked writing and performing the theatrical pieces more than the philosophical ones. How big is the NON-country music scene in Nashville, and can you discuss the specific jazz buzz there?

We love Nashville, but it is very myopic in nature. You cannot escape it. There is a small jazz scene here but you have to look hard for it. The Nashville Jazz Workshop has classes and recitals but gigs are difficult to come by. In spite of this, Nashville has some of the finest jazz musicians in the world. Unfortunately, most of them have to play for country acts in order to survive. Get your band together in Nashville, then get on the road.

meet the seavers

What made you decide to appeal to the non-country fans? I want to be able to compose things that resonate with an audience. We actually do a lot of shows at singer-songwriter nights around town. In Nashville, this usually means sharing the stage with two or more performers and taking turns playing original songs. Most of the time no one really pays attention… because, well, they are all pretty much playing the same song. When we get up to sing with just upright bass, the room always becomes dead quiet.

What about your atheist lyrics Jace for a Christian band: One day the engineer started working on a mix for one of the big Christian rock bands of the era. They would come in regularly and record. All of a sudden, I start hearing my lyrics come out of the speakers. I was pretty shocked. He just thought it sounded cool. It should have been readily apparent by the content that they were written by an atheist. Their label continued to use my lyrics for five releases. And what was it like playing bass in a gospel choir?

It was a great learning experience. Everybody else had gone to school for music or had been playing gigs for years. I had only been playing for a year or so. Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, I was not very familiar with the music either. People were screaming and jumping up and down, passing out in the aisles and acting like they had lost their minds. I never had to deal with stage fright because there were always about 40 people standing in front of me singing.

Some gigs were fun like playing for Pres. Most of it was good, though, and it gave me a great foundation.

When did you learn bass? I picked up the bass when I was twenty years old. A local musician looked at my hands and said with hands that big you either should be playing bass or go back to the planet you came from. Jace, when did you learn to be a vocalist, and how do you sing and perform while playing bass? I was fortunate to take vocal lessons with world-renowned vocal coach, Ron Browning.

When I first met Ron, I was performing in a jazz poetry group and was reciting my lyrics. Ron took me under his wings and convinced me to start singing. Playing and singing is generally not a problem for me because I write our material and fashion the bass lines in a way that I can syncopate them with my lyrics. Which regions that you both have lived in seem to be very strongly jazz-oriented- from Chicago to Wisconsin to Mississippi, etc.?

Dorothy, on the other hand, liked music but was more influenced by their costumes and stage presentation, although she was a huge Lawrence Welk fan. We wanted to do something really organic and out of the ordinary. We even put a Theremin on one of the tracks. We tend towards very theatrical in our performances and wanted the album to reflect that.

The songs are very diverse but at the same time they sound like Meet The Seavers. What do you find so natural about pairing comedy and music?

We have so much fun in our relationship that it naturally comes out in our music and performances. Dorothy, early on, before meeting Jace and getting with a vocal coach, what music did you like and did you play any instruments or sing? I loved every song they played on Soul Train! I did get a standing ovation when I did a slide whistle solo!

Meet The Seavers

I never really gave a thought to singing until I met Jace. It seemed like Jace could do anything. He was an engineer, graphic artist, poet, composer, and he sang and played bass. He told me to just pick a direction and go.

Meet the Seavers

He suggested that I take lessons from Ron Browning. I was extremely terrified at first but found out I really enjoy performing well, dressing up lol! Name some of your favorite jazz musicians, past or present. If I had to choose a favorite, I would have to say Charles Mingus. I think the man was an absolute genius.

I also like his later material. Black Saint and The Sinner Lady always inspires me. What is it about the two of you that clicked—as musicians working together? Dorothy on the other hand is a free spirit who shoots from the hip. We balance each other out.

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Were there any challenges to you being in an undefined musical category; and what about being a bi-racial couple in the industry? Nor are we rock, pop or Americana. We do our own thing. In many ways we are a new genre.

Being so different has a plus and a negative side. Bad, because this is not the Jazz Age. Most just want something safe, familiar and assume that whatever is mass-marketed is good. Honestly, we are still trying to figure out a way to make people aware of us. It costs about a million dollars to launch an act nowadays. The show is somewhat of a twenty-first century version of the Sonny and Cher show. We act as hosts, perform our music, do short skits and often have a guest musician play a song or two.

We are currently shopping the show to a larger cable network. As for being a bi-racial couple, I think most people just breathe a sigh of relief.

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We both are still saddened but the death of Jeff Buckley. Lyrically, my influences are derived from reading too much as a child and young adult. If so, what's was that performance like? Our first gig together was at a CD release show I did back in I always like to have fun and try weird stuff onstage.

One of the things I did back then was have a boxing themed show. I would have a fake boxing ring set up on stage. An announcer introduce me and I would come on stage with gloves on. She held up signs between each song. She got most of the applause. Our first gig when she actually sang was at an open mic in East Nashville. We sang If I Were a Nightengale.

meet the seavers

I was surprised at what a force of nature she is on-stage! What's the process like of creating music in the studio? We never know how things are going to sound. The other half of the time we use some great players to fill things out. Even then, we tend to be a bit odd. Our sound always seems to be in flux depending on our mood.

My favorite sound is with Drums, Bass and Sax. The hardest part I have found with recording is having an engineer who understands a good Upright Bass sound. Often they want to make it sound like an electric.

In general though we approach recording the same way we approach performance.

meet the seavers

We want to have fun and we want our fans to have fun. What is the group current plans?